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Eva Marie I'm wondering if anyone has received this book yet from the FirstReads giveaway? As of today I've still not received it and have also sent two messages, through GR, to Gittens and have not recived any message back. :(

message 2: by Wenj (new) - rated it 1 star

Wenj I haven't recieved my copy either, so you're not alone. :(

Eva Marie You know you can mark it as not received through the giveaway right? I waited a long time because I wanted to be sure but I finally did it just the other day. It might be good to do if you haven't (and anyone else) because it not only lets GR know you haven't gotten it (in order to win again) but also lets them know that the author/giver didn't fulfill his part of the bargain.

message 4: by Wenj (new) - rated it 1 star

Wenj I already did, about a month ago to be exact :) It's funny, this is the first time that I've run into a problem with the giveaways. I mean the last one I won, the book arrived like 4 days after it ended.

Who knows, maybe something happened on her end and this is a low priority. *shrugs* I guess we'll find out.

Eva Marie I found out that when we mark it not received that takes away our obligation with GR so we're back in line for another book.
I have to admit to being ticked off though because usually I'll get another book a few weeks after rating and reviewing the current win. Since I read them as soon as I get them it goes fairly fast so I've wasted how many weeks because this guy didn't want to follow through? He could have at least notified GR so they could put the winners back in the list.
I'm taking this off my to-read list because unless I find out that this was beyond his control I don't want to support the book in any way. :(
This is the first that it's happened to me also. I've won 7 or 8 so far and all except for one of them I've either loved or liked a whole lot. The surprising thing is a few of those weren't even in the normal genres I read. The system they have to pick the books is awesome, along with a little bit of luck!

Eva Marie Wenj, and anyone else who won the FirstReads giveaway for this book, GR has talked to the author and worked out a problem and it was said that the books will be mailed shortly.
Please be sure to mark the books 'not received' if they do not come so that GR knows and so that your obligation is over for this book.

message 7: by Tiffany (new) - added it

Tiffany Thank goodness! I thought it was lost in the mail or something...

Eva Marie I thought the same thing for awhile so I started trying to find out what happened. I usually win another book within a few books or rating and reviewing the last win so I didn't want not receiving this to stop me from winning again.
But they should be on their way!

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Tiffany Um...I still haven't received my copy. Does this mean that I will never receive it? Did I do something wrong? Please let me know. Thanks.

Eva Marie You didn't do anything wrong Tiffany. The author didn't hold up their end of the bargain. GR isn't as involved with these giveaways as most people think. GR basically lets authors and publisher, etc. hold the giveaways on their site and this allows the members to benefit. Usually. I've won just under 10 books and this is the first time this has happened.
I messaged the author twice myself and a person from GR talked to them twice (was told the books were being sent) and possibly messaged them twice more.
I'd say it's a no go now though.
But, what you should do if you haven't already is go to the giveaways page, up near the top on the right hand side you'll see a few links. Click on the one that shows giveaways you've entered. Find the book (if you've entered a lot just look for the 'yes!' on the right hand side) and go to that particular giveaway and mark that you haven't received the book. This clears you in GR eyes.
I will say this - Once I won the first book I always won another within a few weeks of rating and reviewing the previous. I marked this not recieved and haven't won one since. :( It's been months and I can't help but think this has something to do with it so I'm not thrilled with the author. But hopefully you won't experience that. Good luck!

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