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Neenah =]] | 5713 comments u wanna rp here, or under highschool??

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Wherever you want!!

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Neenah =]] | 5713 comments Name: Jace miller
gender: dudeee
age: 20
personality: umm...he's stubborn, short tempered, protective, strong, kindhearted, honest....n sometimes real sweet =)
appearance: dark chocolateee coloured hair, green/hazel eyes, muscular ;) tanned, got a diamond stud in one ear n wears a silver chain round his neck...
Crush: zoey's charrie =]]...

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Name: Kendra
gender: a gal......
age: 18
personality: smart, sweet, loving, funny, sarcastic, flirty
appearance: Megan fox
crush: bubbles charrie....

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Bubblezz!!!! No!!!

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Emily (duckygirl) | 171 comments Name: Paige
Age: 18
Gender: Girl
Personality: Funny, protective, stubborn, but kind.
Apperance: Brown long hair, with Blue eyes, very pretty
Crush: Open

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Regan Fairley (reganf) | 61 comments Name:Mason Deridder
Personality:Outgoing, Kind, considerate.
Appearance: OMG SOOO HOT!!
Bio:His dad is in iraq. His mom doesn't pay attention to him.

Name:Scarlett Hanson
Personality:Shy, Very Sensitive, kind.
Bio:Is abused by her dad. Her mom died 2 years earlier.

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Daisy Name: Fayla
Gender: F
Age: 21
Job: works at Lowes
Appearance: but usually with less make-up

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May I make Jasper a crush. Unless you think other people should get him?

message 13: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Awww I need a crush too

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Take him

I have one

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Christina Name: Izzy
gender: F
age: 21
personality: Smart, bubbly, flirt, sweet, charming, seductive
appearance: Long, thin, straight brown hair, brown eyes

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Name: Jennifer Falls (Jenn)
gender: female
age: 16
grade: sophomore (2nd year)
personality: partier, has WAY too much fun, flirty, daring, fiesty, moody
appearance: Anime Girl Bikini
crush: N/A
others: TBA

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Name: Lilly Smith
gender: F
age: 18
personality: Kind, caring, shy, smart, doesnt have a mean bone in her body
crush: some one make me one plz??
others: Loves to read and wants to be a Surgeon

Yasmin Knowles
Funny, Kind, Nice, Can be sarcastic. A charmer
Pic: Later
Crush: Open
Other: Is studying to be a journolist

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Name: Sophia
Gender: Female
personality: Bratty,a great person to "have fun with",and fun-loving too
Crush: Mason

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Personality:Athletic,very flirty,and very funny. Loves pulling pranks.
Other:Got a scholarship for playing football

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Regan Fairley (reganf) | 61 comments Amy wrote: "Name: Sophia
Gender: Female
personality: Bratty,a great person to "have fun with",and fun-loving too


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girlpower12121 (caanna) Hey can nick be my crush??

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message 23: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) thanks!

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Jace (myfootsitchy) name: Ace Ortelly
gender: male
age: 19
personality: and I would know how
looks: strawberry blonde hair, ugly green eyes, tall, a scar on his forehead, a long nose, a sly look to his face, wiry frame.
crush: he don't deal with that stuff
other: he is an amazing biker, especially tadem

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girlpower12121 (caanna) wanna rp a one on one with me?

message 26: by Chachi (last edited Sep 22, 2010 02:56PM) (new)

Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 16 comments Name: Jarielle prefers Jynx
gender: Female
age: 20
personality: Talkative, serious, sarcastic, irratating, manipulative
appearance: description
crush: None
others: Very musical, you'll see

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Dan  | 4056 comments Name: Kyle
gender: Male
age: 20
personality: Smart caring kind
appearance: tall black hair
crush: Make one?

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girlpower12121 (caanna) I could be his crush?? her names lilly

message 29: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 4056 comments I don't see a character named Lilly.

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campbema Name: Josh
gender: male
age: 21
personality: sarcastic, protective
appearance: used to be in the army, but got hurt, still has the buzz cut. Bright green eyes and very muscular, but not like wide, mainly abs
crush: OpEn

Name: Allisia (alli or al)
gender: female
age: 21
appearance: happy, insecure at times, flirt, sarcastic.
crush: oPeN

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Name: Cherry
gender: female
age: 18
personality: smart, funny, flirty, sarcatic
appearance: long silky wavey auburn hair, pale, bright green eyes, tall, thin
crush: Josh

Name: Alex
gender: male
age: 22
personality: smart, funny, protective,
appearance: tall, lean,muscular, messy dirty blonde hair, bright green eyes,

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Ben *History and trivia lover!* wrote: "I don't see a character named Lilly."

sozz its yasmin! i have to many rps with lilly's and not many with yasmin so i forget lolz sozz

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Name: Spencer Cole
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Personality: Hes an artistic guy, but he still likes to have fun. He loves to paint pictures. He is very talkative and loves to be around people. He's not very into sports, though he will go to games.
Crush: Can someone make me one????


Name: Laken Cole
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: She can be quite shy at times when she feels threatened or uncomfortable in a situation. She, like her brother, loves to be around people and expect that they won't be boring, since she hates boring people.
Crush: Can someone make me one??? Pleasee :)

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Do u want ur dude to be yasmins crush?

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message 36: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) yup u


message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Uhh yeah sure!

message 38: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Ferguson | 23 comments Name: Kasey
gender: Female
age: 23
personality: Is so happy and wants to help animals all over the worls
crush: Ian

Name: Ian
gender: Male
age: 24
personality: Loves his girlfriend and is a great cook
crush: Kasey

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Ur gonna roleplay with yourself....

message 40: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 4056 comments My guy needs a crush.

message 41: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Ferguson | 23 comments OOOOOOO I will make one:)

message 42: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Ferguson | 23 comments Name: Alison
gender: Female
age: 20
personality: Loves to do things and is very active
crush: Kyle

message 43: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 4056 comments Wanna have them bump into each other?

message 44: by Georgia (last edited Oct 05, 2010 04:55PM) (new)

Georgia Ferguson | 23 comments Yeah that sounds good do u like her?

message 45: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 4056 comments I do.

message 46: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Ferguson | 23 comments Kk that is good so u can bump into me how about u andi are in the same class and we sit right next to eachother

message 47: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 4056 comments okay.

message 48: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Ferguson | 23 comments are you ready?

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Anyone wanan roleplay with me?

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I really want to.......

But I hate roleplaying guyz.

I'm sorry!!!!!

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