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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Evelyn'sPOV)

I stared down at the people of Volterra that chatted and walked below me from my high balcony overlooking the area. I had them in my clutches. They just didn't quite know it yet.

Mari Kohl, my second-in-command, appeared next to me out of thin air. And I do mean, 'out of thin air'. She's powerful that way.
"Have we decided when we take on the uprising yet. Evelyn?" She asked. Mari was only thirteen, and still yet to learn the value of patience.
"Soon, Mari, it will happen soon. Now go and check on Egeus, he must need some help with the planning.
She evaporated into the misty air, a musty aftertaste of a bad storm. Hey, I was good at controlling my powers, but when I get mad, a bad storms a-comin.
But now, I was happy. This plan couldn't fail. So, in honor of my good mood, I cleared away the clouds, and let the sun shine on the city.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Angie's POV))

The first sound that hear every morning and the last sound I hear every night is the sound of my sister, Phoebe, crying. After all that had happened to us - her, in particular - crying is like a regular event every day. But it still hurts to see my sister, normally beautiful and put-together, so broken beyond repair. The image of her sitting on the ground, sobbing, breaks off little piece of my heart every time.
Of course, she is just sobbing, not producing any tears, for she has none in her body. Tears were drained during the transformation, and replaced with the poisonous venom designed to help us kill our prey.
The reason for Phoebe's crying was created ten years ago. Her love, Damon, was killed by the Volturi. The old one, of course. There hasn't been a Volturi since they were overthrown by the Lunar Coven, and the vampires lived under the laws of the Lunar Coven. We haven't heard much about the Lunar Coven, the only truly GOOD Coven ruling in years.
Damon was destroyed by the Volturi by revealing himself to human Ali, his ten-year-old neighbor. It was, of course, an accident. For he was hunting for bears in the woods behind the neighborhood, and Ali was playing. She saw him, and 'poof' Damon was killed for breaking the law.
I had never seen my sister so broken up. But now, I see her that way every night and morning.
And I hope, everyday, that one day she will be able to smile for real again.

Welcome to Arrowleigh, North Dakota. The place where rain is the sunshine, and the sad is the happy. Nothing else happens here. A perfect place for a hidden vampire Coven, like us, to live.
We live in a small cottage in the forest area, cut off from civilazation. Most people don't even know the children exist. And the ones that do don't talk to us. We are supposedly "home schooled", along with my other siblings that are too young to not go to school, or at least that's what my father told the county.
So it's our big family crammed into that little house. We could afford something better, my father being the secretary of the city council, but we would like to stay as far away from snoopy humans as possible. Everyone knows my mother and father,but us kids are a mystery to the town. And that's the end of that.
So welcome to my nightmare, ladies and gentleman. My life is about to flip upside down so fast that I won'tbe able to breathe (you know, if I had to breathe).

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Evelyn))

"Ev?" Said a voice behind me. I looked to see Vindetta, my closest friend and the one that I trusted beyond comprehenion.
"Yes, Vindie?"
"Um, the plans need your aprooval, Ev." She said.
I followed her inside and sat down on the chair behind the desk in my office. Brock, my plan-creator, come in and set down the revolution plans down on my desk. I read them over and looked up and declared, "This plan can't possible fail!"

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod

Vindetta laughed a wicked laugh 'of corse the plan will work we made it' she laughed taking her sisters hand "We will not fail" Lima and Vindetta said in unison. They were twins identical in every sense of the word they fed from the same host they dressed the same and they were never ever apart they were notorious around the world as "Hell's Twins" no one could tell them apart. "Is there anything else you need Evelyn?" they said in the same monotone cold voice

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments ((Addie))

It's almost been a month since the old volturi killed my coven in hopes of gathering an army to take out the ones that replaced them. They've heard about my gifts and was only too eager to make me join them. They were so nice at first that I was almost convinced, but when my coven refused to give me up, they tore them apart. Piece by piece. Limb by limb. I could see it like it was happening now, right before my eyes. If the Hell's twins came a second too late, I would've been dead. Dead dead. And so now here I am, under Voltera's famous clock tower, to pay my respects to the new system.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Evelyn))

"Hmmm....well, bring in the people to pay their respects!" I said in answer to Vindetta's question.
"Okay, Sister." She said. Vindetta had used that funny nickname for me since we were newborns.
Vindetta fled the room. Seconds later, I heard her voice at the enterence of Volterra. "Come in! The Leader will see you now. Yes...yes, one at a time, people, one at a time."
I slid on my gold robe (the theme color for the New Volturi), and entered the throne room.
Since I was unlike ANY Volturi leader that this place ever had, i plopped down sideways in my gold throne, throwing my legs over the left arm and resting my back against the right.
"Evelyn will see you now." I heard Vini's {I gave u a nickname :) } voice from outside the room. The door opened and my sister entered, a white-blonde girl at her side.
"Hey, how's it goin?" I asked. {Well, aren't I professional? :) }.
She looked up at me from where she was kneeling. "Um, fine, Miss."
"Please, it's Evelyn. You don't have to call me 'your magesty' or whatever until I take over the world." I laughed, giving her the impression that I was joking, only I was not, "What's your name, Snowcap? Can I call you Snowcap? Of course I can, why do I need to ask? I can call you anything that I want. But really, Snowy, whats your name?"
"Addie." She said.
"Oh? Well, you don't seem to be very happy to be here, do you?" I jumped off of my thrown, slithering toward her silkily like a snake. I circled her like a shark, fingering her long white-blond hair. She flinched. "It's okay, Snowbunny. I'm not gonna kill you."

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Angie's POV))

Arrowleigh was rainy today. As usual. So I sat in my room (AKA, the attic) and read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' for the sfourth time this year.
A knock on the door startled me, "Who is it?"
"Emily." Came a voice from the other side.
"Come in, Em."
My little ten-year-old cousin opened the door and stepped in. The scared look on her face made me ask, "What is it, Emmy?"
"I...I saw something."
"What did you see?" I asked as she sat on my bed. My cousin had the gift of seeing anyone she wanted inside her head and to see what they were doing at that very moment.
"Well, I was checking on the Volterra, you know, to see how the Lunar Coven was doing? - and they...they were gone."
"What?!" I asked, my book tumbling out of my hands and falling forgotten on the floor, "How?!"
"Well, there....there was a new group there. They were called the 'New Volturi', I think. And, the leader was in her office. She was probably a little older that you, Angie, and she was looking some plans. She said that 'the plan can't possibly fail'. She said that...that...they were going to take over for good."
"Okay, listen to me, Em. You are going to go get my mom and dad and tell them what you saw. I am going to get my sisters and brothers, and your parents and we are going to pack up our stuff and find the next flight to Italy. Do you understand?"
She nodded woodenly, and dashed from the room calling, "Aunt Amaile, Uncle Carter!"
I grabbed my duffel bag from underneath my bed and began tossing the contents of my dresser drawers inside. Then I grabbed my moon amulet that Loretta had given me on my fiftieth time turning fourteen fourty years ago. It was all I had left to remeber her by.
If we were going to stop this 'New Volturi', we were going to have to act FAST.
I grabbed my cell and dialed up my best friend, Ayame De Lune's number.

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments I flinched as Evelyn's cold hands touched my skin, there was something about her that scared me more than Aro or Caius ever did. "It's okay, Snowbunny. I'm not gonna kill you," Evelyn said. But I knew better than to believe her. I backed away as the others who would pay respect came in but the Hell's twins blocked my way.
"Over here," a chocolate haired guy motioned me to come. He was pretty, but all of us were. There was something in his blood red eyes that made me follow him, if it was loneliness or power, I didn't cared.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Evelyn'sPOV))

I watched, dumbfounded, as Brock, my best plan-creator, took Addie into a hallway. I almost called after him, but the leader must never show ANY emotion except slyness. Its always slyness.
So I turned my back on him, and nodded to Vindetta to bring in the next citizen to pay their respect to me, now the most high vampire in all of the world.

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments It was amazing. The path led us to a crack in Voltera's wall to the green outside of the city. I ccould almost see myself running around. I stepped out even if the guy who led me here tried to stop me.
"You. You're not sparkiling," he said in amusement.
"No, I don't." I smiled

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Angie'sPOV))
'Oh my GOD, Ayame, pick up! pick up!' I thought.

((Aiyanna, you and I can do some dialogue here ;) )

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod

"Yellow?" I said flipping my hair basking in the sunlight loving the way it almost warmed my skin. It was warm in Oklahoma unseasonably so but i didn't mind the lake house were i was living as secluded a go 30 miles form any human civilization most didn't even know the lake existed, the solitude suited me fine though i did miss Angie from time to time now being one of those times.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
((don't forget Vindetta had a twin Lamia lol))
((the twins))
We walked together hand in hand and brought in the next in line to Visit the queen; "This way" we said in unison our steps measured equal exact we were one yet we were 2 but that mattered little to us or anyone else to most we were the twins cold hard and calculating and a but manic at times though we liked those times the best. "Our Queen." we said bowing deeply pushing the cowering vampire to Evelyn's feet. We stood and waited waited to see if the slaughter we were promised would come it was after all why we had agreed in the first place. We smiled cold and cruel both fantasizing of the promised massacre

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "Hey, Ayame....um, what are the chances of you getting on a plane and meeting me in Italy in say...oh, i don't know, like, 24 hours?" I asked, as I jumped into the backseat of Phoebe's Mercades along with my sisters, Leigh and Kelsie, and my brothers, Darren and Jason.
"Slim to none, why?" Ayame said.
"Because we are going to be taken over by a new evil coven called the New Volturi and all of us will die if we don't stop them." I said.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
I was silent staring a marble stature "Where do you want me to meet you? a lay over in New York?" I was flying in my room before she could even answer shoving things in my carry-on no time form much more

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "Evelyn could use you," Brock said, I could almost see the gears turning on his head. "You know, she could send you out in broad daylight and no one would ever suspect you. You'll be close enough to kill them off when they realize you don't have a heartbeat," he said, practically dragging me back to Evelyn's throne room.
"Erm, could we not keep it a secret?" I asked just as we entered the room.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Angie))
"Yeah, that would be awesome." I pressed my palm against the reciever and turned to Phoebe, "We're hoping on a plane to NYC, Pheebs, call up Dad and Mom and Uncle Stephen."
"Okay, I'll be there." And the phone went dead.

Nothing like a 'relaxing' three-hour plane ride to make you 'forget' about all of the crap that is going on in your life.
Oh, wait, my bad, that was SOMEONE ELSE'S plane ride! Mine was filled with anxious stares at my family, and being wedged between squirming nine year old sister, Kelsie, and annoying, techno-obsessed thirteen year old brother, Jason. Weeeeeeee!
So when we finally got off of that itty-bitty plane, I followed Mom and Dad to the little cafe in he terminal.
We had to push four tables together to make room for a family meeting of ten.
My cell rang, and I picked up, "Ayame?"
"The one and only," She said, "'kay, so I'm at gate B19, the first one that takes out of Italy. You have your tix, right?"
"Got 'em." I replied. "See you there." And hung up.
I looked up at the rest of the Cordale Coven, "We are meeting Ayame at gate B19. Let's roll."

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Evelyn))
"Why have you brought her back to me?" I asked in disgust at the sight of Snowcap in my throne room for the second time today. "If she has already paid me her respect, she has to leave."
"Ev," Brock said, walking over to me. He leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "She can help you with your plan. She doesn't even sparkle or anything."
I was so shocked that my heart stopped beating. Oh wait, silly me, my heart hasn't beat in...how long was it now? Four-hundred.....Five-hundred? I couldn;t even remember.
"Fine, I said, "Keep her here and entertain her until I am ready to talk to her. But right now, I am busy."

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments I played with the little fire and ice dancing in my hands while Brock stood in front of me as he waited for Evelyn's attention. Every now and then he would turn to look at me and I'd have to stop playing. I wonder when I could go, I hope it'd be real soon.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Angie))

The entire Cordale Coven met up with Ayame at the gate, and she threw her arms around me when she saw me. "Oh my gosh, Angie! i can't believe this. I can't believe...well, anything right now!"
"Thanks for coming with us, Aye." I said.
"Hey, what could I say? 'Oh the world's in total danger? Oh that sucks, but sorry, I'm a little busy tanning, so good luck saving mankind!'. I don't think so!"
I laughed in spite of myself an boarded the plane to Italy.

There really isn't anything worse that an anxious plane ride to top off ANOTHER anxious plane ride! But at least I got to sit next to Ayame.
During the nine hours that we were crammed in there, my best friend and I caught up with everything that was going on in our lives (besides, you know, the obvious.) She found out that I didn't have a boyfriend, and vice versa, and that my sister, Phoebe, still wasnt over the trauma that had occured forever ago.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((EVELYN))

I watched as the Hell twins glared at the snowy vamp, the one who self-proclaimed 'didnt sparkle'. Whatever. All vamps sparkle. I absently wondered what the glitch in her system was as Vindetta an Laima brought in the next respecter.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
Ayame watched as the clouds sailed past them...her eyes dark with thirst she would have to hunt when the landed she didn't think she could be around to many humans with her thirst unquenched "I need to hunt." She said leaning over to Angie her hands gripping the armrests of the seats as a flight attendant passed

"Come." they said in unison taking the next vampire by the arm and dragging them to Evelyn's feet.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ANGIE -
((Aiyanna are you changing your POV? because it went from Ayame's POV to the third persons POV))
Come to think of it, I needed some blood myself.
"Just hang tight." I whispered back, "There is a full forest of animals right outside Volterra."

This one that was brought in next was just pitiful. It was an old woman, begging me for some money. Ugh, gross.
"Please." She sobbed at my feet.
I kicked my feet away from her, "Your going to ruin my sneakers." I said. "Guards! Get her out of my presence!"
And I flopped back into my chair, smiling evilly as they took the old hag away.
Oh, I loved power.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
I nodded but gripped the handles harder trying to control myself. "soon" i whispered to myself

We looked at each other once we left the room "She is not fit." we said before grabbing the next vamp and dragging him in

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) EVELYN -
"I heard that!" I said. "Who is not fit?!" I asked the twins yanking them back into the room with my telekenesis ((SPELLING?)).

Once we landed in Italy, I was practically jittering with thirst and anxiety.
"Okay." My dad announced once we had 'borrowed' a Lamberguini from the curbside at the airport. "Off to Voterra!"

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
"The girl" they said pointing to were the white haired girl had been. But the twins knew of whom they really spoke of

"I can't wait much longer." I groaned my eyes were black I could feel it my hand gripped the handle of the door snapping it off in my attempt to control myself.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) EVELYN -
"LIARS!" I screamed. "Could someone unworthy do this?" I asked, and with a flick of my finger, the entire roof of Voterra was ripped off by the tornado I had summoned. "If you do not wish to work for me, then please, leave. We do not need you here."

We pulled up to the forest outside Volterra. "Just a quick bite...whoa." I said. I looked up at Volterra, miles away, had its roof blown off completely, "And hurry it up, beacuse things are gettin messy."

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
We looked at each other "Your Pride is your weakness." we said and turned to leave we didn't look back until we were long gone outside of Volterra. "She will fall" we said in unison

I sprinted into the forest my nose following the scent of a deer.

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments Brock pushed me behind him as their leader threw a tantrum and blew off their roof.
"Let's get out of here." I said tugging his coat.
"No, not now, we can't. Do you want Ev blowing your head off?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Brock!!!" Evelyn yelled, "We need a new plan!"

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((EVELYN))

My pride is my weakness? What the bloody hell does that mean? Pride, me? It just doesnt add up.
But they would be hurting. I would make it that way. I would show them that they need me more than I need them. They would crash and burn and come crawling back to me on their hands and knees. They would see that I was the leader, and that I would conquer all.
"Brock. New plan. First of all, I need to fix he roof. Second of all, we need to find a replacement for the To-Hell-With-Them Twins. I looked at Snowcap, who was standing there, gaping at the destroyed ceiling. I had an idea.
"hey, Snowy. Front and center." I said. "Your good with being hidden, right?"
"Sure, I guess so."
"Well, how 'bout I make you a deal." I said, "You will create as many newborns as you can in exchange for one soul of a lost one, and new power and a place in the throne next to mine. So how 'bout it, Snowcap?"
She looked around, weighed her options. "Alright. But on one condition."
"You will give me back the souls of my coven, who was killed by the old volturi."
"Fine." I said, "Addie, welcome to the New Volturi."
"Thank you."
"Now, when you return to your house, you will find that your coven is alive again - well, as alive as a vampire can be -, and you will arrive here tomorrow at dawn. Is that clear?"
"Good." I scanned her brain to see if she was making any plans to get out of the deal. I broke down the barrier between her mind and mine, and found that she was actually going to help me. "Thank you."

When Addie had left, I sat in my throne and finished up the visitors respects. When the day was threw, I waved my hand in a circular motion in the air.
"The weather for the twins is about to get a bit nasty. Sorry to 'rain' on your parade girls. Hope you deal well with hurricanes and tornadoes. And you will fight," I said, "My power will settle over you and you will fight with each other. You will no longer be the inseperable pair that you once were. You will fight each other to the death and there is no way to stop you."
Oh, this oughta be good.

By the time I had drained and gulped down the blood of a mountain lion, the roof of Volterra was intact again.
"Emily?" I asked, "Do you see anything?"
"She's Cursing someone." She replied, "She's making it so that the world as a pair of twins knows it will turn upside down. And she is smiling. She is smiling with pride and she is shimmering with pure evil."

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments I ran as fast I could to one of Turin's oldest castle, it wasn't even that far from Volterra. I was panting, not that I needed air, when I reached the door. I could hear Alesia's laughter from here, even Tristan's voice frantic footsteps and his random opening and closing of doors.
"Where is she?" his voice tensed.
"I think he's looking for you." I tensed at the sound of Brock's voice, I didn't notice someone had followed me.
"Relax," he said, giving my shoulders a light squeez. "I'm not gonna take you away from them. Not yet. You have until tomorrow."
"I know, and I plan on keeping my word." I answered, gritting my teeth.
"Adrianne," I heard Tristan's voice from behind me and I was instantly enveloped in his arms. It felt amazing. It felt like home. If my heart was beating, it would've had exploded from pounding.
Brock looked a little disappointed but immediately changed his expression to dead serious. "I'll pick you up at 4." and then he was gone.
"We're already dead, dead dead, Addie. What did you do?" Tristan asked.
"I'll tell you everything later, I just wanna see the others first." It was more than amazing to see everyone alive, sort of, and real. I can't believe my eyes, I have to tell them what happened though. That it was now my turn to leave. I explained to them as light as I could, but everyone looked disappointed when they heard what I had to do in exchange for Evelyn bringing them back.
"i'm coming with you" was all Tristan had to say.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) EVELYN -

"And who is this?" I asked the next morning when Snowcap brought in a boy with her to work.
"Tristan. He was from my coven."
"Um...thanks for bringing me back." He said akwardly.
"Hey, no prob. Are you here to work for me too? Because I need an army to take over the world, you know, and you two are just the ones to do it."

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "No!" I shouted. "I mean, he's not here to join your army Evelyn." I said, almost a whisper, it was enough that I lost him once. I don't know what I'm goin to do if I lost him again.
"He's just observing, he'll go back to my coven." I said bowing in apology for my earlier outburst.
"What? No, I'm staying." Tristan said, standing firm to his ground.
"I'm going to create a newborn army for them."
"What? You? A newborn army?" he asked in shock.
"Perhaps we don't need the boy." Brock whispered to Evelyn.
"Okay, fine. I'm gonna help her make newborns." Tristan said throwing his hands upward in surrender.
"No." I whispered in horror.
"Ev?" Brock asked for Evelyn's opinion.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "That would be fine." I said, "We need all of the help that we can get. So, Tristan, welcome to the New Volturi."
"Thank you...Evelyn."
"Evelyn Anders, Leader of the New Volturi. And this is Brock, my master plan-writer. You will listen to him and I, and only him and I. Now, your first assignment will be to go out into the woods outside of Volterra. I feel that there might be some humans lurking there."
"Okay." Snowcap said, "Come on, Tristan."
((Chiari, the woods are the same exact place that the Cordale Cover is hunting. I set it up so that you can meet them there :) ))

Later that night, I stepped out onto the porch that was right out back in the yard of Voterra. Even though I have not slept in over four centuries, I like to wear comfortable clothing at night. I don't exactly know why, but I did it as a human, and I;ll do it now.
I sat down on the gold ruby-cushion sofa and watched the little bugs that buzzed around my head. I caught a fly between my fingertips and flicked it away. When I heard footsteps behind me, I turned to see Brock standing there.
"Come and sit." I told him, and he obeyed. "Hows the plan coming?"
"Great." he replied. "Um...Ev? I've known you for....how long is it again?"
"Three-hundred and forty-nine years, Brock. Nearly to the date." I replied.
"And you trust me."
"Of course." I told him.
"What about Vindetta? You trusted her. She was your best friend."
My eyes mustve darkened. "Don't talk about that." I said, "She and I are no longer friends."
"Okay. Well what about the newbies? Do you trust them?"
"We'll see."

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "Go home." I told Tristan as soon as we got to the woods, but he just ignored me and followed a vampire scent. "We should be tracking humans, not vampires." I whined.
"Ad, we should know first if we have competition here. Stay back." he ordered.
"No," I said, stomping in front of him. "Not until you get back to Turin. I'm doing this on my own-"
I wasn't finish with my rant when I heard a sound. It was barely a sound, like an echo of a tiny whisper, but it was enough for me to know that we're not alone.
Tristan heard it too, and pushed me behind him. He built a mental shield around us while I built a ring of fire to ward off other vampires.
"Come out, come out, wherever you are..." Tristan taunted. I hit his arm, "Stop that."
Another sound came, this time closer. Two female vampires emerged out of the trees.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((ANGIE))

I looked at the sight in front of me. Two vampires stood, one boy and one girl, in the middle of the woods. And - get this - a light peeked between the trees and cast a shine on the girl, and she didnt even sparkle.
I looked at Ayame and then back at the two strangers, "Who are you?"

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "I'm Ad-" I started to say when Tristan rudely interrupted. "Don't tell them anything yet, we don't know them."
"Oh, okay" I said dumbly then turned to the two girls, "I guess we're not telling you who we are unless you tell us who you are first."

"I'm Angie and she's Ayame of the Cordale Coven, now what's yours?" the one named Angie said seriously.
I think I've heard of that coven before from one of Brock's rambles when he showed me the outside of Volterra, but I shrugged the thought away.
"She's Addie and I'm Tristan from the...uhg" he looked at me for confirmation.
"I'm from the New Volturri, he's from the Aelst coven." I answered before Tristan could object.
The two crouched low and prepared to spring at us, or more specifically, at me. "Wait, wait. Did I say something wrong? If I did, I take it back." I said quickly.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "The New Volturi is going to take over the world and most likely kill off all of the good vampires." I said.
"Wait, I'm not originally from the New Volturi. I only joined because their leader told me that she would bring back my coven if I stayed."
"Well, what are you supposed to do?" Ayame asked.
"We have to create an army of newborns; Evelyn says that the revolution will be just like it was years ago, but this time, it will work." Addie replied.
"Well, my cousin saw that she was going to kill the good vampires to make way for the newborns." I said.
"Well then, don't let her get to you." Addie said, "Look, WE arent here to kill you, so we wont tell Evelyn we saw you. You are free to continue hunting."

message 39: by Hannah Shane (new)

Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "And we'll just be in our merry way of creating newborns," I added. I tugged at Tristan's shirt to cue him that it was our time to leave.
"Don't you care?" he asked, "if Evelyn will kill all the good vampires, then what happens to our coven?"
"I don't know, we're neither I guess. We drink from humans, but we don't violate them or anything. And I made a deal with her, I-I can't get out of it..." I answered hopelessly.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "No way." I told Ayame. "We have to get to Volterra FAST. Before Evelyn can create her army."
"And how do you suppose we go through with this plan, Angie?" Ayame asked, "By the way, do you even HAVE a plan? What are we supposed to do? Walk in and say 'hey, guys, hows it goin? Oh could you please stop your taking-over-the-world thing? Its really harshing my mellow'. Yeah right."
"Well how about we join them? My family can stay in the city and keep a close eye, but the best way to get on the inside is the earn her trust. You know what they say." I said, "Keep your friends close..."
"And your enemies closer." Ayame finished, and we headed off to tell my coven about our plan.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) EVELYN -
"And who are these two?" I asked as two vampires stepped into my throne room.
"Angie and Ayame." The curly haired one answered. "We have come to join you."

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
Watched as the two vampires walked in to the castle "they will be the one's. but shall we join them or watch them fall?" the whispered so low that no one could hear

"Yes, it is true we wish to join your guard." I said bowing trying to hold back the smile on my face.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) EVELYN -
"And do you have any history of background? Have you been in an army before?" I asked.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
"No but we have gifts that might interest you."

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) EVELYN -
"And what are those?" I asked, circling the two like a shark.


"I'll show you." I looked at a plant in the corner, and a split second later, it burst into flames.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
Ayame smiled and began to sing immediately all the vampires froze in the position they were just in and unfroze once more when she stopped sining.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ANGIE -
I grinned at Ayame and twisted my hand in a motion like pulling something back into my grasp, and the fire was relinquished.


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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
"I thought you might think that." i said smirking

"She does not realize her power." we whispered so low no one could hear

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Where are the twins right now?))

I smiled. "So are we in?"

"You can replace the twins." I said. "By the way, I wonder if that fighting spell I put over them has taken it's full advantage yet?"

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
((just out side the room))

i smiled "Thank you you will not regret this."

we nodded at each other "So it has been decided."

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