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message 1: by Hedwig, We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, but battle on. (new)

Hedwig | 328 comments Mod
To discuss the character; Cho

message 2: by Mirza (new)

Mirza (mirzaarhasan) | 403 comments i didn't like Cho ... she was nothing special, just going along the flow, liking the guy who's present at the time. Harry should have fallen for someone more special.

Like Harmoine.

message 3: by Hedwig, We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, but battle on. (new)

Hedwig | 328 comments Mod
She's such i don't even know! but yeah not my favorite!

message 4: by Annie, Pretty Little Liars!! :) (new)

Annie (annieiscool13) | 793 comments Mod
She was very annoying to me. I have no idea what Harry saw in her. I agree Harry and Hermione are perfect for each other.

message 5: by Pandy (last edited Jun 24, 2010 05:33PM) (new)

Pandy I don't hate Cho, but she's definitely not my favorite character to read about. She's too sensitive for Harry and she hadn't gotten over Cedric enough to be dating him. She's important because she's Harry's first crush - it's part of his experience of growing up.

I've always seen Hermione as someone who takes care of Harry like a sister, not a girlfriend. I think this is just because it's always seemed as though JKR was setting up Ron and Hermione's relationship from the first book and I just went along with that.

message 6: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) I don't like Cho but I think she was an important character overall. I also don't think that Harry and Hermione should have gotten together. That just seems weird to me...

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura Cho just got on my nerves ugh

message 8: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) I don't really like her but I still think that she was an important addition to the story and to Harry's development as a person...

message 9: by Pandy (new)

Pandy I agree.

message 10: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) :)

message 11: by Mirza (new)

Mirza (mirzaarhasan) | 403 comments Cho was just Harry's first crush, and he got over her quickly enough.

I think JKRowling drew our attention on Harry and Cho because she wanted to make sure we understand that Harry doesn't have a chance with Harmoine, or else if we had that idea, it would have been difficult for the readers to accept Ron and Harmoine.

Thank God, Harry chose Ginny, not someone silly like Cho Chang.

message 12: by Hedwig, We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, but battle on. (new)

Hedwig | 328 comments Mod
Well i think she also wanted to show that harry was growing up and even though he has a dark past he is still going through the same emotions as regular teen agers as well

message 13: by Mirza (new)

Mirza (mirzaarhasan) | 403 comments Yeah, like he was also nervous about asking a girl to the prom, and gets butterflies in his stomach whenever he sees her. Just like a normal person, not the eternal hero everyone takes him for.

message 14: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) exactly...I think that Cho brought out the more human side of him and showed something we could all relate to...

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) I don't really like Cho at all. I have no idea why I don't. I just don't.

message 16: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) she was kind of annoying...

message 17: by Laura (last edited Jun 25, 2010 06:52PM) (new)

Laura ya no kidding and how she was always crying

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) I do feal sorry for her that her bf died but, seriously give it a rest. I mean it seems she'll be crying till she's 30!

message 19: by Pandy (last edited Jun 25, 2010 09:11PM) (new)

Pandy Fadhilah wrote: "Is there anything good inside Cho? I don't think so. And why would Harry pick a girl who is a year older than he is?!"

A year older than he is!? That's nothing, in my opinion, but Cho wasn't the right girl for Harry anyway. Cho is too sensitive, but I wouldn't say there's nothing good in her. She comes back to fight in DH - she sees herself as a part of Dumbledore's army and is loyal to the school.

message 20: by Pandy (new)

Pandy Marietta - true, she does defend her. Cho still sees her as her friend. We don't know how close they were before, because their relationship isn't important to the story overall. Cho's defense of Marietta could also be seen by extension as a defense of herself. Cho really shouldn't have brought her to the meetings in the first place and is most likely feeling guilty for doing so. By pointing out that Cho returns to fight, I was only saying that there is "good inside [her:]" apart from the fact that she's not an evil person, obviously.

message 21: by Mirza (last edited Jun 25, 2010 10:31PM) (new)

Mirza (mirzaarhasan) | 403 comments Not evil, she's just a silly girl, not important enough for someone like Harry.

I really felt bad about Cedric dying though. He was nice.

message 22: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) I don't know that she's a parasite and she has every right to be sad but I don't think she was right for Harry.

message 23: by Laura (new)

Laura ya true

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Well for the age difference, technically Ginny is 1 year younger than Harry. And there is no rule about a girl being older than a boy means they can't date.

message 25: by Laura (new)

Laura ya i think a girl being older than the boy is ok but usually better if the girl is younger

message 26: by Pandy (new)

Pandy I think it's perfectly fine if the girl is older.

message 27: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) My brother went out with a girl who was two yeas older than him and it wasn't an issue...

message 28: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) I thought it might be weird or something but I think that once you're at least like fifteen its one or two years either way isn't a big deal.

message 29: by Mirza (new)

Mirza (mirzaarhasan) | 403 comments Cho didn't seem to be in that deep a reletionship with Cedric in the book, they just went on the Yule Ball together. But after Cedric died, she was carrying on as if she had lost a childhood love.

message 30: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) Yeah but we probably don't know exactly how deep their relationship was or how strongly she felt for him...

message 32: by Laura (new)

Laura well in the book they were always around each other mostly but if a guy i liked alot had died i would try and fight the people who killed him so no one else had to go through it

message 33: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy i very much dislike Cho Chang :/

message 34: by April (new)

April Poole  (fangirlapril) hahaha...

message 35: by Annie, Pretty Little Liars!! :) (new)

Annie (annieiscool13) | 793 comments Mod

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