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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley What did you think of Cal's singing performance?

What do you think of Cal and Bink's relationship and his admission to Min?

What do you think is bothering Diana?

What are your predictions for the wedding? (Diana's problem, Cal and Min's relationship, Cynthie and David's plans to show up)

message 2: by Serena (new)

Serena (twomaxx) | 1 comments Does anyone know when the paperback will be out?

message 3: by Micki (new)

Micki (inxstr31) Usually a book takes about a year to go from hardcover to paperback.

message 4: by Joanie (new)

Joanie I'm answering these after finishing the book so it's hard to answer the prediction questions.

I thought Cal's singing was sweet but it clearly surprised them both with the intensity of the feelings it brought out. (don't know if that last sentence made any sense. I'm trying to type fast while my soon to be two year old yells for me from the other room) I just wish it would have been Sinatra or something-that would have fit much better with Emilio's.

I'm glad that Cal and Bink's relationship didn't progress to being physical, that would have made it harder to like Cal. This way he seems more honorable at least.

As I've finished the book I'm going to leave the guessing part out.

message 5: by Highjenks (new)

Highjenks | 3 comments Mod
I think I read December 2008 on Kim's website. I hope it has another short story in it like the last paperback did.

message 6: by Eliel (new)

Eliel | 2 comments By the way, Barnes & Noble is having their usual clearance sale on the hardcover before the paperback comes out. A chance to get it in hardcover for less than 7 USD!

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