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Laura Lulu (lauralulu) | 1603 comments The Darkest Edge of Dawn (Charlie Madigan, #2) by Kelly Gay

The Darkest Edge of Dawn by Kelly Gay
Release Date: August 31
Series Info: Charlie Madigan, Book #2
First Book in Series: The Better Part of Darkness

It takes a strong woman to keep the peace in a city of endless night. . . .

Deep beneath Underground, a cunning bid for power and revenge has begun—one that threatens to make Atlanta the new battleground in the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. The powers of hellish Charbydon have the upper hand after plunging the city into primordial night. And under the cover of darkness, a serial killer targets the most powerful Elysians in the city, the angelic Adonai. For Detective Charlie Madigan and her siren partner Hank, tracking deadly predators is all in a day’s work . . . but this case will test the limits of their strength and friendship as it draws them into a deadly world of power plays, ancient myths, explosive secrets, and a race against time that risks all that Charlie holds dear.


Total Eclipse (Weather Warden, #9) by Rachel Caine

Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine
Release Date: August 3
Series Info: Weather Warden, Book #9
First Book in Series: Ill Wind

Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin, her husband, the djinn David, and the Earth herself have been poisoned by a substance that destroys the magic that keeps the world alive. The poison is destabilizing the entire balance of power, bestowing magic upon those who have never had it, and removing it form those who need it. It's just a matter of time before the delicate balance of nature explodes into chaos-and doom.


Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark, #10) by Kresley Cole

Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole
Release Date: August 31
Series Info: Immortals After Dark, Book #10
First Book in Series: The Warlord Wants Forever

A dangerous demon she can't resist...

Malkom Slaine: tormented by his sordid past and racked by vampiric hungers, he's pushed to the brink by the green-eyed beauty under his guard.

A maddening witch he aches to claim...

Carrow Graie: hiding her own sorrows, she lives only for the next party or prank. Until she meets a tortured warrior worth saving.

Trapped together in a savage prison...

For them to survive, Malkom must unleash both the demon and vampire inside him. When he becomes the nightmare his own people feared, will he lose the woman he craves body and soul?


Sin Undone (Demonica, #5) by Larissa Ione

Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
Release Date: August 24
Series Info: Demonica, Book #5
First Book in Series: Pleasure Unbound


As the only female Seminus demon ever born, master assassin Sinead Donnelly is used to being treated like an outcast. She spent decades enslaved, and now vows she’ll die before she’ll relinquish her freedom again. Then Sin’s innate ability to kill her enemies goes awry: She creates a lethal new werewolf virus that sparks a firestorm of panic and violence.


Half-werewolf, half-vampire Conall Dearghul is charged with bringing in Sin to face punishment for the plague. And she’s no stranger: He’s bound to her by blood, and the one sexual encounter they shared has left him hungering for her raw sensuality. Worse, Sin is the underworld’s most wanted and Con soon learns he’s the only one who can help her...and that saving her life might mean sacrificing his own.


No Mercy (Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter, #19) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Release Date: August 3
Series Info: Dark Hunter, Book #19
First Book in Series: Fantasy Lover

Dev Peltier thought he knew it all. But one night when not just a Dark-Hunter, but an official member of the Dogs of War sashays into his bar, he realizes that he might have met his match.

Sam was one the fiercest Amazon warrior in her tribe. But when an act of brutal betrayal made her a Dark-Hunter, she's been pissed ever since.

Life fast, fight hard and enjoy the night. That's her credo. But as old enemies and new move into New Orleans, she realizes that Dev just might be the only hope she and mankind have to save the world.


A Wild Light (Hunter Kiss, #3) by Marjorie M. Liu

A Wild Light by Marjorie M. Liu
Release Date: August 27
Series Info: Hunter Kiss, Book #3
First Book in Series: The Iron Hunt

For too long Maxine Kiss has felt an inexplicable darkness inside her-a force she channels into hunting the demons bent on destroying the human race. But when she finds herself covered in blood and crouched beside her grandfather's dead body with no memory of what happened, Maxine begins to fear that the darkness has finally consumed her.


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Sandra | 23452 comments Bedeviled Angel (Works Like Magick, #2) by Annette Blair

Bedeviled Angel by Annette Blair
Release Date:
August 3
Series Info: Works Like Magic, Book #2
First Book in the Series: Naked Dragon


At the Works Like Magick employment Agency in Salem, Massachusetts, matching clients in need with magical temps is a piece of cake, especially since sexy Chance Gordricson also happens to be heaven-sent. He's Kenya Saint-Denis's guardian angel. And when he's hired to keep an eye on her and the two surrogate children she's become saddled with, he just might fall prey to temptation.


Whisper Kiss (Dragonfire, #5) by Deborah Cooke

Whisper Kiss by Deborah Cooke
Release Date: 3rd August 2010
Series Info: Dragonfire, Book #5
First Book in the Series: Kiss of Fire

For millennia, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have commanded the four elements and guarded the earth's treasures. But now the final reckoning between the Pyr and the dreaded Slayers is about to begin...

Niall Talbot has volunteered to hunt down and destroy all the remaining shadow dragons before they can wreak more havoc. But fate has placed him in the hands of Rox, an unconventional tattoo artist who doesn't even flinch when a shape-shifting dragon warrior suddenly appears on her doorstep. And as a woman who follows her heart in matters of passion, she makes the perfect mate for a firestorm with Niall...

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Steph (angel4492) | 27969 comments Seduced by the Wolf (Book 5) by Terry Spear

Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear
Release Date: 01 Aug
Series Info: Heart of the Wolf, Book #5
First Book in the series: Heart of the Wolf

Cassie Roux is a wolf biologist who has studied real wolves for years, trying to prove to the world they’re not the evil predators so many people believe them to be. A red lupus garou, who lost her pack and was raised by real wolves, she has dedicated her life to their preservation. Now for the first time, she discovers a female wolf, her mate dead, and the pups and the mother in real danger, and Cassie does everything she can think of to protect them. Until she runs into one stubborn alpha pack leader—werewolf kind—who has other plans for her.

Leidolf Wildhaven is a red lupus garou pack leader of Portland, Oregon and has more troubles than he ever thought possible what with running a pack, a ranch and other businesses, dealing with a couple of cantankerous new lupus garous, and a myriad of other problems when a little red wolf of the lupus garou variety is spotted in his territory. She’d be perfect as his mate, if she agreed. Only the headstrong woman has other priorities, saving real wolves from extinction, when he’s more worried about his own kind’s extinction and winning her heart.


Labyrinth (Greywalker, #5) by Kat Richardson

Labyrinth by Kat Richardson
Release Date: 05 Aug
Series Info: Greywalker, Book #5
First Book in the series: Greywalker

The toughest case yet for Greywalker Harper Blaine, "a great heroine" (#1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris).

Harper Blaine was your average small-time P. I. until she died-for two minutes. Now she's a Greywalker, walking the line between the living world and the paranormal realm. There are others who know about her new powers-others with powerful tools and evil intentions, and now that the man who "killed" her has been murdered, the police are also paying close attention. That means Harper has to watch her step while searching for the ghost of her "killer"-who could be a valuable clue in the puzzle of Harper's past and her father's death, as well as a key to figuring out who's trying to manipulate her new powers and why. But with her growing powers pulling her into the Grey, Harper might not be able to come back out...


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Steph (angel4492) | 27969 comments Unsympathetic Magic (Esther Diamond, #3) by Laura Resnick

Unsympathetic Magic by Laura Resnick
Release Date: 03 August
Series Info: Esther Diamond, Book #3
First Book in the series: Disappearing Nightly

From the award-winning author of Doppelgangster comes the newest novel in the popular Esther Diamond series

Acting jobs don't grow on fire escapes, so struggling actress Esther Diamond is outraged when her guest role as a hooker on controversial TV drama The Dirty Thirty is jeopardized by zombies, angry spirits, and a voodoo curse. But will Esther's courage backfire and end up leading her to become a human sacrifice on the altar of the sinister supernatural powers that are taking over New York City?


My Soul to Keep by Sharie Kohler

My Soul to Keep by Sharie Kohler
Release Date: 31 August
Series Info: Moon Chasers, Book #4
First Book in the series: Marked by Moonlight

Sharie Kohler dazzles with the dark, sensual world of the Moon Chasers, where two half-breed lycans are locked in deadly combat over the fate of the world—and their own hearts.

Sorcha is no longer the pitiful teenage orphan who roamed the streets of Paris after her pack was destroyed, but despite all she now has—wealth, beauty, strength—she is still haunted by memories of Jonah, her fellow half-breed who broke her innocent young heart years before, and who now believes her dead. Determined to drive Jonah from her dreams forever, Sorcha vows to kill the witch whose curse first condemned the lycans to soulless immortality . . . doomed to be ruled by their dark passions, yet never truly able to love or be loved.
Still devastated over the girl he failed, Jonah has found purpose as a demon slayer. When a stranger starts stalking the world’s most powerful demon witch, he is assigned to kill the huntress before her meddling releases an evil that threatens all mankind.

Face-to-face again at last, can Sorcha and Jonah put their anger and hurt behind them to defeat the darkness . . . and dare they hope to find a love neither dreamed possible?


Game of Cages (Twenty Palaces, #2) by Harry Connolly

Game of Cages by Harry Connolly
Release Date: 31 August
Series Info: Twenty Palaces, Book #2
First Book in the series: Child of Fire


As a wealthy few gather to bid on a predator capable of destroying all life on earth, the sorcerers of the Twenty Palace Society mobilize to stop them. Caught up in the scramble is Ray Lilly, the lowest of the low in the society—an ex–car thief and the expendable assistant of a powerful sorcerer. Ray possesses exactly one spell to his name, along with a strong left hook. But when he arrives in the small town in the North Cascades where the bidding is to take place, the predator has escaped and the society’s most powerful enemies are desperate to recapture it. All Ray has to do is survive until help arrives. But it may already be too late.


Chosen (Anna Strong, #6) by Jeanne C. Stein

Chosen by Jeanne C. Stein
Release Date: 31 August
Series Info: Anna Strong, Book #6
First Book in the series: The Becoming

Anna Strong's primitive vampire instincts are getting harder to control. And a new enemy wants to take advantage of that fact, for Anna has been chosen to shape the destiny of all vampires-and all humans.


Born to Bite (Argeneau, #13) by Lynsay Sands

Born to Bite by Lynsay Sands
Release Date: 31 August
Series Info: Argeneau Vampires, Book #13
First Book in the series: A Quick Bite

Eshe d’Aureus is sent to Armand Argeneau under the auspice that she needs a safe place to hide from a rogue out for revenge, but Eshe is really on the job. She's been saddled with the task of finding out why Armand's wives keep dying, and what it has to do with his son Nicholas and the murder Nicholas is accused of committing 50 years ago. She's Nicholas's only hope of avoiding being executed for a murder he may or may not have committed. Eshe's agreed to take on the task, but that was before she realized she couldn't read Armand and he is the life mate she's been waiting for.

Armand Argeneau’s first sight of Eshe was her roaring up on a motorcycle that appeared to be aflame. That was inconspicuous?! She had the grace of a panther, the attitude of a pit bull and openly enjoyed thwarting Lucian’s orders whenever possible . . . all of which delighted him immensely . . . until he realized he couldn't read the woman and she might be a life mate. Having already lost a life mate and two wives to suspicious circumstances, Armand isn't willing to risk losing another. Unfortunately, sending her away was pretty difficult when he couldn't keep his thoughts, not to mention his hands, off her. It seems it's time to once again try to get to the bottom of the deaths of his first three wives. While Armand's tried before, he's also failed, but this time he could lose his son as well as his life mate.


Captive Spirit (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood, #4) by Anna Windsor

Captive Spirit by Anna Windsor
Release Date: 31 August
Series Info: Dark Crescent Sisterhood, Book #4
First Book in the series: Bound by Shadow

The night holds endless pleasures . . . and hides nameless terrors.

Bela Argos has suffered too many losses to count, and she's determined to keep her new fighting group safe. Manhattan is under siege by a new and deadly pride of demons, and she'll do whatever it takes to defeat the evil band of murderers and protect her new family--even kill the sexy, wounded police officer she's hiding in her basement.

Duncan Sharp never believed in the supernatural. A war veteran with many years of service in the NYPD, he prefers to solve his problems with badge, cuffs, and bullets. When he wakes to find himself hostage to a gorgeous bunch of women in leather--women who command earth, air, fire, and water--he doesn't know what to think, and when Bela's around, thinking is damned hard, anyway. Never mind the supernatural infection threatening to end his life and turn him into a creature he can't begin to imagine.

The demons are coming, and they're coming for Bela and Duncan. To save each other and everything they value, they just might have to sacrifice everything.


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Steph (angel4492) | 27969 comments Sparks (Anya Kalinczyk, #2) by Laura Bickle

Sparks by Laura Bickle
Release Date: 31 Aug
Series Info: Anya Kalinczyk, Book #2
First Book in the series: Embers


Second book in a sizzling new urban fantasy series about an arson investigator who is also a medium capable of seeing and devouring spirits.


Primal Instincts by Susan Sizemore

Primal Instincts by Susan Sizemore
Release Date: 31 Aug
Series Info: Primes, Book #9
First Book in the series: I Burn for You


Bestseller Susan Sizemore pens a sizzling new Primes romance set in her thrilling contemporary paranormal world.

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Regina (reginar) | 2883 comments ************************************************************************************

Death's Excellent Vacation (Includes Night Huntress, #4.5) by Charlaine Harris

Death's Excellent Vacation anthology edited by Charlaine Harris
Release Date: 8/3/10
Series Info: Anthology, contains Sookie Stackhouse story, Cat & Bones story, and others.

The editors of Wolfsbane and Mistletoe and Many Bloody Returns deliver a new collection-including a never-before-published Sookie Stackhouse story.

New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris, Katie MacAlister, Jeaniene Frost-plus Lilith Saintcrow, Jeff Abbott, and more-send postcards from the edge of the paranormal world to fans who devoured Wolfsbane and Mistletoe and Many Bloody Returns.

With an all-new Sookie Stackhouse story and twelve other original tales, editors Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner bring together a stellar collection of tour guides who offer vacations that are frightening, funny, and touching for the fanged, the furry, the demonic, and the grotesque. Learn why it really can be an endless summer-for immortals.


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