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message 1: by Kelley Anne (last edited Jun 23, 2010 12:30AM) (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments So while wandering through B&N tonight, I came across a book that definetly grabbed my eye. Yes, I'll admit, I do somewhat judge a book by it's cover. Or at least when I'm wandering it tends to be the amazing covers that will grab me long enough to read what the book is about and then decide from there. Anyways, I decided to splurge and bought the book. It's called Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I'd never heard of the author before, but apparently she's not a brand new author. Anyone ever read either this book or any others by her?

BTW - This picture really just doesn't do justice to the cover. The amazing part of it is how in real life the moonlight on her skin and in her hair really seems to glow.

Raised by Wolves (Book #1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

message 2: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (Sunnytat462) | 3069 comments I have heard of this one and am looking forward to it. Let us know how it is.

message 3: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Mannarino (joyce82270) | 78 comments I have that book in my TBR but haven't picked it up yet. Let me know

message 4: by Kelley Anne (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments I'm about halfway through it, and really enjoying it so far. I made the mistake of thinking that I could read "just the first couple of chapters" before going to bed and instead several hours later I had to force myself to put it down. It's an interesting take on the werewolf genre, harsh sometimes, but interesting!

message 5: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments I just marked it to read. Woo hoo, another book on my TBR!

message 6: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (akaMonkee) | 46 comments It was great!!

message 7: by Kelley Anne (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments I agree Stephanie. Sorry that I didn't update on here once I'd finished it. Very interesting/different take on everything! I am really interested in what in the world is going to happen next.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} (amyorames) | 237 comments I read this yesterday. Great book. I wish we'd got to see and learn more of Chase though. Do we know if there will be a sequel yet? I've noticed someone's added "Book 1" to the title on here.

message 9: by Kelley Anne (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments I would assume that there would be a sequal. It ended in the perfect way to have a sequal.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} (amyorames) | 237 comments I've just this minute found the sequel: Trial By Fire due out next year. Yay!

message 11: by Kelley Anne (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments Thanks for the heads up!

Sarah ~Sehrenity~ | 766 comments I just saw this come into my library today. I'll have to check it out. Melissa Marr gave it a good review, and I like her work a lot.

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