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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley As a side note to the story, what do you think the deal is with Harrison being forced to play ball, and how his role will play out in the book?

What is Elvis to Min? Do you think her view of men is healthy?

Were you surprised with Min stood up to David and didn't give into dating him again?

message 2: by Auntee (last edited Jun 13, 2010 06:01AM) (new)

Auntee | 86 comments Black Ops series by Cindy Gerard

1. Show No Mercy (9/08)
2. Take No Prisoners (10/08)
3. Whisper No Lies (12/08)
4. Feel The Heat (9/09)
5. Risk No Secrets (5/10)

message 3: by Joanie (new)

Joanie I think it's weird that it was Cynthie who wound up pushing him to play ball and that his parents listened to her. I do think there are a lot of kids whose parents force them to play sports (or at least try them) I don't think it's bad to try and get your kid to try new things but I also think that when it's so apparent that it's not your kid's thing it's time to back off.

I don't really get the Elvis thing but I guess she thinks he's sexy, the ideal man (although how she could really think that based on his life is beyond me.) She also says that Elvis is the only one who tells her the truth, he's honest in his music. I think her view of men is pretty typical for someone who's been burned a number of times, plus she's kind of the middle ground between Bonnie (believing in fairy tales) and Liza (believing in nothing) and she seems a bit more realistic.

I was not surprised that Min refused to see David again-he's a putz and she knows it. It didn't sound like she liked him all that much to start.

message 4: by Ashley (new)

Ashley It is weird that Cynthie played the role in Harrison playing baseball. They never really explained that in the book...

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily (teaandscribbles) It was menctioned that she got to Harrison's Grandma and convinced her it was a good idea so that is why he has to play. It is a little random but does show why they both don't want to be there.

message 6: by Joanie (new)

Joanie And why Cynthie is so wretched. Just the name alone-Cynthie, not Cindy, not Cynthia-Cynthie. Cruise does a good job of creating a character you can feel good about hating.

message 7: by Kathrynn (last edited Sep 13, 2009 05:56AM) (new)

Kathrynn Cindy Gerard

Black Ops series:

1 [image error] 2 Take No Prisoners (Black Ops, #2) by Cindy Gerard 3 Whisper No Lies (Black Ops, #3) by Cindy Gerard 4 Feel the Heat (Black's Ops, #4) by Cindy Gerard

message 8: by Wendy (new)

Wendy these are really good books. I enjoyed all of them. I just finished Whisper no Lies this month. I had waited for this one for about a year, and I wasn't disapointed. Johnny is someone that you either want to hug or hit in the head. You will love him!

message 9: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
Will there be more books in this series? Or was it just a trilogy?

message 10: by Kathrynn (new)

Kathrynn I believe it is a series, Isis. Went to her Site and it doesn't indicate a trilogy, either. Can't tell if she has another one in the series in the works though.

Anyone else?

message 11: by Auntee (new)

Auntee | 86 comments I just checked her Message Board at her website--she's got at least 3 more books in the works. The next one is "Feel the Heat" and is due out 10/2009, and is Raphael Mendoza's story. The next one is about "Doc", and after that it's "Savage".

Wish I could remember these characters, but I'm woefully behind on the series--I've only read "Show No Mercy".:( I guess I'd better catch up by October!

message 12: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
LOL, Auntee...I have all 3 of the current books and I haven't yet read any of them. I still have her Bodyguards series backlogged in Mt TBR.

Can you add "Feel the Heat" to the list, Auntee?

message 13: by Auntee (new)

Auntee | 86 comments Got it--I also noticed it's due out 9/29/09. That gives me all summer to get to the others!:D

message 14: by Kathrynn (new)

Kathrynn Well, hot dog! LOL, for once I'm not quite as far behind as you both. :-) Lack "Whisper No Lies." It's buried on the shelf...:-( .

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I LOVE this series! Can't wait for Feel The Heat!

message 16: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Just out in this series Risk No Secrets (Black Ops, #5) by Cindy Gerard

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Wendy, that was a great story. I loved it.

message 18: by Anne OK (new)

Anne OK (anne-ok) | 8 comments Me, too! And I can't wait for Doc's story next!! Hopefully, she'll continue this series because I think it continues to get better with each book.

message 19: by Wendy (new)

Wendy I agree to that! this one touched me in a way that I hadn't been touched by a book in a while. Sam and Abby's story really got to me. And I waited breathlessly for Mendoza's story. (something about the dark latino)But this one was really great.

message 20: by Tanith (new)

Tanith I just finished 'Take no prisoners'
its the first one Ive read of the Black ops series.I Was hooked!

message 21: by Wendy (new)

Wendy For some reason I get on a kick with certain writers and have to read everything that they have done. I have done that with CG too. So I have enjoyed all of her books. I hope you like them as well Tanith.

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