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jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
I hadn't really thought about this until now...keeping lists for series that are still active up-to-date.

I'd like to do something to note that they are still active. I think putting (ACTIVE) into the topic title would be best.

So a request to members...if you have time and want to help, please poke around through the lists and A) if the list is one you posted, edit the topic title to add (ACTIVE) into the title, and if necessary, update the list with new volumes, OR B) if the list isn't one you created, post a comment saying it's still active and if there's been new books, list those in the comment.

If you're the creator of a list that gets a comment like the latter mentioned above, please edit your list to reflect the changes and add (ACTIVE) to the title.


HOW TO EDIT YOUR POSTS: if you don't know how to edit your posts, here's how...go to a post you made - to edit the topic title, there is a small EDIT link to the right of the title, click that and it will take you to an edit screen where you can alter the topic title. To edit a post you made, near the bottom right of your actual post is and EDIT link, click it and you can edit your post :)

message 2: by jenjn79 (last edited Feb 06, 2009 04:25PM) (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
A request...there are quite a few lists of series that are still active that need updating. I've tried to fix the ones I know are out-of-date, but I don't know all.

So, I would appreciate it if you guys could poke through folders and A) let me know if a series is still active and not labeled as (ACTIVE) in the topic Subject line. And B) let me know if any of these active series lists, or a recently ended series list, needs to be updated.

I may end up deleting and reposting some original lists because the posting member is no longer in the group or just not interested keeping them up-to-date. And I may clean up some topics by deleting some extraneous comments with me asking for a member to update a list.

I'm also marking (ACTIVE) topics as *important so they will show up first in folders.

Just trying to keep things organized :)


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