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Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) well, many more people have joined, so i feel it's time to add a new roleplay topic. for two reasons; because it's easier to click this one up rather than click the other and hit newest, and because Roleplay number 3 is filtered from my school's computers.

ok, it's based about a week after number three ended, with Magnum, rose, Capri, Mike and Lexis in the millitary bunker that lexis's parents worked in, or something. we've made it into a nice place to live, because it's full of guns. (that's Magnum sorted forever.) unfortunatly, Johnny's been recruited, with mind controling illusions, to the HC, and has been sent after us.

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) Magnum had decided. Fuck trying to escape the fayz, he was just going to wait it out, in here, with his guns. his personal favorite; a .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda, was by his side almost permanently now. as he stood in the soundproofed underground level of Lexis's Millitary bunker, He smiled. He had a total of 15 firearms, and it was the second ammendment that made the others grudgingly allow him to keep them. He looked around at his makeshift shooting gallery, and took out his second favorite, a German-made Luger P08.
He took aim at the stack of empty food tins on the other side of the room. He fired. He loved it here.

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Grace | 637 comments Capri flinched along with Jonas at the sound of gunfire. She hugged him, tucked him in and left him to his nap. She walked through the hallways and stopped where the food was. It wasn't much, but it was alot more than anyone else had in the Fayz. She sighed and removed her Ipod from her pocket. Capri sat in the floor, back to the wall, and closed her eyes as she listened to the same songs she'd been listeneing to since the Fayz started.

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Rose shuffled into the room where Magnum was happily firing away at fire arms. She leaned against the threshold and cocked her head, examining the way he held the gun at a certain angle, how he hunched an exact way over it, and how is finger rested easily on the trigger. If he could do it, couldn't Rose? Seemed easy enough.
Magnum fired off a couple more rounds, and Rose pulled her black hoodie over her gnatted dark hair, hiding the cringing that occasionally spasmed through her tired body.

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) ((sorry grace, i mentioned that the room i'm in is soundproofed, you wouldn't hear the gunshots))

Magnum turned, still in a Gun-induced state of incredible happiness. "Oh, heya rose, What's up?" he asked.

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Rex  Lexis lay in the hammock she'd strung up from the rafters of the medical wing. Below Jonas, a boy Lexis had quickly come to care for, slept on one of the cots. Lexis had forgiven Capri for her part in the battle 3 weeks ago when she learned about Jonas. Now they worked together to care for him, along with the others.

Magnum was shooting, and though Lexis couldn't hear him right then. Sometimes he'd take the guns outside to practice, so she'd gotten use to the sound of gunfire. She didn't much enjoy it, but with the laws laid down in the FAYZ, she wouldn't interfere. Besides, Magnum had definitely grown on her. He wasn't a bad guy, just a bit...intense. But...she had her own stock ready if Magnum ever snapped or took it too far.

The military base had turned out to be everything they asked for. They had electricity and found some canned and pouched food. It wasn't great, but couple with the meat she and Magnum often hunted down it was practically a feast.

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Rose crossed her arms acrossed her chest and took a moment to breathe. "Nothing, just curious on how you work those things." She said, using her knee to slightly incline toward the rack of guns. Rose pushed herself off from the door frame and made her way over to the left wall, carefully grabbing a semi-automatic pistol from the wall. (?) It was cold to touch, even sort of frightening to her...but it was a weapon.

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) ((try a Beretta 92FS. semi-auto handgun))

"it's not that hard; point this end at stuff, pull the trigger, and a red-hot lump of lead shoots out at 267 miles per hour and buries itself in the target." magnum thought briefly. then added; "it sounds nastier than it is"

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) ((guys- check it!
Awesome! i'm giving Maggy one!))

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((Wowwwwwws Dan, lol.))

Rose blinked, then shrugged, slowly turning towards the wall with targets. After taking a minute of figuring out how to insert the bullets, she cocked it with her thumb, a small metal thing, then rested her finger on the trigger.
"Shoot?" Rose mumbled, briefly looking at Magnum, then focusing her attention on one of the targets and firing. It exploded with a sharp pow , causing Rose to wince. She squinted, and realized she had hit one ring before the red target spot.

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) "nice shootin'" said magnum, looking. "almost the bullseye". he took out his newest weapon, a .357 Magnum Colt Python, and aimed down the barrel. a deafening Bang. bullseye. "and that's because i've been practising non-stop for 2 weeks"

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Rose snorted, shooting again--this time missing the mark by four inches.
"I heard."

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Johnny was woken from his slumber, some human had woken him.
"What?" he growled angrily. The young boy in front of him trembled and squeaked, "The commander wants to see you"
Johnny snapped out of his weariness and dressed hurrily. He rushed down the corridors of a vaguely familiar building and walked into the meeting room.
The walls were burnt, he was told he had caused it while he was evil, while he was against the humans. Before he was chosen to be changed, before he had been chosen to save the humans in this land.
In front of him stood a small boy who looked like an angel, light, frail. He guestured to the commander, a very jamacan looking boy who wore a flwoing blue robe with various symbols of water dyed into them.
"Johnny... our messiah, our vessel of justice... we have located an area where our enemies may be hiding, the ones who turned you against humanity"
Johnny growled. "When can I kill them?"
"No, no... no killing, not yet. We want you to hide among them, to make them trust you before you strike"
Johnny nodded. Seemed easy enough.
His commander showed him the location and then led him oustside to a dirt buggy.
"You will drive 3/4 of the way there, but walk the rest, let your clothes get dirty and ruined, your face muddied by desert dust. Say you escaped the Human Crew's control and have finally found them... they should trust you"
Nodding, Johnny set off to find his old "friends"....

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Rex  Lexis leaped down from the hammock, unfurling her winds so that she landed near silently. Sighing she looked out the window, realizing it'd been three weeks since Johnny had been captured.

Her and the others had been unable to locate him, despite Lexis' night flights over Perdido beach. She had staked out kid's roofs and eavesdropped on conversations, she had searched out several area Magnum thought Johnny might have been kept, but there had been no finding the boy.

Frowning, Lexis exited the room and walked down the hall to the firing range. She slipped in, knocking on the door to alert the others of her presence. It was not a good idea to startle Magnum when he had a gun. Lexis found that out the hard way.

"Hey," she greeted, leaning against the door jam.

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Grace | 637 comments :D a n_n lolz wrote: "((sorry grace, i mentioned that the room i'm in is soundproofed, you wouldn't hear the gunshots))

Magnum turned, still in a Gun-induced state of incredible happiness. "Oh, heya rose, What's up?" h..."

((sorry about that, i wasn't paying much attention, it was like 4 am,and i was half asleep))

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments The buggy roared under his control, shooting along the desert. He leapt over dunes, over ridges. He parked the quad at the right area and ripped his clothes, dirtied himself. He began to walk the rest of the way, looking fora suitable place for his enemies to be hiding in.

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) ((it's ok, grace. rose made the exact same mistake here))
Girl on Fire *Rose* wrote: "Rose snorted, shooting again--this time missing the mark by four inches.
"I heard.""

Magnum laughed humourlessly. "sorry about the noise, but i'm suprised you could hear it, this room's soundproofed. that's why i chose it"

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"You left the door open." Rose said without tone, aiming, then firing again.
"It's not like we could all sleep anyways, so it doesn't really matter." Her voice drifted into silence and she lowered the gun by her side, suddenly feeling exhausted.
Rose briefly acknowledged Lexis, her greeting seemed distant.
"Yo." She said, though she doubted anyone could hear it, her back still turned toward the door.

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Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) "oh, hi lexy, didn't hear ya come in. although that's no suprise, really." Said Magnum, turning to lexis. he wondered briefly how she was able to control her wings, until he realised that it's the same way he controlled his robotic replacement appendages, you didn't think about it, it just happens.

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Johnny made his way through the desert, his hair suitably dusty, clothes covered in muck and grime and he smelled enough like the desert to pass for an escapee. He trudged on in the desert until a giant military base came into view.....
he smiled. "This was where they were hiding"
10 minutes later he was outside the entrance door. He gave himself a quick look over in the mirror and pushed open the heavy, 10 inch thick impact and blast resistant doors.

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Rose slipped the gun into the back waist of her baggy jeans and turned towards Magnum and Lexis, running a hand through her gnarled hair trying to get the worst out.

"I'mma go outside for a breather. This place is too stuffy." Rose said, shuffling past Lexis out the door, giving a sad, but brief smile before she disappeared down the corridor, trying to remember the maze-like hallways and to where each new turn lead to.
Her nose crinkled and her eyes suddenly seemed to sting as hot tears brimmed the surface of her eyelids. Why the hell was she crying? Again?
She tried to think of 'logical' reasons, and it cheered her up more to know that they were acceptable.
1. She was hungry.
2. She was tired.
3. She was scared [Though, so were every single other kid in the FAYZ:]
4. The fact that she knew how to use a gun.

A gun. A gun. A gun. A goddamn gun. Never in her life, had she ever intended to learn.
Rose furiously wiped her still blood stained hand across her teared cheek as she turned a corner, breathing in a deep breath.
Everything sucked, basically.
Though, the gun did have good use, not just for killing other people...the thought stopped in her tracks as she pulled it out, examining it carefully as if she had never seen it before.

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Johnny steadily walked down the corridors. This place was a maze, too big and complicated.... the perfect hideout. maybe after kicking them out, this would be a good place for us he thought to himself before bumping into Rose.

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Rose suddenly looked up, her body knocked into something, or one, sturdier and taller, a familiar shade of hair and eyes looking down at her. She felt more tears coming, and she cursed them furiously, as she realized it was Johnny.
Rose dropped the gun to the floor, it clattered harshly but she didn't look down.
"Johnny?" She whispered, blinking, not really believing it was him. Probably an illusion. Or something that would only be realized after he disappeared in two seconds.
But he was still there. Two seconds later.

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Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) Magnum had watched rose go, and decided to go and see Capri. it'd been ages, but he knew she'd never quite forgiven him for defending himself against some HC members. terminally. he thought briefly, and decided that she'd be with jonas. she hadn't left that kid's side for two weeks, and he couldn't blame her- jonas had almost been killed by the human crew- he was just a little kid. Magnum reflected on the fact that they were all kids really, but for some reason he thought of 15-year olds as adults now. he sighed, and slipped both his magnums (a .44 Magnum colt Anaconda, and a .357 Magnum colt Python) into his two holsters, just in case, and set off for the makeshift bedrooms, leaving Lexis behind him.

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments "Rose...." he sighed. He slumped backwards and leaned agaisnt the wall, collapsing.
He started to pant heavily, convincingly enough that Rose atarted to shout foe help.
"This should be easier than I thought" he thought.

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"Guys!" Rose screamed, looking behind her and hoping it was loud enough for everyone else to hear and to come running.
She dropped to her knees beside him, and tucked herself into his side, letting out a long sigh of--what? Relief?
The action she had somehow done surprised herself even, but it felt wonderful to be close to someone for once in a long time--and at this moment, not being harmed, as usual.
"You're an idiot." she said softly.

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Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) Magnum turned, as he heard the shout. he ran back through the halls christ, this place is like a maze, he thought. as he rounded the last corner, he stopped. it was impossible, but there was johnny, looking like he'd just escaped from the human crew. Magnum sighed briefly, then tucked himself into the side of johnny not currently occupied by rose. "Johnny! wow!" he said, looking up at his best friend. second-best, he corrected himself, Lexy had been a real pal to him since johnny had dissapeared. but johnny was back, which was more awesome than any gun. even the savage striker.

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("Lexy had been a real pal to him" hahahahahah...for some reason that made me giggle out loud.)

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments (obviously johnny's going to turn on you... but not yet, but i've got an idea that he stops because of jonah. as far as i can tell jonah hasn't been let go of by Capri so i figured he could move around for a bit.... but as i said, not yet)

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Rex  Lexis watched Magnum leave the room with a curt nod. Quietly she examined the weapons and unconsciously touched the pocket she keep her own gun in. Always. As much as she hated....she was too afraid not to carry it. Arrows weren't always practical when you had to fight people up close and personally.

Suddenly Lexis heard Roses shout and quick as flash she was sprinting down the halls. Soon she burst outside to where the others stood....and froze at the sight before her. Johnny, kneeling in the sand, looking wost for the wear, despite his rocky skin. Hesitantly Lexis stepped forward until she was just a few feet from the group.

"'re back," she whispered. "H-how? How did you get away? Where were you? We looked for you everywhere...."

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Johnny smiled at them.
"Patience" he said simply before adding "And a lot of pent up anger.... i knocked down a couple of walls"
He described how he had escaped and had spent the last two weeks in the desert running away from the Human Crew. "And eventually I found here, I thoguht it was abandoned but luckily you guys were here"
He smiled at Lexis and said, "Good to see you again Lexis"

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Rex  Lexis was horrified to find her eyes were suddenly tearing up. She had not departed on the best terms with Johnny...but dammit she was happy he was alive. Quickly she blinked her eyes and nodded.

"Yeah," she replied roughly before clearing her throat, grinning a bit. "Yeah, you too."

Abruptly Lexis moved forward and put a single arm around Johnny shoulder, giving his back an awkward pat. However before he could react she quickly pulled away and took a few steps back, clearing her throat again.

"So...umm, guess we should get inside now," she suggested, distancing herself from the group a bit more.

((LOL! I love making Lexis awkward and affectionate.....*sigh* Mike needs to come back so she can be romantically awkward.))

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((Told you Dan! mwahahah.
and yeah, Mike was online on facebook so I told him.))

Rose removed herself from Matt's side awkwardly, a small smile blooming on her face as she realized he was okay, after he escaped through all the shit, and walked his way across a desert. A pang of guilt twisted through her gut.
Shouldn't they have helped rescue him? Rose's bangs fell in darkened eyes as she contemplated. She should of helped him.

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Johnny's face showed exhaustion, the filth of being on the road. But inside he was celebrating he had gotten insdie the base. His enemies were emotional, why? They had left him for dead when they had killed the innocent humans... that was what Chris had said.
But they seemed pleased to see him....
No matter he thought, a mission is a mission and i plan to carry this one through

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Rose stared at Johnny.
He seemed changed, there was something different. Yes, he was obviously tired, dirty, and most likely dehydrated--but he had lost that look in his eyes. The light that Rose had often looked to, as corny as it sound, to pick her back up. But now it was gone. It made her feel even emptier inside.
"Johnny?" Rose asked, tilting her head a bit, pushing her hood down from her head with her left hand.

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Rex  Lexis wanted to ask Rose what was wrong, seeing the girl's body language and nervous heart beat, but decided against it. She didn't want to ruin her and Johnny's moment. Instead she closed up the base door behind the group, locking it tight in place.

I wonder if Jonas has woken up...and where did Capri go to? Hmm, probably listening to her iPod again.

The aqua eyed girl had been attached to the device since she had been able to recharge it at regular intervals. Lexis didn't blame her, missing her own music. But she wasn't going to take the risk of trying to retrieve her own iPod from town.

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) ((you need mike, i need capri. we can both feel awkward! :D))

Magnum was feeling awkward too, not just because he had been hugging johnny's leg for five minutes now. to feel happy like this was reminding him that no matter how many guns he had, he was always still a kid, a kid nearing his 15th birthday, but he was only planning on telling capri that. he let go, because despite the fact johnny was entirely made of liquid magma, was radiating a certain coldness, cold that told him to get as far away from his friend as possible. he glanced at rose, she'd seen it too. "johnny," he asked quietly, "are you feeling ok?" god, he was scared. he had his magnums, but they had six bullets each, and johnny was bulletproof. shit.

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Johnny turned to Magnum. "I'm fine mate... Whats up?"
Shit! he thought inside, am I giving myself away?
This should be easy, I should be taking them out right now but i... i... can't... not yet...

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Finn walked up the sand dune, Chris behind him. They'd followed Johnyn too their enemies base. They were also there for Johnny's encouragemnt. If he failed to act, they would appear and BOOM johnny should go into action. This was the end of the resistance, thought Finn happily, This will be our wildcards great moment!

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) "n-n-nothing...." said magnum, looking terrifed.

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments "Magnum, whats wrong? Seriously mate I'm not going to-"
The ground shook as a voice bellowed, hugely amplified, "JOHNNY, TO DUTY, FUFILL YOUR MISSION"
He fell to hte gorund screaming, clutching ath is ear drums, racked in apin. He looked up and saw Magum staring at him terror, he hadn't heard the order.
"They're here" he mumered to himself before risng and turning his back to Magnum and Rose.
"They're....,here," he repeated darkly before turing to face Magum and Rose again, fire burning from his hands and eyes, looking like a beast from hell as his body was consumed by flames.

The huge doors crashed open as a tidal wave of water smashed into them. Finn reformed and him and Chris ran down the halls when they felt the familiar heat of Johnny's solarblare and they saw him makeing his way towards them.
Finn cackled. He had given away his positon but who cared. They had brainwashed him to hate his old friends and show no mercy, these resistance members were doomed!

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Rex  Lexis had stopped, along with the whole group, when Magnum had suddenly become nervous. And when Magnum's heartbeat had elevated from nervousness to fear and he had started stuttering....Lexis got freaking scared too. She had quickly spun around in time watch Johnny fall to the ground in a screaming fit. But before anyone could do anything.....Johnny attacked.

Lexis screamed, seeing a wall of fire heading towards Magnum and Rose. Time seemed to slow...and in that moment she acted. Impulsively the tall girl hurled herself in front of Rose and Magnum, wings fully extended, and pulled them close to her body, like it was all some demented group hug.

Lexis felt scorching heat....and then she fell into darkness.

((Okay before you ask, no Lexis is not dead, she was knocked out from the force of the blast and her wings and back are probably quite burned. I did this because I'm going on vacation for 5 days and don't want to slow you down, but don't want to be left out either.

So lets just say Lexis is in a shock/pain endued coma until you guys can get her healed. Also, as tall as she is she only weighs about 100 pounds because of hollow if Magnum and his souped up limbs feel like hauling Lexis out of there that'd be great. You can stash her on a medical gurney and wheel her out to one of the BMW's if you so need too.

Or you can leave me there for Finn and Chris, which is always an interesting option. Your guys' choice. ;) ))

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((Hahaha, sweet Sierra. ;D Have fun.))

Rose was still stunned into shock, watching as Johnny crumpled to his knees, hugging his arms to his body as he complained about someone being 'here.'
Rose wanted to kneel down and comfort him, but there was something telling her to run, back the hell away. Johnny stood abrupt, a dark look glinting in his eyes, fire suddenly consuming his every being.
Another tear fell, her face fell, her heart fell.
"Please, come back." she whispered out, shaking.
She felt unprotected, and even more fearful than ever, and suddenly it was as if all hope was lost. A very loud, and startling BOOM sounded from the air, and before she knew it she was squashed against Dan, Lexis's leathery-feel wings enveloping them completely.

"Lexis!" Rose screamed, knowing immediately what she had done. She could feel the heat searing her pain through Lexis's wings. Smoke from the fire curled into her throat, causing her to practically cough up a lung. "Lexis! Magnum! !" Rose shouted, even though Magnum was right there, almost safe in Lexis's hold.
Even still, she was scared. How many times had she felt this emotion? How many times had she wished it would all go away? Rose knew she should of put the gun to some good use when she had the chance.
The deafening pulse of fire stopped, and Rose felt Lexis's wings disappear as she fell.

"Lex?" Rose asked shakily, tears streaming down her cheek. She made a choking sound in her dried throat.
Rose didn't make it far before her knees gave out and she slid helplessly to the ground.
Not enticed to darkness as Lexis was, but somewhere else.
Far, far away...not trusting herself to move.

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Johnny laughed, low chuckle rising into a long and spooky cackle...verging on the insane. This was to easy! Two unonsious and that was on the basic of his attacks! PAH!
He spun his body around to face Magnum, his fists swirling with him, knocking an uppercut in MAgg's stomach. He wasl ifted into the air and hit into a wall across the room.

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It was then Rose zapped back into reality.
Pain lurched through her body, and she heaved forward with a gasp, resting on Lexis. Rose stared down at her with widened eyes, pushing away her hair from her prominent cheek bones, "Lex?"
A creepy, chilling laugh erupted from behind her. Rose turned just into for her to see swinging a punch at Magnum, he hit the wall and crumpled.
Rose screamed and bolted up, and was immediately in Johnny's face. Slapping and punching at his chest, hopefully getting in some type of physical hurt.

"JOHNNY! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! STOP FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! STOP STOP STOP!" Rose screamed, hitting him and shoving him into the wall, but it hurt to even hit him, and he didn't seem to care. Which hurt more than the physical pain that wracked through her.

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((Hahahaha and Rose wasn't unconscious., out of it.))

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((Someone...for all that is love of Rose's! I just drank some sugary ice tea and it's 1 AM. I'm bored. ))

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments ( For Dan's sake, I pictured the creepy Vexen laugh, japaanese version for a while. It isn't thta laugh, but picturing a firey demon doing that is quite funny! :D )

Johnny turned to face Rose and lifted her, by the scruff of her neck. She quickly went still. He looked deep into her eyes and forb a second saw doubt. Why would her hurt her? What had she done to him?
She tricked you into killing humans! a voice inside screamed but the real Johnny, the true Johnny couldn't fathom them doing this. Not anymore. He dropped her gently and pulled Magnum out of the wall.
He dropped Maggy's unconsious body on the floor before hearing the slow clap of the commander behind him. He immediatly dropped to his knees saying, "Yes commander?"
"Silence.... you have failed, your a disgrace to the human race!" was the scathing reply he got.
"Yes.... master"
"Chris, see to him"
Johnny was lead away by Chris outside where the ground beneath him turned to a beach. The re occuring nightmare returned, the horrifiyng beach. He fell to the ground screaming and blacked out.
Finn, left alone with Rose, said, "Well done... you've unbrainwashed my best soldier! It'll take another week to get him back on our side! Thank god you didn't do a complete job... another three weeks otherwise!"
He laughed. "But then again, he has lead me to all of you, maybe it wasn't as much a failure as I thought. The only reason he failed is you, if I get rid of you will I finally be in control?"

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Pain wracked her neck as Johnny grabbed her, her feet seemed to almost lift off the ground and it took all her strength not to show cry out and not show weakness. She struggled against him until he released her, and she slumped to the ground, her hands holding her neck as she looked down.
Rose didn't glance at Johnny as he was taken away. Finn shuffled over and she glared at his feet as he spoke tauntingly to her. Rose look to her left, and noticed the small gun she had had in her hand earlier before encountering Johnny was there. Slowly, she reached for it, gripping it tightly and stood, not caring if Finn saw it.
"Liar." she snarled.

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