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Who sent you?:
Your gift (1):

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Name: Evangelina (Angel)
Gender: F
Age: 16
Who sent you?: stepparents
Your gift (1): seeing the dead and angels
Family: step mother and step father who hate her
Friends: open
Crush: open

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Name: Lily
Age: 18

Who sent you?: Parents
Your gift (1): When she touches objects and sometimes people she sees glimpses of past or future events
Family: Parents and brother
Friends: open
Crush: open
Other: usually wears gloves so she doesn't have to see her visions. her parents didn't know how to deal with her so they shoved her in here

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 1094 comments Mod
Name: Scarlet
Gender: F
Age: 19
Appearance: tba
Who sent you?: Family
Your gift (1): Sees deaths
Family: Mother Father Sister
Friends: none
Crush: Open
Other: Has been there since she was five

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OMG!!! I'm so putting my charrie from my book in here!!!

Name: Veronica
Gender: F
Age: 17
Who sent you?: Meh.... It's complicated....
Your gift (1): Hears Voices that's she's numbered from one to seven. They tell her what to do and she has to figure out which one to listen to.
Family: She has no idea. She doesn't have any memory of them.
Friends: None
Crush: Open
Other: She'll talk to the Voices that her in her head out loud, and she screams a lot because they start arguing with each other.

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Name: Sky
Gender: F
Age: 16
Who sent you?: Aunt and Uncle
Your gift: Can read minds.
Family: No parents, has an aunt and uncle
Friends: None
Crush: Criss

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Name: Salem
Age: 19
Who sent you?: the NYC police department
Your gift (1): can change a person's thoughts and emotion and cut them off
Family: has none
Friends: open
Crush: open

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Name: Brittney
Gender: F
Age: 10
Who sent you?: her mother and father
Your gift (1): sees ;shadows' (close to Evangelinas gift but not quite)
Family: mom, dad
Friends: Evangelina (her 'protector')

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Sure Kenzie

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Kenzie wrote: "Name: Criss
Gender: M
Age: 17
Black choppy hair with swooped bleach blonde bangs. His right eye is bright green and left a bright blue. He stands at 5"7' with a thin body structure.

Can Sky have a crush on Criss?

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Name: April
Gender: F
Age: 17
Who sent you?: parents
Your gift (1): Most things she says towards people comes true, sort of like a witch casting spells on people
Family: Step-parents
Friends: open
Crush: open
Other: She acts very immature and often acts pretty insane as well. She's quiet but really friendly. Rarely ever uses her gift besides healing or helping others.

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Name: R.J.
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Photobucket

purple eye Pictures, Images and Photos
Who sent you?: His step-father sent him- See other
Your gift (1): when some one looks him in the eye he re-lives the persons worst experience.
Family: step-dad
Friends: none, he never looks at people's faces b/c his "gift" is painful, so no one likes him.
Other: His step-dad raped him and when his mother died it got worse so he was going to the police, but his step-dad sent him here.
Other 2: He will some times not eat for weeks at a time

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Name: Giselle
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Who sent you?: Herself to hide from mom and dad
Your gift (1): Doesn't feel pain and can take a person's energy when she needs it
Family: Her mother(dead) and Father and kittah :D
Friends: none really
Crush: open
Other: Her parents sent her there because they were afraid of her. She always hated them and was distant. Her parents abused her when she was little and her mother just recently died,her father taking more out on Giselle.

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any one want R.J.???

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I'll take him?

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oh, kool-ier!

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lol wanna rp with me?

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I posted, yay

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Onyx (onyxblack) FUDGE! somebody already got Evanna. I was thinking of using her. :(

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Onyx (onyxblack) Name: Irina
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Who sent you?: Parents
Your gift (1): Is a highly developed telepath, which means, she can not only listen to people's thoughts, she can also manipulate them. But manipulation takes a lot of her energy, resulting in severe weakness.
Family: Parents, but they dont visit.
Friends: Open
Crush: Open
Other: ..

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Onyx (onyxblack) anyone on for rp?

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$teez  (king_of_dxpe) name: deth
who sent you? police
your gift: mind control
personality: wicked and sick and insane
family: hated him
crush open

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