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Russian history and a love story all in one

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kasi This is a beautiful and thoughtful
book dealing with a great love story
beginning in Leningrad during World
War 2 between Marina and Dimitri.
It moves between her memories of
her life in Leningrad during the
siege when she worked at the Hermitage
and her life in Seattle as an older
woman fighting her alzheimer's and
trying to hide it from her family.
The scenes set in the winter in
Leningrad are so strong that you can
see them and feel what she feels.
I recommend this book to everyone.

Shari I just finished this book and I was so disappointed by the ending. I thought the story was great and it used art as a novel way to tell the story of the siege of Leningrad. I felt there was so much of the story that was left untold and it seemed that it ended way too abruptly.

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