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message 1: by Provo (new)

Provo City Library | 111 comments Mod
Is the plot well-developed? Is it believable...or is it forced? Is it suspenseful or more contemplative? Does it unfold naturally, or do you feel manipulated along the way by coincidences, odd plot twists, or cliffhangers?

message 2: by Theemilyray (new)

Theemilyray | 1 comments I love the plot and think it is both suspenseful and contemplative at the same time. The author draw you in from the first chapter. She created a time and place that feels like it holds echoes of our own world. I hope our future doesn't amount to such things, but looking at the past at gladiator fights, slavery, concentration camps--mankind is capable of pretty unthinkable things.

message 3: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 30 comments Mod
I really enjoyed the storyline as well. I actually wasn't ever sure I'd read these books--I don't usually go for dystopias, and the idea of kids killing each other isn't exactly appealing--but once I started, I felt like these books really have a lot to offer. The plot really does pull you in.

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