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message 1: by R.Joseph (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:19PM) (new)

R.Joseph Hello comrades,
I am new to this discussion group and would like to express my views about Che Guevara.
I am very fascinated by Che Guevara and his approach towards socialist issues. Unlike Che I am not a communist, however one could label me a socialist. My personal intuition about Che has allowed me to conclude that once he saw Russia’s approach towards Marxism, he began to seek out China. China seemed to fail Che as well and thus Che ended up trying to spread his own variety of Marxism to the Americas (Latin America). This was a flawed idea, due mostly to the lack of support he was receiving. I hope this discussion group becomes more active and Che’s ideology can be discussed openly.

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Nima afraz | 1 comments Mod
wellcome to our group
its real that che was commonist but we are like che for his personality

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