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Ok so go to the PJ role play character folder post who you are and then Begin the role play!

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Shade dropped her duffle bag on to the grass, and gazed around Camp Half-Blood, it was her first summer there and so far she was not impressed. Kids darted back and forth over the grassy hills, some hugging some battling with various weapons. Her cold gaze lingered on the battles.
Shade thought: amateurs!
She was going to have fun beating them all of them. The thought brought a cold calculated smile to her face. As it did one of the kids, a younger one smashed into her almost causing her to lose her balance. Shade shook her raven hair from her shoulders and looked down at the kid "Sorry.." the kid stammered. Shade just gave the child her best I-will-kill-you gaze her lips in a hard line. trembling the child jumped up from the ground and took off running as fast as he could from Shade. She watched him go, watched him cower in fear of her, the smile made another appearance on her cold beautiful face.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) (Told from Rosally's POV) (Note: Rosally is pronouces Row-Sal-ee, like Row as in row row row your boat, Sal as in SALad, and Ee as is wEE)


The blinding morning sun peeked through the tiny part in my silver curtains, blinding me through my closed eyelids. I groaned, rolling to my side and silently begging the alarm clock to not read six-thirty or higher. I opened my eyes. Six-thirty-five. Great. Five minutes late. As usual.
I sat up in bed, stretching and peering around the room at my cabinmates and half-siblings. Malcolm, Annabeth’s second-in-command, was still curled up in bed, snoring like a pig. Annabeth’s bed was vacant, her fancy Daedalus laptop open and her scrolls and building plans strewn across the crumpled bedding.
After I was finished surveying to cabin, I forced myself to get out of my comfortable bed and get dressed for a new day of training. I threw my blankets up over the pillow (my version of making the bed), and changed into a orange camp t-shirt off the floor and some jeans shorts that had about four weapon-made holes in them and were faded beyond repair. Oh well, at least they were easy to move in. I tied my dark hair up into a ponytail and threw my bow and arrow across my shoulder.
I stepped out of the cabin and into the world of Camp Half-Blood. It was the beginning of the year here, and the oldies were busy teaching the newbies how to do things like hold a bow correctly or learn the definition of the word ‘sheild’. I waved to my friend Percy Jackson, one and only son of Posidon at camp, on my way over to archery with Annabeth.
Percy was teaching a ten or eleven year old newbie how to swipe a sword. He waved back at me, and I continued on.
I passed a crowd of newbies, but one caught my eye. She was probably my age, and looked different than any of the other newcomers. She was pretty, with dark black hair and violet eyes. She had gone all out with the matching highlighs, purple streaks matching her nailpolish and irises. Nigel, a little Hermes boy, knocked into her on his way across the field. She looked down at him, her cold eyes giving away nothing as she glared at him in a way that said ‘out of my way, and no one gets hurt’. Nigel stammered an apology, and ran off.
I caught Travis Stoll’s arm as he walked passed me, “Whose the pale newbie?” I asked.
“I think her name was Shade Something-or-Another. All I know is that she’s hot. But she doesn’t really talk much.” He shrugged, “Look, I have to go. I’m meeting Connor at the Aphrodite cabin.”
“What are you two going to do this time? If you hide their makeup bags again, they’ll call Clarisse to come and beat you to a pulp.”
He laughed, “Don’t worry, we wont get caught.” He said, winking and then running off towards the Aphrodite cabin.
I turned my focus back on the pale newbie called Shade. She stood there, surveying the camp with a look of disgust, looking impassive. Something about her gave me the chills, like she wasn’t anything human (or in this case, half-human).
I shrugged it off, hitched the bow back up my shoulder, and continued up toward archery practice.

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((wow you go all out awesome!))
Shade looked around the camp once more "Might as well get this over with." with a sigh Shade picked up her duffle and walked over to the nearest girl she had long brown hair that was tied in a ponytail and faded blue jeans and of course the annoying orange Camp Half-Blood tee shirt
'God could they have pick a more annoying color! Jeesh! why not purple now that is a color i wouldn't mind wearing every day.' Shade thought
Shade tapped the girl on the shoulder "Do you know where Hecate's cabin is?" she asked the girl with the ponytail

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) ((Thanks, your character was just so different, that I simply had to use her in my writing!  ))
"Um, over there, between the Hephaestus and Hermes cabin." I told Shade, who hadn’t even cracked a smile throughout the whole time she asked the question.
“Thanks.” She mumbled and left towards her cabin.
‘Wow, a Hecate girl’, I thought, ‘Not many of those here. Maybe that’s why she looks so different.’
I met up with Annabeth over at the archery field. She was already practicing, her grey eyes looking intently at the target in front of her. She had taken the liberty of taping a picture of Kronos, the defeated Lord of the Titans, to the center of it. I half-smiled as Annabeth’s arrow shot Kronos right in the middle of his beady little eyes.
“Hey.” I said.
She looked up, “Oh, good morning.”
“Same to you.” I said, fitting my arrow into my bow. “Hey, did you see the newbie yet?”
“No, but Chiron told me that some of the oldies, like you and me, will be assigned to teach the newbies a few tings about how to be a demigod later today. So, I guess we’ll be teaching cute little Aphrodite and Apollo kids how to do THIS.” She said, finishing off her sentence with a shot at Kronos. The arrow sunk into his paper chest, and I applauded and laughed.
“Percy’s already gone to work helping the newcomers. I saw him this morning.”
Annabeth gave a grudging smile, “And next he’ll probably be teaching the poor kid what the best way is to blow up a fancy prep school.”
I giggled, and then went back to work shooting arrows at my target.

After archery, I bade Annabeth goodbye as she headed down to meet Percy for cabin inspection, and scurried up to check on the pale newbie.
I found Shade sitting under a tree by the volleyball courts, a book propped up on her knees. I was surprised that she hadn’t started practicing yet (newbies need all the practice time they can get), but instead reading intently from a well-worn book, her violet eyes skimming the page.
I watched her from afar, intrigued by her individuality. I plopped down in the grass a few yards away, pulling out my schedule and pretending to read it with interest.
Out of no where, Malcolm plopped down next to me, “Whatcha doin, Stretch?” He asked. He’d had that lame nickname going for over seven years now, since I was pretty much the tallest nine-year-old when I came here. But now, at age sixteen, I was pretty fed up with it.
“Reading.” I lied, studying my schedule.
“What’s up with the purple newbie?” He asked.
I shrugged, “I think her name is Shade, but I don’t know her last name. All I know is, she different than anything that I’ve seen here, and has hair so dark it would make Thalia jealous.”
Malcolm laughed, “Yeah. She’s really pretty, though.”
I nodded. Shade must have something bad against the color orange, because she hadn’t yet changed out of her purple and black attire.
I heard a distant whistle toot twice coming from the pavilion. Code for: older, experienced campers needed in this area.
“Chiron wants us.” Malcolm and I said in unison. We got up and headed towards the pavilion, leaving Shade the brood and be dark alone.

“Campers, campers!” Chiron said as Malcolm and I filed into out seats next to Annabeth and Percy, “I have called all of you here because I will assign each of you to a new camper to teach them the basics on how to be a demigod. Most of these newcomers have never even held a sword, let alone taken down the army of Titans like you did last summer, so I need you to be very patient with them.” Instinctively, my head turned towards Clarisse, the head of Ares cabin. Clarisse was many things. Patient was not one of them.
“So here,” Chiron continued, “I have a list of the camper you will be assigned to. Clarisse La Rue? Yes, there you are, you will have Henry, a little Apollo boy who is nine years old.”
I bit my lip. This couldn’t go well. Clarisse hadn’t really been on good terms with the Apollo cabin. Not since they got it a fight with her over the flying chariot.
Clarisse got up and left to claim her newbie.
“Next, from the Athena cabin, Annabeth Chase. You will train Amanda, a daughter of Athena as well. She is eleven years old.” Chiron said.
Annabeth followed Clarisse out to find Amanda.
“And next,” Chiron looked down at the list, “Is Rosally Kindle. Rosally, dear, you will have Shade Dec, the daughter of Hecate. She is in your age group, just a few months older.”
I’m training the pale newbie. Wow. I got up and sauntered up the steps.

Shade Dec was right where I left her, reading under the tree by the volleyball court.
“Um…hi.” I said.
She looked up from her book and raised her eyebrows. “Hi.” She said looked back down. Her violet eyes began to race across the page again.
“Um, I’m Rosally Kindle.” I said.
She looked up again and arched her left eyebrow, “Rosalie, did you say?”
“No. Row-Sal-ee. Like row-row-row-your-boat, and then the name Sally. I know kinda weird, right?”
“Yes,” she said, “but I like it.”
Awkward silence.
“So…Chiron, the head of the camp, is having me and a few other older campers train the new one’s. And I got assigned to you.” I said.
She got up, snapping her book shut. “Okay, lets go.”
“Go where?” I asked.
“The archery field. We’re going to train, right?”
“Oh. Oh, yeah. Sure.”
“Do you know where the field is? Because I don’t.”
“Yeah, um, follow me.” I said, and headed up towards the practice rounds.
“So, um…how old are you?” I asked.
She looked up and waited a few seconds before answering. “Seventeen.”
“Oh. Just a few months older than me.” I said. “I’ll be seventeen in August. Will you be eighteen soon?” I asked.
She shook her head.
Another awkward silence.
“Um, so, here’s the archery field.” I said, when we reached it. I picked a spare bow and arrow off of the floor that a careless camper must have left here. No doubt an Aphrodite girl. The gods know that they care more about beauty than, well, anything.
I handed Shade the bow and arrow. “So, you hold it like this,” I said, moving her arms to the correct position, “And the arrow goes right–”
But before I could finish, Shade has already shot the arrow forward, and it hit the target straight on.
“Wow. I get the feeling that you’ve done this before.” I said, “Where did you come from anyway?”

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Shade picked up another arrow gave Rosally a cold appraising look before sending the arrow flying splitting the previous one, her violet eyes never leaving Rosally. "Yea," Shade smirked "I've done this before." Shade sent another arrow flying causing a horizontal stack of arrows to protrude from the bullseye of the target splitting the second arrow. Shade gave Rosally an once over with her eyes stopping on the hideous orange shirt 'Gods are they trying to kill me!' Shade thought smiling there was no way she would ever be caught dead in that heinous shirt. "So is this is training is it? Not very hard." Shade shrugged before sending another arrow flying.
"This is your first day, we are just testing your skills to see where to place you." Rosally said her hand on her hip
Shade shrugged "Whatever you say Sunshine." another arrow hitting the bullseye. "Can I ask you something? Who picked that DISGUSTING color?" Shade said wrinkling her nose in disgust pointing at the obnoxious shirt.
"Chiron did when the camp first started. ALL campers wear them." Rosally said emphasizing the "all" as if to tell Shade that she would indeed be wearing one.
"I'M not." Shade said sending another arrow flying to the bullseye
She let out her breath Shade was bored beyond belief and Rosally's perkiness was really starting to take a toll on her good mood. "So is this it then? this is training huh?"
"No, like I said before this is all preliminary to see where you should be..."
"Yea yea yea I heard you Cupcake but seriously I don't NEED training Especially not from some preppy camp girl." Shade said her bangs falling in her face, her violet eyes cold.
"Look. Everyone needs training..."
"Listen Sugar I'm not everyone. I'm not going to roast marshmallows and sing Kumbya ((right spelling??)) and braid my "BFF'S" hair so don't count on me being the next Camp mascot." Shade looked Rosally over "On second thought it looks like they already have one." Shade's lips curled into a smile "So why don't you find some other camp cheery camper to annoy." with a whip of her hair Shade walked away leaving Rosally to rant and raze alone.

Shade walked back to Hecate's cabin the Smell of Dragons Blood incense enveloping her as she entered. The Cabin was small and cozy a fire of purple flames burning in the hearth. Shade gave them an accusatory look; they had been orange flames when she first arrived but she had changed that. Shade's eyes darkened ' How dare they besmirch her mother's home with a anything other then such a putrid color!' Shade looked around the room it looked like her room back at home all varying shades of purple and black with the silver symbol of Hecate on every surface http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia...
It was the same symbol Hecate had branded her with one on her forehead and one on each wrist, reminding her that her every thought her every action was in the name of Hecate her mother her Goddess. Shade traced the symbol on her wrist with her finger, sighing.
Shade walked over to the back of the cabin; it was all cabinets filled to the brim with cauldrons, muddlers, and ingredients for potion and spell work. She lifted a cauldron her mother's symbol etched in silver on it's front. It was a symbol of power of magick it represented the three faces of her mother; the maiden, the mother, the crone. Shade put the cauldron back were it had came and walked over to her bed, there was one other bed in the room though Shade could not fathom why they had put it there she was Hecate's only child in the past century. Her mother preferring solitude to practice her magick and the art of dream weaving.
Shade picked up her Book Of Shadows placing it on her her bed, she had a lot to do before performing her monthly New Moon ritual in honor of her mother. Tonight, the night of the New Moon was her mother's most scared night and Shade could not fail in honoring her. Shade pushed herself from the bed grabbed her fans and Book and walked out into the summer sun.
The sun was blinding, Shade frowned at the sun Hecate's children had long preferred the night, to the dizzying heat and glare of the sun.
Shade looked around trying to decide on a best place to practice her fans, she decided on the forest. Walking deep into it's foliage until most of the sun's sickening rays were all but obscured by the branches of the trees. Shade breathed in the smell of the rotting earth allowing it to fill and comfort her. She looked around, setting her book down on a near buy rock, before turning, opening her fans with a satisfying 'shingk' of the metal blades that comprised the fans. With a grin Shade began to practice moving with an inhuman grace as she shifted ducked and dodged back and forth through the wood her fans moving with the grace of a painter as they slashed death wound after death wound. She was lethal, she was magnificent.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) I watched Shade storm off the practice field, her black hair flying behind her.
‘Wow, she’s nice, NOT’ I thought scornfully, picking up the arrow and sending it flying into the center of the target. ‘I was just trying to help.’
I never exactly understood why people acted that way. Like, they were bulletproof, and no one was ever getting close to their heart. It made me wonder if someone has hurt Shade in the past to make her so cold and unhappy.
Desperate to get out from under Shade’s dark cloud, I hurried down to the lake, where (no doubt), Percy would be.
I wasn’t disappointed. Percy sat in the sand, staring up at the sky where Apollo sent down the rays of sunshine.
I slid down on the ground next to him, “Hey. Where’s Annabeth?” I asked. Percy and Annabeth had gotten together a little less than a year ago, after five years of ‘just being friends’, they had self-proclaimed themselves to be, which made me and the other camper roll their eyes. Right. I was just glad that, now that they were together, they hadn’t become the inseparable couple that Silena Beauregard and Charlie Beckendorf had (May they rest in peace).
“She’s meeting with her partners about the new monuments.” Percy said, “I see that you finished training your newbie early.”
“So have you.” I noted.
“Yes, because mine had an allergic reaction to the metal in the sword, and was rushed to the camp infirmary.”
“Oh my gods, is he okay?!”
“Yeah,” Percy shrugged as if it was nothing to worry about, “it was a minor reaction. But Chiron said that he should rest for the rest of the day. Why are you done with training so early?”
“Apparently my newbie is ‘too good for all this camp stuff’” I put air quotes around the words.
“No good, and defiant about it, huh?” He asked.
“No. No, actually she’s really good, just…not really into making friends with ‘perky’ people like me. And, um, I guess that ‘orange is an ugly color’.” I said.
“Well, actually, I wouldn’t mind it if the shirts were blue, like the sea…” he said, and I laughed.
“I just wish that there was some way to break her shell. She could be a really good leader, if she would just let someone follow her.” I said. I got up, “Hey, I’m gonna go and help Annabeth with the design plans, ‘kay?”
“’Kay. See ya, `Sal.” He said, waving me goodbye as I left the shore.
I crossed in between the Apollo cabin, and turned the corner, and then ran straight into Shade Dec.

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Sweat dripping from her face Shade closed her fans tucking them into her back pocket, bending over she gathered her hair tying it in a long ponytail. She stretched, rolling her neck and shoulders she could have trained harder but she needed to save her strength for tonights ritual. Grabbing her ever present Book of Shadows Shade walked back to camp "Time to face fraulein Maria and the rest of her von Trapp campers." Shade said with a grimace.
Shade had just rounded the corner of the Apollo cabin when she ran smack into Rosally "Watch were you're walking much?" Shade asked with a smirk

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "I could ask you the same question." I said, crossing y arms and looking Shade in the eye, "Where are you in such a hurry to anyway? Trying to run away from this 'perky little camp'?"

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments Yuki Ichijo, 17, black hair, black eyes, and small/short.

There were trees everywhere, I couldn’t almost see the sun. My sun. Someone, the driver probably, dropped my bags. This is it, I'm really at Camp Half-blood. "This is for you," I whispered as I held my caduceus pendant.

A half guy half horse person met me at the entrance with a warm fatherly smile. "Yuki Ichijo, am I right? Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, I'm Chiron," he said as he shook my hand. I wanted to burn him, kill him, right then and there. This person, this horse, it's his fault-

"And this is Percy, he's a son of Poseidon, and he'll be your guide for today at camp. I would’ve taken you around camp personally, but the gods are summoning me, we’ll talk when I get back." And he was off trotting, my kill got away.
“So, who’s your parent?” he asks as took two of my bags, I can see he’s going out of his way not to stare at my marks.
“I don’t know. I haven’t met any of them,” I lied. He led me in a dirt path, but all I can see is dirt. I tried telling him this and before he could answer, I saw the clearing.
“Wow.” This place is huge, and the structures -houses?- looked like they were drawn out of history books.
“Yeah, wow,” Percy gasped, “What are those?”
I didn’t have to look to know that he wasn’t talking about the camp. He was talking about the intricate gold marks from the back of my palm to my forearm. It’s not so obvious at night or under the shade, but now, with the sun shining, it’s looked faintly glowing. “It’s fire.”
“Cool, wow, you have some at the side of your eyes too.”
“Yeah, and at my back.” I muttered.

We were passing by the hearth when I saw this kid glaring at me, her little hands raised, like she was guarding the fire from me. I eyed the fire and it instantly roared, the girl vanished. Fortunately, Percy was busy pointing where was where and he didn’t saw what happened.
“That’s weird, Hestia usually hangs out here when there are new campers coming.”
“As in the goddess Hestia?”
He nodded. Ooppsie.

“You’ll be staying here until your mom or dad claims you,” he said, dropping me off at the Hermes cabin. “If you need me, I’m staying there,” he pointed at the cabin by the lake. “Travis, Connor,” he called, and two guys came. Some of their features painfully reminded me of Luke.
“Yuki, this is Travis and Connor, sons of Hermes and in charge of this cabin. T and C, this is Yuki, she’s undetermined.”
“Cool tats,” Travis said.
“Yeah, way cool,” Connor added.
“Uh, I don’t think they’re tats you two. By the way, no stealing,” Percy warned, and to me, he said “I gotta go now and meet with Annabeth, see you later. Remember, keep your things safe, especially the sparkly ones.”

I got out as soon as I finished putting my things under the bed. I didn’t wanna stay too long where I can see his bed, I might start crying. Walking to the woods, I spied two girls about to start what looked like a cat fight. The blond crossing her arms as the pale girl glared at her. I hope they wouldn’t mind a little twist. I waved my hand, and in a second, they’re inside a ring of fire.
The blond looked stunned while the pale one kept murmuring words under her breath. They blamed each other for a while, then, realizing none of them was the perpetrator, they looked around furiously. The pale one saw me first, but it was the blond who spoke first. “You.” Hate and contempt, rolled in one word.
“Yeah, me.” I smiled brightly at my new found friends.

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((Chiari, we are pleased to have you join our role play if you would please create a cherrie (or character) in our Percy Jackson role play cherrie folder))

"Not that it's any of your business but I was on my way to my cabin to sharpen my fans and knives, you?" Shade wiped a hand across her for head exposing the triple moon on her wrist as it glided over the brand on her forehead. Shade's stomach growled she was starving she had yet to have eaten since she arrived at this Gods forsaken place "Where can a girl scrap up some food around here?"

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "Um...we are going to have lunch in like, ten minutes, so you can follow me to the mess hall. Just...try not to talk and ruin my day." I said. I walked forward a few steps, then looked back, where Shade was still rooted to the sopt, "Well come on, do you wanna eat or not?"

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments ((*** I was utterly wrong...
blond girl was supposed to be brown haired hehe))

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
Shade gave Rosally a cold glare but i tiny smile curled her lip "What's the matter? Did you lose your pom poms?" Shade snickered the closest she had come to a laugh in what felt like months "Or am I the cloud in your sunshine day?" As the words left Shades mouth a ring of fire encircled them. Shades eyes snapped to a girl with Black hair curly hair. The girl had a smirk on her face like she was utterly pleased with herself. "You!" Rosally said spinning in the girls direction
"Yea me"the girl said a coy smile on her face
Shade looked the girl up and down, this girl needed to be taught a less and Shade was just the girl to do it "Σκοτεινότερη φεγγάρι και τα όνειρα Περπατώ πολύ ο άνεμος φωτιά και τη γη το νερό και φωτιά είστε ορυχείο και εγώ σου κάνω προσφορά μου στείλετε φέρουν στα γόνατα της, γι 'αυτό θα το μικρό μόριο αυτό, ώστε να είναι" Shade threw her hands out ward carefull not to hit Rosally, the fire blowing out in a single gust of wind that sent the girl flying into a tree ten feet away from where she had perviously stood. Shade smiled "Σκοτεινότερη άνεμος φεγγάρι γη νερού και της φωτιάς σας ευχαριστώ για την προσφορά σας" she murmured the wind wrapping around her and Rosally once more before disappearing "I don't think she will try that again." Shade said smirking

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments The tree groaned as my back hit and landed with a loud thud. Ouch. That really hurt, so that was what the pale girl was murmuring about. What is she?

A pesky dryad shooed me away from her tree, I was about to burn her tree when I noticed the two girls were gone. 'Where the hell did they go?' I thought.

The lunch bell rang. I didn't know which way to go, so I just followed the pesky green thing. When I got to the Mess Hall, I found the two girls waiting in line to throw food at the fire. Just like how Luke described how dining is done here. My heart squeezed at the mental mention of his name.
I cut the line towards the two girls, the pale one still looking smug.
"You know, I was trying to be nice," I said, a ball of white light danced in my hand.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "Um...thanks." I said, not sure of what else to say.
Shade let her fire crickle to ashes around us.
"Did you know her?" Shade asked, "You know far more about this camp than I do."
"Um, no...she's a newb- I mean, newcomer, like you. Only this one seems to have a...funky sense of humor. A bad girl at that. Gotta keep an eye on her."
"Yeah." Shade said. "Um...I think that we should...get out of here before someone finds out what happened. The flamin' trickster can take the blame."Yeah...let's get some food from the mess hall."
We started to walk away from the crime scene, "And um...Shade?"
She turned, "Yes?"
"Um...thank. Alot. I probably wouldnt be able to get out of that with Athena's wisdom."
And - get this- Shade actually SMILED. And I actually SMILED back.
My smile turned into a quirky, mysterious half smile, "And if anyone asks..."
"...We didnt see a thing." She finished. Andw ewalked, side by side to the mess hall, leaving the charred leaves and unconcious flamin' trickster behind.

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((holy frack!!!

Type much?

How can I start?))

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments (( you can start by saying how you got to camp (if you're a regular or a newbie) or why you're there. Things like that :) ))

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Jus as they were about to throw there food in the girl with the fire showed up "You know, I was trying to be nice," she said as a ball of white light appeared in her hand a cocky look on her face.

Shade turned to the girl an unimpressed look on her face "You Know...." She gave her cruelest smile "I don't care. You cross me or Cupcake here again Sparky and you're done." Shade finished before blowing a small puff of air putting out the white flame that danced in the girl's hand
Shade gave the girl a hard stare before tossing some food into the fire "Hecate!" she yelled the flames and her brands turning purple "See you later Cupcake."Shade said to Rosally with a smile

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
(( idk just join in lol))

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I'm just gonna make her come out of her cabin....

Anyhoo..... Anyone wanna make her a guy?))

Zoey trudged out of her cabin, wearing a black tank top, and black extremely skinny jeans, playing with a strand of her hair

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments Wow, this girl has some reall attitude.
Just as she tossed her food at the fire, I made the fire leap away from her offering. Well, two can play this game, I smiled coldly at her and started to walk away.

I knew she'd follow me, to get her revenge, so I led her away from the hall. A girl ((this is you Zoey)) just came out of her cabin. It'd be messy if one of us hit her, but I don't care. Since Luke died, only few things seemed to bother me.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
Shade glared at the girl "You dare scorn Hecate!!!!" Shade fulng her hands at the girl electricity frying from her fingers the girl was zapped and fell on the floor at the feet of a camper "I told you sparky don't cross me! How dare you how dare you disrespect Hecate!! Mark my words girl cross me again and it will be the last thing you ever do!!!" Shade thew the girl and extra zap just for good measure her body twitching as it shot threw her.

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments Ouch. Again. Gods, this girl is testing my patience.

She was almost halfway back to the mess hall when I got up. Her mom is Hecate, I'd have to make nice with her since I'm gonna be needing her help soon.

I dimmed the light of the sun, giving me more power in my hand. White fire raced towards her and encircling her. 'Be nice,' I reminded myself, so I bended the white fire into purple flames since she looks like a purple walking thing.
She turned,I poured more power into the fire so she won't be able to blow it off again. I prayed to the titans to seal her power inside the circle for awhile.

She mumbled something again,and something above her bounced like a jelly. Wow, my prayer did actually worked. I love you dear Titans!

I walked closer to her, gods, she was fuming. "Hey, I- I'm" I bit my lip and pouted, "I'm sorry." Gods know hard was that for me. "I didn't mean to disrespect your mom, I just want us to be friends..."

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"You want to be my friend, and you think your little fire tricks are supposed to intimidate me? They don't Hecate ζητώ από την κάμψη δύναμής δική σου η πυρκαγιά στην κλειδαριά θέλησής μου αυτή στη μεταβίβασή της" slowly the moon rose eclipsing the sun the fire died to a small ring but didn't extinguish. "I don't want friends don't need friends and I don't want some sparkler following me about! So take a hint would ya and leave! I or i will kill you am i clear!"

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "Wow, an eclipse, cool trick. Too bad you didn't know my powers aren't from the sun. I am the sun." The ground shook as fire and lava erupted from the once small ring of fire. Purple girl was a little surprised but unimpressed with my little fireworks.

"Fine, demigod. Let's not be friends, I just need you to do a tiny little thing for me. In exchange, once one of the Titans awaken, I'll help your mom be one of the 12 gods of Olympus. Is it a deal?"

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Shade lifted her hand closed her eyes and the quake quieted the lava and flames turning purple before dieing out a"A word to wise sunling don't use magick against the daughter of magick! purple flames shot up from the ground encircling the girl "As for your request I will give you your answer after talking with my Goddess." Shade's eyes darkened as the flames rose "Until then do not cross me." Shade lifted her hand bringing it down slowly settling the flames

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments Purple flames danced around me. Wow, who knew demigods wield this much power. If only we met earlier, under different circumstances.

I stuck my hand out to the flame, "It's still fire, it can't hurt me, but fine, go talk to your mom. Oh, and tell her the thing the Titans' created is at camp. She was there, afterall, during the creation."

I pressed my lips in a thin line, I knew I said more than I should to this demigod.

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
Shade looked at the girl "Would you like it to hurt you?"a smile pulling at her lips Shade added electricity to the flames the girl pulled her hand back with a yelp "Like I said I'll deliver the message, though I doubt you'll get the answer you want Hecate wants nothing to do with the Olympians and their silly rules." Shade yawned stretching her arms before turning to leave to her cabin "Just remember sunling I am Magick your little tricks don't work on me." with a smile and a flip of her hair Shade walked to her cabin

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "Actually, I wouldn't mind if you would send me to Hades," I mumbled, but she was already gone.

Yes, her mom wants nothing to do with the gods. She'd prolly be happy if I wiped out all of the Olympians. Pfft where is a titan when you need one?

I trudged back to my cabin, when I got there, no one was inside. I took a shower and did my best to stay away from Luke's bed, I end up kneeling beside it anyway. There were flowers and wreaths there, and "things" to commemorate his heroic act. None of those could replace his presence. None of those could bring him back.
I hugged his pillow tightly, it still smelled faintly of him. The hole in my chest started to burn again, and despite that it was only mid afternoon, I cried myself to sleep.

I was in an island, an amazing tropical island. White sand, clear blue sky and a crystal sea. My heart dropped. A guy with blond hair was standing at the beach wearing blue board short carrying fruits at his side. He didn't have to turn around, I knew every angle of him.
"Charles, Silena, I brought some fruit," he called at the surfers. My heart did a hundred somersaults per minute.
I ran to him, hugging him fiercely from his back.
"What the- Yu-Yuki? Yuki, is that you?" he said twisting in front of me.
"Yeah, it's me. Luke..." I started to cry on his chest, "I miss you. I miss you so much." My words were so muffled I'm not sure if he understood, but it's not that important, cause he hugged me all the same.
"Gods, Titans, if I'm just dreaming, please never wake me up," I whispered
"Wait, you're not dead?" Luke detached me from him to look me in the eye.
"No, if I was, don't you think there'd be more people here?" I laughed, but he didn't even crack a smile.
"That's not funny, gods, I thought you were dead," he said hugging me again and kissing my hair furiously. "You shouldn't be here."
"Chill Luke, this is just a dream, let me stay here for a while." I hugged him closer, fearing he would disappear anytime.
"This isn't a dream babe, you should get back soon"
No friggin way, but I didn't tell him that. "By the way, I met a girl this morning, she's a daughter of Hecate, I think she can help me get you back."
"Really? Where?"
"At camp half-blood, where else?" Beside me, Luke's body tensed.
"What are you doing there?" He looked again in my eyes.
"Nothin, really, I just wanna see where you spent-" I choked. The last years of his life, before Kronos. Before he died. I started to cry again.
"Sshh," he patted my head as he envoloped me in his hug again. "Remember what I told you before Kronos took over?"
I nodded.
"I'll tell you again, I love you. In this afterlife, in my next lifetime, and the lives after that. And in every lifetime I'll come and find you, I swear."
"I love you, too." And then I woke up crying. Tho hole in my chest burned more than ever

Somebody must've carried me to my bed. And that someone is now sitting at Luke's bed. I walked silently, only to find out that it was Hermes, holding one of Luke's wreath.
"Will it ever stop hurting?" I asked. He shook his head sadly and vanished.

It was already dark out, I gazed at the skies. It's a new moon. The dinner bell sounded and I made my way to the mess hall.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "Hey, it's Rosalie, right?" Came a voice somewhere around me. I looked up from my book and saw the sparkler who had scorched me not five hours ago, smiling and sitting across from me at the Athena table.
"Why?" I asked with eyebrows raised.
"Just wondering," she shrugged, "But it is Rosalie?"
I shook ,y head, "Rosally. Like Row and the name Sally."
It was a wonder that she isnt caught. Nobody is allowed to eat outside their home table. But maybe it was me who looks like it doesnt belong, what, with my dark hair and blue eyes, I look nothing like the daughter of Athena.
"Wanna...hang out later?" She asked.
I stared at her, "I don't think that I wanna get BURNED while 'hanging out', so I have to decline the offer."
"That was just a joke."
"Well, I don't really like being scorched, so I'm threw with this conversation." I said, shutting my book and getting up- from the table and storming out.

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments Yeesh. Why is every one being ms. snobbypants around here.
"Hey, Rosally, wait. I-I'm sorry if I scorched you or anything," I stammered as I tried to catch up with her.
"What do you want?" her eyes studying me.
"Nothing," I lied.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "Okay, so why did you come over here? Why did you burn us? I just want some answers." I said.

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((yeah sorry. I feel asleep. It aa like 3 in the morning))

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
((eek thats not good umm you could say you sat next to Rosally and Yukie at dinner and join in the convo that way??))

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((uh.....what were they talking about?))

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
(( just an intro convo and about why yuckie burned rosally and what yukie wants form rosally))

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Shade didn't go to the mess hall for dinner she was to busy preparing for tonights ritual. She took a shower meticulously scrubbing every inch of her body before allowing her self to soak in the eucalyptus, amethyst powder, rose oil and grave yard dust bath that she had drawn. Her eyes closed she allowed herself to drift peaceful into the realm of dreams, it was after all her mothers territory. Shade drifted from dream to dream picking out the secrets of those that slept around her. When one caught her eye, she couldn't fully enter it because though it was a dream it was also not a dream curios Shade pushed a little further she strained her ears trying to catch what was being
" ....dead....Hecate....Luke...half-blood..."She really couldn't hear all that well and this frustrated her 'This is my realm mine i can do whatever i want to in it!" she yelled trying to push harder on the dream that was not a dream but try as she might she could not break threw with a scream she slammed back into the waking world "Gods!" her head hurt like crazy she rubbed her brand and tried to think through the pain. After a while she came to a conclusion "Sparky..." Shade murmured under her breath a cruel smile spreading her face. Shade dressed her self in traditional grab for new moon rituals a long midnight purple chiton covered black velvet cloak that trailed behind her, when she walked. Her hair was braided in a series of complicated braids that was then pulled into one large braid that swirled around the back of her head, she wore no make-up, bur fragranced her self with rose oil. With her feet bare, knives strapped to her waist along with several other items Shade took off into the night.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "Now way, no way!" I said aloud, staring at me burned side of the cabin before me, "Sparky did this."
I grabbed my electric spear and tied my hair back, grabbing a sweatshirt and leaving the deserted Athena cabin in a flash.
On my way over to where Sparky must be hiding, I ran into Shade.
"Hey, did your cabin get singed too?" I asked.
"Yes!" Shade said, a sneer that could kill Kronos himself (again) spreading across her face, "And she is soooo going to pay."

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((I give up!!!

I'm not gonna rp!!

I can't even type that much! Or read that much! I wouldve died......))

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"First i have a job to do and I cant miss it so... Whatever Sparky did to your cabin I'm sorry but it will have to wait I can't help..." Shade looked up at the sky "It is almost time..." She murmured "I have to hurry...I'll stop by when Im done...I really can't stay..." and with that Shade took off into the wood in search for the perfect place to perform her ritual

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) "Okay, thanks anyway." I said, although Shade was too far away to even hear. I was curious about the ritual, but even more curious about who singed my cabin. I mean, I jumped to conclusions aboit the Sparkler, but...maybe it was someone else...I mean, Sparkler clearly apologized, but...I think that it was someone who wanted to get me back for something that i did. The problem was, I didnt do anything bad to anybody.

So this was to START a fight, not contribute to it.
Well mystery man, if its a war you want, its a war you'll get.

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Shade found the perfect spot a clearing in the wood that gave view to the black moonless sky above. Shade immediately got to work starting a fire of pinion wood that blazed purple, she lit 5 candles a yellow one in the east for air red in the south for fire blue in the west for water green in the north for earth the fifth and final candle was purple for spirit, magick, dreams before lighting this one Shade drew her knife saluted all four candles and elements before turing to the center facing the fire "Hecate Goddess of Magick dreams, crossroads and Necromancy I offer you this sacrifice in praise of your wisdom as i ask for your guidance as your one and only true daughter i ask that you except my sacrifice and bless me with your presence!" with that Sade lowered the blade dragging it across her arm letting the blood flow freely over the fore and candle which she then lit from the purple flame. The Fire blazed and danced hungrily eating up Shades offering, as the flame dance Shade lowered herself on to the earthen floor her bleeding arm still out stretched to the blazing fire. "Why do you summon me Daughter?" A powerful voice erupted from the flames

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments "Er, cause I thought you two were fighting and I thought you needed a ring. You know like, sumo wrestlings, the first one who's tossed out of the cirle loses." I tried to laugh, but Rosally obviously thought it wasn't funny. I sighed and let her go.

After dinner, I went back to cabin and was surprised to see Travis, Connor and some other kids of Hermes buzz around trying to get some water.
One side of our cabin was almost gone to the fire. No way. I quickly doused the fire with a flick of my hand and looked around for whoever who did this. I saw Clarisse and two other Ares kids coming, "Yuki, Chiron wants to see you."
"Yeah, wait a sec," I tried looking around them, but the two Ares kids took hold of my arms. "Hey, what in Hades?"
"I said, Chiron wants to see you," Clarissed smiledd cruelly.

At the house, every head of each cabin had come, except Hecate's. "If this is about the fight with the daughter of Hecate, I'm really sorry. I'll stay out of trouble."
"Who are you?" Chiron asked.
"Uhg, I'm Y-Yuki," I stamerred. Thankfully, I was saved by Rosally stomping in.
"What. Did. You. Do. To my cabin?!" she asked furiously.
"Nothing, I swear, I didn't do anything. Even my own cabin was burned."
"Rosally dear, why don't you sit beside Annabeth as we ask little Yuki here," Chiron motioned for the seat next to Annabeth.

"Maybe I asked the wrong question, Yuki, what are you?" Chiron said in a dead serious tone. I sighed, there's no use hiding it now. It's not like they can kill me, a cold smile crept at that thought.
"You all know of the Titans' curse, how each of them were curse by the gods. Well," I smiled a cold cruel smile, they would never expect what I'm about to say. I looked at Dionysius as I said this, "I'm the Olympians' curse, a curse to the gods from the titans."

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 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
Shade lowered her head raising her arm "Mother, I call upon you for guidance, a sunling has entered camp and wishes to ask for our allegiance in the form of raising a Titan, she also wishes to relay to you that the creature is at Camp, She implied that you would know the meaning of her words. I ask Mother that you increase my allowance of magick for i am unsure of her true motives and fear that she plans for the fall of all the Goddesses and Gods." Shade waited her head bowed "Daughter you were born of Magick I created you from the very depths of my realm none other Blood but mine runs through your veins though you feign your hero roll well, Rise daughter." Shade stood her head still lowered "I will give you full right to the power that is yours no longer shall you me chained by limitations in order to disguise your magnificence." With an eruption of purple flame Shade was encompassed in fir, it licked at her skin and hair as if fueled her giving her full access to her power "Thank you Mother!"
"Shade I do this not for you but for myself and our realm that we call home you must stop the sunling Do not fail me Daughter my trust is in you. This gift Daughter is not for free if you fail you will face a punishment far worse then tartarus Do not fail Daughter." and with that the purple flame disappeared.
Shade gathered her things wrapping a cloth around her cut and walked back into camp her Marks glowing a brilliant purple. When she reached the grounds it was a blaze with Campers trying to put out flames that licked at their cabin those that had managed to put the fire out were trying to search thew the debris in search of things that could be saved, "Sparky." Shade said under her breath Shade set her bag down and walked over to a boy with brown hair was using some sort of water magick to put out the flames "You need help?" Shade asked the boy
"Hey your that new girl Woah whats with the glow effect on your forehead and hands?"
Shade turned her hands over admiring her marks "Hecate.." She said smiling "So you need help or what aqua man?"
"Yea sure you can go help dig through the burned stuff help find people there things."
Shade shook her hair "τι έγινε δεν έγινε, θα μου ζητήσει εγώ για τη μεταρρύθμιση του cast μάγια και να βάλει τα πράγματα πίσω τους, όπου τις " she flicked her wrist at the scene and in a woosh of purple air the camp was righted to its original state "I don't dig threw trash." Shade said admiring her handy work
"Awesome! How'd you do that?"
Shade shrugged "Glow effect." she said pointing to the mark on her head laughing
"Hey whats your name anyway?"
"Shade. Daughter of Hecate"
"Nice to meet you Im Percy son of Poseidon"
Shade smiled thinking for a moment "Which cabin do new comers stay in?" she asked
"Hermes. Why?"
"I have a gift to give a girl there." Shade said shrugging before heading off toward the newly reformed Hermes cabin
When she walked in she found that one bed was covered in flowers and picture and had a banner that said "We will Miss you Luke."
'Luke...." Shade thought before walking over to the bed, she studied Luke's bed for a moment or two before finding what she needed a single long black curly hair "Sparky" she said with a wicked grin before setting the bed a blaze in purple flame making sure that is dissolved everything once every last remain of the bed was gone Shade kept a small purple flame burning a warning to the sunling then she stood and walked out of the cabin and back to her own her new marks a purple blaze

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) I stared at the girl called Yuki in astonishment, "Alright, quit the act Sparks. How the Hades are YOU the Olympians curse? The only thing that you can do is start things on fire and BURN OUR CABINS TO BITS!"
"I told, you I didnt burn the cabins, and I really am the Curse. Sorry, child of Athena, but you have been offically outsmarted." She sneered, getting up and leaving the room. "Oh, and by the way," She said on her way out, "You can't stop the Curse, so don't even try." Then with the flick of her finger, she set the big house up in flames, "See ya, losers." She sneered, shutting the door.
I didnt know what surprised me more: the fact that she had just cause my surroundings to burn, or that she actually had the nerve to outsmart a daughter of Athena!
Think fast! I thought, yanking the water pitcher off of the table next to me and tossing it at an open flame. I thought that the flame would falter and deflate, but all it did was grow and bend before me. I screamed, "The fire doesnt get put out!" I shrieked. Chiron and Annabeth were hastily trying to cover the flames, but they just grew even taller.
I ran to the door, and tugged, "It's locked!" I stepped back a few feet and kicked at the door with all of my strength, causeing it to go down, "Come on, get out!" I ran out of the big house, Annabeth and Chiron at my heels.
And there we stood, outside on the grass, to astonished to speak, watching the big house burn to the ground.

The next morning, as I was hazily waking up, I found that my sleeping bag was not only wrapped around me, but I was covered in sweat. Ugh, I hated these things.
I sat up and looked at the sleeping campers around me. Since all of the cabins had been burned yesterday at some point, we all recruited to the last safe place to be: The ground.
So we pulled the sleeping bags in the storage unit, and slept in our clothes on the ground. Hot dog.
Instead of evacuating the camp, like some of the campers had suggested, we stayed to protect the remaining buildings.
And the mysterious Olympian Curse, Yuki, had mysteriously fled the camp and was no where to be found.
I looked over at Annabeth, who sat with her legs crossed, staring ahead listlessly. Her eyes were ringed with red. I knew that the fire had caused her the most pain. Not only were her monuments ruined in the fire, but so were her hops and dreams. The Athena cabin slept on the far left, and Poseidon next to us. AI looked over at Percy, who was sound asleep in his sleeping bag.
"Hey." I smiled hopefully at Annabeth.
She gave me a weak smile back, "Hey."
We didn't speak after that. The sun was just over the horizon, casting little beams of light over the hills. The fire that had cost us most of our camp had deflated when Mr. D silenced it with the help of Zeus and Poseidon, but the damage was done, and could not be undone.
The buildings may be replaced, but the feeling of the fire, the fear, the sorrow, would never fade.

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments (( amazing, rick riordan should read our rp =D ))

"What the hell are you talking about?" Clarisse demanded. I looked around for the purple witch again, but she' still not here. I sighed, she should hear what I'm about to say.

"It all started 17 years and 3 months ago, when a goddess came to check IN on each titan's prison. Turns out, that goddess, she was checking OUT Hyperion. She got pregnant and the day before the child was born, Hyperion took it from the goddess' womb and put it inside a crystal. He convinced all the titans to create a weapon that would someday destroy all the gods, that's when he showed them the crystal with the child. The titans combined their power to weave the curse that would make the child their weapon that will destroy the gods. When the crystal hatched, they found that the child had somehow acquired to imitate their powers. The titans were troubled that the child might turn on them someday, so they decided to get some help from a goddess. A goddess that, at the time, weren't in good terms with Olympus.
"The goddess agreed to bind the child's power until further notice from the titans and to make the child obedient to whatever the titans will say. On the condition that the titans would bless her own child with more power than the other demigods. A power that is almost as much as her own." That's when it hit me. I realized why the purple witch was so strong. Hyperion never told me who the goddess was, now I know. It was Hecate.

And I don't have to get Hecate's blood directly from Hecate to unbind my power. I could use little witchy's blood. I smiled inside.

"And that is the Olympians' curse," I gave a mock bow.
"That's what those tats are for, is it?" Travis asked.
"From the binding? Nah, it's a gift from my dad."

"This is heresy!!" Dionysius yelled.
A manacle made of black gold and gold appeared at my wrist, from it a chain snaked out cuffing Dionysius before he could turn me into a plant. He tried again.
"Yes, heresy indeed," I smiled coldly as panic crept in his eyes. "Don't worry, I can't hurt you until a titan says so, I just neutralized your power for now." And with that, I let the manacle and chain fade into nothingness. Dionysius puffed out.

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Hannah Shane De Leon | 81 comments ((oh I forgot to refresh so I didn't saw athena's part))

After Dionysius poofed out Rosally got all huffy and puffy saying "Alright, quit the act Sparks. How the Hades are YOU the Olympians curse? The only thing that you can do is start things on fire and BURN OUR CABINS TO BITS!"
So I explained to her that it wasn't me and yada yada. "And I told you all my powers are binded, well, except this one because it runs in my blood." Man, do I really had to explain it per letter to a daughter of Athena? "Oh and btw, you can't stop the curse, so don't even try," I sneered and to myself I said 'It hasn't even started yet.'
I walked out of the house just as soon as the fire started. I tried to douse it, but something in the fire was different. 'Damn, they're so gonna blame that on me again.' I thought, so hid around the woods hoping witchy would share me some of her blood, before the campers find me.

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(( not amazing me should start learning to type like y'all))

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