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Summer Vacation

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message 1: by Sanjeev (new)

Sanjeev | 116 comments Mod
I have a busy summer lined up, and will have to take a break from the book club responsibilities from now through about late September.

If anybody would like to take over, I would welcome the help. Feel free to contact me, or just organize here.

If not, see you in the fall!

message 2: by Alan (new)

Alan | 172 comments Mod
I don't mind helping out Sanjeev as long as their is an official book club leader hat that I get to wear!

Although in saying that, my last minute attempts to orginise the Beautiful and the Damned discussion meant there were just two of us, but it was fun to have a couple of beers instead! Let me know if I can help.

message 3: by Anne (new)

Anne (myunng) | 65 comments Mod
I wouldn't mind helping out either :)

Actually, I have a suggestion. I think it would be a good idea to set up the date of the meeting at the same time as when we decide on the book. I find it rather disappointing to buy the book and read the book and then not being able to attend the meeting because the majority has decided on a date that doesn't work for you ! Just my 2 cents.

message 4: by María (new)

María Zp | 2 comments Hello

I will be in Paris from July 11th till July 23rd. will you be holding a meeting anytime in between? What book will you be talking about!! I would love to be invited and attend. I read in Spanish (I am Spanish), French and English

You can check my profile here: http://mariavocationaltraining.webs.c...

message 5: by Dominic (new)

Dominic I agree with Anne,

If we could agree on the date and the book at the same time that would be great...

message 6: by Sanjeev (new)

Sanjeev | 116 comments Mod
Sounds like a great idea to set a date at the same time as the book is selected. Nothing that we've done so far is set in stone, so improvement/change is happily accepted.

message 7: by Alan (new)

Alan | 172 comments Mod
Sounds good! How about we give everyone till say Thursday to pop any books they want into the bookshelf's to-read list and then we can get a couple of polls out so that we can choose the book and date?

If there is a tie for the book, my vote become null and void after I suggested the frankly awful The Beautiful and The Damned last month :o( Sorry about that anyone who read it and suffered.

Sanjeev also had a great idea too for us to select a secondary non-fiction book so I'm going to chuck a couple of them in there too and we can see what interest we have in that too?

message 8: by Anne (last edited Jun 24, 2010 05:39AM) (new)

Anne (myunng) | 65 comments Mod
I just added a couple of books to the bookshelf. No idea if they are any good but they have been sitting on my bedside table for a while now ;)

message 9: by Jodi (new)

Jodi Gray (jodigray) | 2 comments i missed the last one and would love to make the next one, although last weekend here is 1/2 august, so if it was poss to do then or before that would be FABULOUS.

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