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Mary (ambells) Ok, so this is a little of a Series I'm working on with Alice Roads ^_^

Alice is a girl who never dated a normal boy and never wishes to do that.
Her first story sounds something like this
Alice Roads and the Werewolf
Aliens and leprechauns, vampires and werewolves, amateur photographer Alice Roads believes in them all, and she will never renounce her faiths. As she goes on camp in the mountains she gets involved in one mishap after another, and she’s led to believe that the son of the cabin’s owners is a werewolf. Stubborn Alice is determined to take a photograph of the exasperated Kianu, to prove that she is right, and nothing will stop her – not even being chased by bears, falling of roofs, or being kicked out of camp. Alice soon learns that perseverance is worth it, but much more than she originally believed.
- Courtesy of my friend Ve

But this is from further in her life.

Alice and the Year of the Kelpie ^_^

While the water was running in the bathtub I changed as fast as possible and I couldn’t believe I was concerned with what I will wear. Clothes always were the least of my problems. I ended up in a pair of flannel sweatpants and shirt, the cold getting into my bones after being dunk in the Loch Ness in just my now drenched dress.
I jumped up with happiness when I heard a loud splash from the bathroom and water spilling on the floor so I ran for it nearly hitting my head on the door as I tried to do a 180 turn realizing that Llyr wasn’t a horse anymore and a really naked man.
I didn’t even get to see how he looked like as I speed turned on my heels. But what I caught from the corner of my eye was that he was quite big and none of my clothes would be of any help in covering his nakedness. Not even my big T-Shirts.
I pulled the cover from my bed and lifted it in front of me advancing into the bathroom, guiding myself through the loose knitting until Llyr’s hands caught the edges of the cover and I closed my eyes. I felt him getting out of the bathtub and moving while he tied the cover around himself.
“You can open them now, “ He dropped a wet hand on my shoulder and I opened my eyes quickly falling into my heartstrings of finally seeing his human self.
I didn’t even blink. If I were to compete in a blinking contest that moment I would have won hands down, but I was too afraid of missing something if I were to blink. Several feeling crossed me: Fascination, Happiness, Bliss, Love at First Sight (Exactly, I felt love at first sight) and even Envy.
He had the whitest skin I had ever seen and I was glad my Sweatshirt had long sleeves. It would have been pointless to expose my pinkness as I felt I was fading and was starting to doubt my own beauty.
And he WAS really big, like you would expect a guy who had just turned from a horse…a real stallion stud to be. It wasn’t the horrible bluffness of a weight lifter, God forbid. His muscles were just in the right places and just the right size to make me feel small.
And not even the fact that he had a knitted bed cover around his waist didn’t make him look ridiculous.
And his face and eyes and hair! I wondered how long I had been holding my breath looking at that white curled hair that made him look so cherubic. And I could have sworn his eyelashes had a white tint of the Snow Queen in them protecting a pair of black eyes that had captured the moon in them.
I brimmed over with depth:
When I breathed finally, it came out like a gasp and I blushed. He smiled and came closer but I didn’t move thinking that if I did he might turn right there into a horse and I had no way of explaining the landlord how I got a big white stallion in my bath.
He was so close that drops from his hair fell on my cheeks making me shiver all over. He was using again the water to touch me without putting a finger on me.
“Nothing else to add?” He asked smiling and I couldn’t help smiling too since I knew how idiotic I must have looked goggling at him. “Or do you want me to turn back horse? You were calmer then.”
“I’m okay, just give me a few second to get used to,” I said quickly.
My fingers were practically itching to touch him, to run after my camera, to dance in my room, to faint. I couldn’t quite decide what to do first.
“OK, I’m good now,” I gave a calm breath after almost half of minute of learning all his face.
I couldn’t stop grinning when I realized he had dimples when he smiled and I think that helped me get over the shock. Dad and Eric made dimples, and so did I. This discovery made me look at it like a human flaw therefore he become not so untouchable as two minutes ago. Enough for my self confidence to come back to me.
“We can talk now.” I went for the room looking for a towel.
“Talk?” He asked as if he didn’t understand the concept and his voice made me tingle again.
It was way better than hearing it in my head.
“You don’t want to talk?” I turned to him, towel in my hands.
“I had something else in mind…”
I dropped the towel and cursed myself for acting like I was fourteen. For Gods sake, I was soon going to be of age in all the states of the planet.
“Not on a first date darling” it slipped and I turned my back to him the better to hit my head on the wardrobe door.
“Not on a first date darling?”
Why was I acting like a complete retard in the presence of an Otherworld creature that happened to be a hunky man? Were my brain cells in Hawaii getting a tan?
I heard him laughing behind me and I turned to lift the towel from the floor.
“Just because most of the time I’m a mythical horse it doesn’t mean I can’t joke from time to time,” he said taking the towel from my hands and wiping his face.
OHHH! Mister “Mythical Horse” was in the mood for jokes. He really had no idea with who was he messing around. I pulled the towel from his hands and stepped closer to him a smile on my face. I brushed the towel over his bare arm as slowly as I could without taking my eyes from his. The longer I stayed like that with him, the more I got used to him.
I felt him shudder while I brushed his other arm, I jumped a step back throwing the towel back in his hands.
“You can take it from here on your own,” I gave him a large triumphant smile.
“Touché,” He smiled back „And so quick. I knew I chose well.”
“Chose?” I looked up at him questioning and he winked at me hiding his head in my pink towel avoiding my question on purpose.
Clearly! I chose well too. I couldn’t get better than this.
His white curls appeared back to tease my eyes and threw the towel on the bed opening his arms to me.
“You want a hug?” I asked and he nodded with a giddy smile.
“I really liked it when you had your arms around my neck in the lake. Could you do it now that I am human?”
It’s not like I wasn’t dyeing to touch him with my own hands and not a stupid pink towel. NOO, not at all! I jumped next to him circling his neck with my arms and touching my chest on his while holding myself on my tiptoes like a ballerina. I felt his hands on my back and breath on my cheek and got all shivery again.
I was in the arms of a Kelpie with my heart and kidney in their place, and more, with butterflies in my stomach. I don’t remember ever using the term “butterflies in the stomach” not even as a kid. I looked at him grinning and he seemed to wait for my question.
“Do you have butterflies in your stomach?”
He arched his eyebrows and turned his head on side like a puppy, thinking:
“I don’t think I was ever tempted to eat butterflies.” He finally said and I noticed his eyes on my lips and took a step back.
“I didn’t mean that.”
He gave me a funny smile and I realized he was trying to pull a joke again.
“A horse told once a joke” sounded like a joke itself. I shook my head not ready to let him beat me when he closed the space between us again. We had a weird dance going on: step back, step front, now together. He took a lock of my hair in his hand and I found myself watching his fingers twirling my hair around them.
“I have butterflies in my stomach ever since I saw you riding that foal on the shores.”
“How straight forward of you,” I smiled happy of the frankness of his feelings.
The only people who had the same frankness as him were Stephan and Tyburn. Especially Tyburn who is a werepather with the biggest self confidence I had ever seen. Bigger than mine and that is saying something. He really knows he is freaking sex on legs and doesn’t meek about it. I chased them out of my mind immediately.
“Same as you,” he shrugged and let go of my hair brushing instead the back of his hand on my cheek. “By the way, Nessie comes here every spring. One month earlier and you would have caught her.”
“And thinking I could have been in Greece now instead of freezing in the banks of Loch Ness for nothing. I guess I’ll have to come back next spring.”
I watched him as his face saddened. It was pretty hard not to laugh at him as he walked to the window case sitting on it, the sadness so true that is made me feel guilty for what I have said and the fact that it amused me.
The way he sat like that with the night behind him and the moon laminating him I ran for the camera on my nightstand and took a picture of him. He looked at me confused and a little blinded from the flash and returned my smile with a sad one.
“Or I could wait here till next spring, what do you think?” I grinned at him waiting for a reaction. ”I mean, I can find something to do here till then, right? I heard there are Kelpies here…”
When he smiled he lit up so beautifully that I almost forgot to press the button on my camera and have that light forever on film. He meant to come to me but I put my hand in front stopping him. He was in my room, so he was playing by my rules. And the rule was to let me take as many pictures of him as I wanted. Then I was going to find a Photoshop with a dark room, because he was no model for digital printing.
“Please come here,” he gave a sigh and I sat next to him on the window case holding the camera at arm length from us.
He seemed to understand what I had in mind so he put his hands around me, cheek brushing mine. We smiled wide and I blinded us with the flash one more time before throwing the camera on bed and facing him.
“You said you wanted me with you, right?” I took one of his curls around my finger. “I will listen to you and I will stay with you for as long…”
“Spring?” he whispered closing his eyes resembling a kitten that would purr when patted.
“Well, if you want me till then, I will be yours till then. But I want you to tell me everything.”
“Likewise! I want you to tell me everything,” he opened his eyes taking my right in his and turning it palm up.
He lifted my sleeve showing the little four leaved clover glowing on my wrist. I totally forgot to put my bracelets and trinkets back so I could hide that. It wasn’t the sort of sign you wanted humans to see. For one, you can’t really explain a glowing clover on your wrist. Then, there was the mater of my tie with Ben and his leprechaun clan. I shivered at the thought of Llyr seeing all the signs left on my body. I had been pretty active in his world and had made ties some more powerful than others. And from some I had run, after making them, because I wanted to declare my freedom.
“I am not that interesting,” I threw my legs over his knees and he caught my ankle with one hand.
“I think you are,” He smiled. “You’re a mystery Alice Roads, and I am going to bare it…”
“Oh, how confident you are,” I got closer to him.
“I’m a Kelpie!” He winked. “I tell you my secrets and you will know me as I know myself. But I want the same thing from you.”

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Mary (ambells) Wow~ Really!? XD Ok, I'll try to translate something before I start work.
And please, constructive criticism is welcomed as well.

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