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Mail-Order Wings
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Childrens - girl suddenly gets wings... [s]

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Erin | 192 comments A young girl suddenly starts growing wings and tries to hide them. She wears a baggy sweatshirt all the time, and tries to jump out of the window during school one day. She ends up going on a trip to find other people like her. She ends up flying with a big group of birds to get to her destination. very vague, sorry.

Erin | 192 comments oops. posted it in the solved, even though it's not yet...still getting used to this site!

iamtedae | 14 comments Mail-Order Wings by Beatrice Gormley. I just read this! :)

Erin | 192 comments that is amazing! i found someone asking about it once i started reading all the posts!! excellent!

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