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message 1: by Esmera (last edited Jun 14, 2010 10:21AM) (new)

Esmera | 8 comments Ok, so this is basically all taken from my memory (which isnt very good) of my first year of latin in HS from the book ECCE ROMANI

Cornelia est puella romana

puella - girl
romana - roman
est - (he/she/it) is

message 2: by Esmera (new)

Esmera | 8 comments Flavia etiam est puella romana.
Flavia et Cornelia sunt amicae.
Puellae sedent sub arbore et Flavia scribit dum Cornelia legit.

etiam - also
sunt - (they) are
amicae - friends
puellae - girls
sedent - (they) sit
sub arbore - under the/a tree
scribit - (he/she/it) writes
dum - while
legit - (he/she/it) reads

message 3: by Redwallcrazy (new)

Redwallcrazy (redwallcrazybigkotfan) | 7 comments Mod
Sweet!! I'll really have to learn these!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Me as well

message 5: by Esmera (new)

Esmera | 8 comments this is like, half of chapter one

message 6: by Chiara ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪, I is a moderator! YEY! (new)

Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 10 comments Mod
Wow! I'm happy, I could understand some of that!

☼☺Caylpso☼☺ (oceangirl300) Esmera Than you for adding this topic. I have been so busy since my mom is having a baby . I apericeate it. But nexted time send me a message if you want to add a topic.

message 8: by Annie (new)

Annie puellae amicae

message 9: by Madhins (new)

Madhins         (hinsy) I'm learning how to speak Latin and these are some of the words I've (almost) memorized.

Filia - Daughter
Filius - Son
Carta - charter
Dare - to give
Regnum - reign
Legare - to leave
Sunt - they are
Domina - lady
Deus - god
Confirmare - to confirm
Terra - land
Annus - year
Laborare - to work
Testamentum - will
Vir - man
Vocare - to call

message 10: by Rebekah (new)

Rebekah | 12 comments Annos Domini means 'In the year of our Lord'

message 11: by R (new)

R Bruce | 4 comments Rebekah wrote: "Annos Domini means 'In the year of our Lord'"

Hi Rebekah,

Not to be annoying but it's "Anno Domini". Annus goes into the ablative of 'time when' and takes the form, Anno.

message 12: by Rebekah (new)

Rebekah | 12 comments Really? I just thought that the s was silent. Thank you for the correction!

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