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Two person Role play: Roxy and Lacey

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Lacey | 119 comments Only Roxy and Lacey can role play here.

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Lacey | 119 comments ((start))

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Lacey | 119 comments ((It's going to start at a club and my character Mark is going to meet your character for the first time.))

Mark was sitting at a table with his friends, drinking God only knows what, something his friends created and insisted it was safe.'though he would never swear all of their creations were safe' He had just downed his third shot of it when he saw her. A beautiful girl who looked compelling and intoxicating and she was sitting completly by herself. He started to make his way over to her. He manuvered his way across the dance floor and introduced himself, "Hey, I noticed you from across from here and I noticed you were alone. So, would you like to dance with me? My name's Mark by the way." He tried to act cool but deep down inside his heart was racing and his palms were sweaty. He waited for her reply.

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Sora watched the humans dancing around looking absolutely rediculous. The girls were in skimpy clothes barely covering their assets, and the men were groping and touching them; obviously hoping to get laid that night. Pickig the perfect meal was a very strategic method. They had to be young, virile, and extremely horny. The more turned on the better; the blood had such a delectable taste then.That's why a club was the perfect setting. So many young horny men to choose from.

While scanning the room, a tall young man started walking towards her. For the first time a human man took her breath away, but he wasn't just any man. He was a walking masterpiece! 6'3 with corded muscles bulging from under his band shirt, strong muscular thighs flexing with each movement towards her. She looked further up and there was a face made to make any girl swoon, with eyes the color of sapphire.

Once he was in front of her, she got a wiff of his cologne mixed with his natural musk and felt her knees go weak. Thank god she was sitting down.

It was that moment she realized he was talking to her and caught the last bit of his intro. She smirked and gracefully stood,making sure to slide against him for a little tease. "Sure, let's dance. "
And with a wink she lead them onto the dance floor.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark was suprised that this exotic girl agreed a dance with him. She was tall probably a mere two inches shorter than him, her hair was a brillant crimson and her eyes, he could get lost in them. When she took his hand and lead them to the dance floor he was still in shock. Not once had a girl ever effected him like this.

When they reached the dance floor he took her in his arms and started dancing, grinding against her body, feeling her soft slender frame within his fingertips. 'she seems to be happy' he thought. Maybe I have a good chance with this girl. When the song changed to a slower beat he paniced. This was usually where he stepped out of the picture and walked away. but her eyes and her body kept his feet in place and he soon brought her even closer against him. He took in the scent of her hair and smiled at it's flowery scent. His hands traveled down her body and back up and found her waist, he wrapped his arms around her and danced with her, slowly swaying to the music.

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Sora had men touch her before, vampire and human, but never had it felt like this. when they began to slow dance and he pulled her close, every part of her felt it. his touch was powerful and strong...and scorching her. every place he touched seemed to spark alive with fire. She felt her knees go weak again and couldn't stop herself from almost falling to the ground, but tall dark and gorgeous caught her just in time.

Sora held onto him so tight and breathed in that wonderful scent of his again. That's when she smelled his blood, saw the tanned neck in front of her and felt her fangs lengthen slightly. this guy was ready...and he was hers for the taking. for some reason the thought of drinking from him and never seeing him again did not sit well with her. she closed her eyes and let herself feel his warmth, his strong arms holding her so firmly to his body...and the very hard bulge pressing into her. he was at the right stage to drink from, and Sora was getting very thirsty.
when the song was over, Sora reluctantly pulled out of his arms and game Mark a 'come hither' look as she sensually strolled over to the front door, waiting for her meal to follow.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark melted in her presence and when she gestured for him to follow he granted her, her wishes. He smiled as he manuevered around the dancers until he reached the front door. She held open the door for him and he smiled at the reverse role play and replied, "Aren't I suppose to be the one holding the door for you?" She just smiled. He walked past her and waited under the street light for her. She walked over to him and took his hand and lead them to a dark alley beside the club. He smiled at the prospect of what she wanted.

When she stopped by a dumpster he causally leaned aganist it, trying to appear calm, when in reality he was nervous. He waited for her to come closer. When she finally did, he brought her in closer and wrapped his arms around her, she had a certain spark in her eye and she appeared more beautiful than in the club. He smiled with his eyes, waiting for her to make the first move.

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Sora pushed on his chest, a playful shove, and took off her top, making her movements slow and filled with promise. When she could see him again, the want was evident in his eyes.Her nipples hardened as she imagined what he could do to her. It sent a shiver down her spine to see him panting and wanting...her. She walked slowly towards him agian and began unbuttoning his shirt, tickling him with her fingertips as each new area of skin was revealed. When Sora was done, she ran her hands down his hard chest, sliding them downwards to his tanned six pack. She looked into his eyes and knew this was the moment.

She leaned up and lightly pressed her lips to his, completely surprised by the spark she felt. He pressed his more firmly on hers and everything disappeared. She wasn't a vampire seducing her victim, she was a woman experiencing euphoria with a man that could make her toes curl with a single touch.
The kiss got heated really quick and before both of them knew it, they were pawing at each other and Sora sunk her fangs into his neck without even realizing it. As she drank, she grinded against him, her naked chest rubbing his own, stimulating them both even further into ecstacy.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark was so involved with the girl that he didn't even notice her bite him. He pushed hard against her, exploring her mouth with his tongue. He moved his hands up and down her body, feeling every square inch of her. He started to feel dizzy but thought it was from all the lust he was feeling. He grasped the dumpster behind him for support. Images were dancing in front of his eyes, he had never felt this way before.

He was slowly losing his sense of balance and slowly slid his back down the dumpster, the girl still cradeling him. He found himself lying on the cold cement, unaware of the girl drinking him, the last thing he thought was 'wow, this girl is amazing!'

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Before Sora realized what was going on, Mark was sprawled out on the floor almost bled dry. As she stared at him and wiped her mouth of the crimson liquid, she felt a sting inside her chest. This man was meant for something more than dying in an alley, and she wouldn't let him die tonight.
With firm determination, she kneeled down in front of him and placed her hand on his cheek; the warmth was slowly fading from him.
Sora worked quick, another vampire once told her how to turn humans though she never changed someone before, she bent down and bit his lip just enough to draw blood and did the same to herself. As she kissed him and made sure to make it a full kiss,she felt his lips move under hers, and then his tongue began to playfully lick her lips. 'he's coming back!' the light feeling inside her when she felt him respond more and more was completely overwhelmed by the heat between them.
Finally she couldn't take it anymore and opened for him, letting him explore her mouth hungrily. She knew he wouldn't remember any of this in the morning, but she also knew that watching him was a must. The change will start soon and he'll need someone around to tell him what's going on, but for now she enjoyed his kiss until she felt him fade again, but only to sleep this time.
Fixing herself back up, Sora grabbed Mark as gently as possible, walked back into the club and gave his friend's some excuse about Mark drinking too much and needing to go home.
It was easy after that, she dragged him over to the car they all shared for that night and gave him one last kiss on the cheek before shutting the door and watching them drive away. She smiled to herself, 'i'll see you again soon', and began walking in the night to help her think of exactly what she just did.

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Lacey | 119 comments Brad woke up feeling extremly groggy. He wiped as his eyes and tried to focus on his surroundings. When his eyes finally adjusted to the brightness in the room he found he was lying in his bed, his door was open and his mother was sitting by his side. He blinked a couple of time before asking, "What's wrong?" His mother never sat by his side without a cause. His mother looked at him with relief and replied, "You've been uncouncious for 2 days now. We were about to call a doctor but you woke up. Gosh Mark what did you do now? Your friends claimed they had no idea but I found that to be a lie...tell me Mark, I need to know." I stared at my mother and shrugged, "I really don't remember." and with that my mother just nodded her head and accepted I'd tell her in my own time. Except I honestly couldn't remember what happened. I tried to sit up but my body was extremely sore all over. I laid back down and tried to sleep it off.

The next time I woke up I was more focused this time. I didn't feel so fuzzy and found I could sit up and feel okay. I went to put on some clothes and noticed that I looked stronger, but of course I could have been seeing things. Once I ate something and convinced my mother I was fine, I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door. I found myself driving to the park and ended up walking over to the pond and sitting down, trying to remember that one night...

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Sora took her time getting ready. The sun was deadly and the last thing she wanted was a tan. With her black pants and hoodie on, she walked out of the mansion and thought of what to say to Mark when they met.
The drive was about thrity minutes long, but she found the park pretty easy. One thing about turning someone...you always know where they're at. And there he was looking even more amazing than last night! Sora licked her lips as she watched him, trailing her eyes down his toned and unbelievably muscular body.

Walking over to him, she braced herself for what he would consider their first meeting. he turned and looked at her the same way he did at the club, such heat and want. She smiled and sat next to him, keeping her head down so the sun couldn't touch her skin. No words were spoken for a good two minutes and neither one could take their eyes off each other the entire time. Sora finally had the guts to speak, "nice day we're having."
Mark looked down and she didn't know what to expect, but when he glanced up at her, she knew he remembered! he wasn't supposed to, but when he got up, grabbed her arm, and dragged her over to a shaded tree it became obvious. He pushed her against it, his face mere inches from her own. He was breathing heavy with pent up rage and instead of being scared, she felt the same animalistic urged to rip off his clothes and make him beg for her.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark wrapped his arms around her and started to kiss her deeply while he slid his hands under her shirt. He gradually moved his kisses to her neck and he urgently ripped off her shirt. He moved his kisses down her to her chest and slowly licked her and then moved down to her navel. He slowly advanced his kisses to a different level. He moved up to her neck, nibbled her left ear and then found that he could hear her pulse, he hungerly licked her neck deeply, he felt a desire to bite her but thought differently.

He was so close to her neck, the desire more appealing and he wanted to taste her. He slowly nibbled her neck, he wanted her so much.

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There were no words to describe how Mark was making her feel. His kisses were searing her, right down to her very soul. When he advanced upward to her neck, she wanted him to sink his teeth into her. Never in her vampire existance had she ever wanted someone, not even another vampire, to take her blood, but something about this guy brought out a side of her she never knew she had. He nibbled and Sora felt her knees buckle, the vampire in her wanted, no demanded her to switch the roles. To take and push him into the hard bark of the tree and straddle him, riding him till they were both sweaty and spent. But the human in her wanted him to touch and kiss...wanted love. Sora looked down just in time to see his sapphire eyes staring at her. "Do you remember me, Mark?" It made her sick how shaky and small her voice sounded, but the effect he had on her made her feel young and inexperienced again.
He nodded his head and she felt, like it was her own thoughts, that he wanted to finish what was interrupted the other night. She placed her hands on his face and lightly rubbed his cheeks with her thumbs. He smiled at her and was about to lean in and kiss her again. Sora saw the move and smiled wickedly as she slid her hands down his neck, chest, stomach, all the way down until she could feel his hardness in her palm. She shivered in anticipation as she imagined him slamming into her and dominating every part of her...damn what the vampire in her wanted, the human side won out this time.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark took in her body, he remembered her from that one night...She was the most exotic woman he had ever met. He dragged his arms all over her body. He wanted her so bad, he had never wanted a woman so bad. He grazed his teeth on her neck, causing her to shiver and continued down her body, he finally stopped and met her eyes, they was as beautiful as her body, there weren't words to describe how beautiful and amazing she looked. He grabbed her face with his hands and kissed her deeply.

When he was satisfied with her kisses he decided it was time to ask questions. He brought her down beside him and took her hand in his.

"So, what's your name, I do believe you owe me that," Mark asked with a grin on his face.

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Sora looked down sheepishly, "we kind of forgot that didn't we? um, Sora. My name's Sora."
she stared at their joined hands and felt warm inside. He was caressing her hand with his thumb, sliding it over her knuckles as he cradled her delicate hand. It was such a small gesture, but the affection was not lost on her.
She looked up into his eyes again, now would be a good time to tell him what happened.
"Mark, i don't know how much you remember, but i'm not a normal girl."

She took a deep breath, " and you're no longer a normal boy."

She awaited his response in hopes that he would take it better than she did when she was first turned.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark just smiled and continued to caress her hand.

"Of course you and I aren't normal. Were something much more. I knew the moment I met you that you were different. Your a woman that loves to be loved. I'm just glad your back. I can't imagine what our life has planned for the two of us. We will have a family and grow old together, just like I have always wanted." and Mark kissed her hand and moved his kisses up her arm and to her neck, his breath warm against her skin.

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Sora was shocked at how well he took it, but she felt the need to elaborate. She pushed him a little so they would be face to face again. "When i say not normal i mean....i'm a vampire. And to save your life last night, i turned you into one as well."
Mark stared in what she could only assume was stunned silence. "I'm sorry! i know i shouldn't have, but you felt so good and i got caught up in the moment. i didn't mean to drink so much, i promise."
Sora felt the bloody tears role down her face, in a soft voice she said, "now i've damned you and you can never have a normal life again."

Instead of staying and waiting for a response, she jumped up, dressed and ran off...not knowing that Mark didn't need super human speed to catch up.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark ran after her, easily over taking her. Mark grabbed her hand and made her look in his eyes.

"Listen to me Sora, I do not blame you for saving my life, it's good to know you'd like to have me by your side for the rest of eternity, because that's exactly what I'm going to do. Now lets go sit down and talk about this rationally. I never did believe in vampires you know. Are you sure you are one?"

Mark sat her down on one of the wooden benches and waited for her reply.

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"I have been a vampire ever since 1876 when my maker came into my home, killed my mother and father and thought i looked tasty enough to keep around so he turned me. He made me to be a companion, not expecting me to detest him for what he did. I did, i hated him for killing my parents, and i hated him for making me like this. He didn't understand how deep that hatred flowed until i steaked him one morning while he slept."
Sora thought of that morning, it wasn't as easy as she thought it would be to take him down, but in the end the deed was done and she was a free vampire afterward.
"Being a vampire isn't easy and you're going to feel urges to do things you've never done before. I need to stay close to you for more reasons than my want of you. Are you in school somewhere? Maybe i could become a student and we can keep an eye on each other that way."

She smiled and ran her finger down his neck, reveling in the shiver she felt from him. "and if i go to the same school as you we can find all different kind of places to enjoy each other."
She leaned against him and had a good feeling about all this. He wanted her and she wanted him...but somewhere deep inside she could feel trouble was lurking, and she hoped her and Mark would be ready for it.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark was still trying to take it all in. All his life he thought vampires weren't real but here was one sitting beautifully beside him. He rubbed his hands over his face and took a deep breath.

"So, I'm a full vampire right now? and what other reasons do you need to be near me for? Oh and I go to a school near here, Westbridge." Mark replied, everything slowly fitting into place.

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"You don't become a full vampire until you've had your first taste of blood. Right now you're kind of half-n-half."
She placed her hand under his chin and turned his face towards hers, "and my other reason for being near you is because you do something to me no one else has ever done. There's something about you that calls out to every part of me."
They stared at each other a long while, neither one speaking. Sora knew this would be a lot to take in, and she didn't want to rush the process and cause him to freak out. All her undead life she'd been searching for someone to share her life with. Someone to show her love for the first time and be with her so the hard times didn't seem so difficult...she felt like she could have that in Mark. Maybe turning him wasn't a mistake, maybe it was a blessing.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark let it sink in for awhile, this was all so overwhelming for him. He brought his hand and brushed her cheek and looked at her beautiful body.

"So, what your saying is, I'm not a total vampire, so that means I can be like this if I don't drink any blood. See it all works out, I can still have part of my humanity and not become a total vampire....and I'm glad I'm with you. I would be glad if you could join me at school but I have to warn you, it can get really dull at times and the work is so not fun, but with you by side I'd would be able to survive it."

Mark scooted closer to her and gave her a quick and deep kiss on the lips.

"Is there anything else you need to tell me my little tiger?"

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How can a vampire blush? Sora didn't know the answer, but she did know that her cheeks heated to the new nickname.
she didn't want to upset him, but not telling him wasn't an option, "Mark, the temptation to drink blood will get stronger the longer you resist."
she kissed his cheek with tender affection
"i'll help you with the hunger."
She smiled as she leaned against his chest,'his little tiger...i'll show him just how much of an animal i can be.' Everything she wanted to do to him, every way she wanted to pleasure him entered her mind and a she couldn't wait for that night, hoping they would finally be able to explore each other fully.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark creased his brows for a moment, "You say that I'll give in to temptation but I don't believe I will. I don't feel the need for blood now, so I think I got it under control. The only hunger I feel is for your love."

Mark leaned into her and gave her one long and deep kiss and then pulled back leaving her wanting more.

"Now, we must go get a bite to eat, I'm starving."

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The only thing Sora was starving for at that moment was Mark's hard lean body against hers, making her quiver and moan with each thrust. Sora moaned out loud and got a funny look from him; she hoped what she was thinking wasn't too evident, but she'd always been told that her face was like an open book.

Mark extended his hand to help her up and they began walking to a near by restaurant. Sora was thankful when Mark took them to a seat in the back where the sun wasn't shining, very thoughtful. With a breath of relief, she took off her hoodie to reveal a beautiful silk spaghetti strap pink top with lace sewed into the piping. She began to giggle as Mark stared intently at the newly exposed skin, the only thing missing from the picture was a bit of drool...ah there it is!
Picking up a napkin, she leaned over, giving him a very nice view of her round breasts, and wiped the side of his mouth.
As she sat back in her seat she couldn't help but wonder what this extremely delectable man was like.
"So, Mark...tell me something about yourself."
She looked at him demurely and waited for a response.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark had a hard time trying to comprehend the words coming out of Sora's mouth. When she took off her hoodie all his sense went out the window. When his eyes finally rested on her eyes, he knew he had missed something. He tried to focus on what she had asked him...Oh, yes! Something about myself...

"Well...I'm in a band. Were pretty good, we get alot of gigs and I was rather hoping I'd make a musician out of myself...When I play the guitar and sing the lyric's it's like I'm in a different world...It's out of this world."

Mark played with his fingers, trying to advoid staring at the beautiful woman in front of him.

"Why don't you tell me something about yourself..."

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"Ok, i was born in 1857 in Arizona. I was 19 when i was changed. I love to read and write, and i have an affinity to classical music."

She looked at him through her eye lashes, "my worst fear is to live without having love in my life, and i've made it my goal to find that someone."

Her voice was shaking now and she knew it. Somewhere deep inside of her, she wanted Mark to be that person. It scared her how bad she wanted him.

It was that moment that the waitress came over and got their orders, Sora ordered a salad and tomato basil soup; luckily being a vampire did not stop her from being able to enjoy human food.
As Mark fiddled with the pages of his menu, Sora watched the play of his fingers on the paper. Such big hands and long precise fingers...it must be because he's a musician. She began to lightly fan herself as she pictured other places he could use those amazing hands of his.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark searched the menu but he had to be honest his eyes couldn't focus long enough to comprehend what was on it. The waitress stood there looking annoyed so he quickly looked down at his menu and ordered a Steak and fries. When the waitress left he focused his full attention back on Sora. She said she was looking for love could it be him? He pulled at his collar feeling it close around his throat.

"So, you were born a long time ago. Must be different living in this time period. Do you regret becoming a vampire? How many days did it take for you to become a full vampire?" Mark suddenly lost his tongue to talk but thankfully had just finished his question. He stared at her with anticipation, he wanted to know more about her, as much as he could find out.

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"It's otherworldly to see everything that stands now on lands that used to have trees and small western towns. Everywhere i turn i'm ambushed by memories and personal experiences i had with people that have been dead for centuries now."
Sora wiped at her eyes, stopping the flow of crimson tears. "I used to regret my existance everyday; i felt like an abomination. i didn't know what purpose i would have, why God allowed this to happen to me."

She stared at Mark with something like awe. "I used to regret it everyday, but recently i've realized that God is still pulling the strings in my life, and He's never abandoned me...you're proof of that."

The blush on him could have matched her own just a few minutes ago. "And it didn't take long for me to change. I literally had the blood forced down my throat."

Now she knew the redness on his face was not a blush anymore, but the hue of someone enraged...over her. The injustice she went through. She couldn't catch the tears in time as she was touched by the care she saw in his eyes.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark was enraged with the thought of anyone forcing anything on Sora. He clenched and unclenched a paper napkin that was sitting in front of him. How can she be so cheerful when she's been through so much? Mark took his left index finger and wiped away one of Sora's crimson tears and admired it on his finger, she was so pretty in so many ways.

The waitress brought their food but when the Steak was placed in front of him he didn't find it appetizing any more. He pushed the plate aside and watched Sora eat her food, pleased to see her in his presence.

"So, are you really going to come to my high school? I mean that's pure dedication but it would be amazing if you could."

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Sora looked up and smiled, quickly swallowing her food.
" I don't see why not. I've never attended school before...it might be kind of fun. I can even make sure we have the same classes."
She winked at him while sipping the delicious soup. Truth be told, she always wanted to try going to school and see if she could learn anything new. At the moment, she couldn't think of anything that the professor's could teach her, but the man sitting before could give her a few lessons.

When Sora saw Mark finally start to eat, she was thankful that the hunger really hasd't gotten to him yet. It didn't stop her from worrying about when it'd kick in. God forbid it happen in the middle of class. She pulled out a vile from her pocket.

"Mark, i want you to take this. It's filled with blood so if you get the urge, you can drink this and sate it for awhile. I know it sounds gross, but it's better than taking a bite out of one of your classmates, right?"

He stared at the bottle with gross fascination, and she hoped he would take it. Take it and have that comfort of knowing he wouldn't go off slaughtering anyone. Flashbacks of her most vicious kills invaded her mind. It happened when she was crazed and starving, but unfortuantely vampires don't black out when that happens. She remembered every scream, every cry, and every whimper that came from her victims. She just hoped God would forgive her for those moments...even if she couldn't forgive herself.
And it was this that she wanted to keep Mark from experiencing.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark stared at the vile in her hand and shook his head.

"I'll be fine, really. I don't feel like drinking anyone's blood. Keep that for yourself. But thanks for worrying about me and my classmates, it was thoughtful but I really don't think I'll need it."

Mark took out his wallet and laid a generous amount of money on the table and got up.

"Hey, let's go somewhere, anywhere I don't care as long as it's with you."

Mark took her hand and started leading her out of the resturant.

"So, have you ever killed anyone?"

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Sora thought about the question for about ten seconds before anwering, "killed for food, i can't be sure. I have moments where everything seemed like blurs of memories, but i can't fully access them. The only thing that is always there are the screams...every sound my victims made is embedded in my heart."

Everything went dark as her most terrifying moments came to view in front of her. She remembered her punishment for not being a good little slave. He starved her and waited for her to become ravenous, then let a little boy in the room; knowing she wouldn't be able to stop herself from drinking from him. It was sick.

Mark squeezed her hand and brought her back from the darkness. Looking down at their hands, she felt like a normal girl again on a walk with her wonderful boyfriend. To everyone around them it probably did appear that way, but Mark and her knew the truth.

"Can we go to the movies?"

Sora gave him the cutest puppy dog eyes she could muster up and even made sure to put a little quiver in her bottom lip for full effect.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark smiled at her childish act and replied, "Anything for my Sora."

They were both silent as they walked to the movies, Mark kept thinking about how Sora had killed people, of course it wasn't for fun, it was for survial. He didn't like the prospect of him killing anybody no matter the case or cause.

"Sora? Do I have to become a vampire? I really don't feel the craving for blood, maybe you didn't change me like you thought you did." Mark looked down at their clasped hands and then back at the road in front of them.

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Thinking it over, she tried to figure out whether or not she did mess up in trying to change him. She could have sworn the ritual was done right, otherwise he wouldn't have lived...unless he wasn't human to begin with. It would make sense, why he could resist with little effort, why the sun hardly effects him at all.
"I'm not sure, Mark ",he just didn't know that she was answering herself as well.

Sora looked up at him, his eyes were the purest blue she'd ever seen. But what could he be? there were so many possibilities and it's even possible that he himself doesn't know. She tried not to let it show, but this truly did worry her.
She would have to do some tests, ask certain questions to truly form an idea of what he could be. It's against the laws of the Under Realm to turn any being that wasn't human, and if he wasn't fully human...she was in deep shit.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark smiled a little bit, "I guess time will only tell, huh?"

They finally reached the movie theatre and Mark immediately pulled out his wallet to pay for their tickets. When they were finally seated in the semi dark theatre Mark relaxed. He pulled up the armrest and put his hand around her shoulder.

"So, is there anything you want to know about me? I'm willing to share if you are. As I can already to see, you've had a hard life and you haven't hesitated to answer any questions. I thought it was only fair to give you the option too."

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Snuggling into Marks body, Sora thought of basic questions that would also help her figure out what he could be.
" Ok, where are you from? Did you and your parents grow up here?"

She smiled and tried very hard not to make it seem like an interrigation. Looking down, she noticed how protectively he held her and began to stroke his arm with feather-light touches. His skin was so smooth and warm. Instead of thinking about the blood pulsing within him, she found herself wondering how it would feel to be encompassed by his big warm body, to feel his heat penetrate her cold body and light a fire that never existed before inside of her.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark thought about her question, did he really know where he was from?

"I've been here all my life but my mother moved from Greece, my father on the otherhand...I'm not sure, haven't really asked him and he hasn't forfitted the answers."

Mark squeezed her tighter aganist her, happy to have her in his arms. He gave her a quick peck on the cheeks and pulled back some. He gently drew designs on her neck, enjoying the smoothness of her skin.

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Sora closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention Mark was giving to her neck. The touch was so soft it sent pleasurable chills down her spine.

When the theater went black and the movie started, she gripped his thigh and leaned over to kiss his cheek. She ghost her lips over his cheek, his ear, down to his neck where she flicked her tongue out and tasted his hot skin.

She felt him jump and giggled lightly. This was gonna be fun. She lifted her hand and began to slide her fingers slowly up and down his hard chest, feeling him quiver under her touch. The side of her that demanded to be dominant reeled at the thought of just one touch making this man want her. 'You could make him submit with this new power.' She shook off those vampiric thoughts and looked into his eyes.

He was something alright, something extraordinary. she leaned in to kiss him, but he met her half-way and this one was far better than their first. It was filled with passion, fire, but most importantly, a feeling of being loved. The greatest feeling in every existance.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark was having a hard time concentrating on the movie, he kept feeling her touch and the kisses they kept exchanging were almost unbearable. When he finally thought he could pay attention the credits rolled on.

"Ugh!" Mark remarked.

Mark took Sora in his arms and walked her out of the theatre and then paused, unsure of what to do next.

"I guess you must be getting home now.." Mark remarked sadly, wishing the night would last forever.

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She looked into his eyes and realized she could never leave him. Already their connection was getting stronger.

"I don't really have a place to stay."

She hung her head, it wasn't a complete lie. Her place wasn't in this realm, but she did have a nice apartment in the Under Realm. It was just the thought of leaving Mark was honestly...unthinkable. She felt him tip her chin up with his fingers and stroke her cheek. Those blue eyes seemed to stare into her soul; the eyes of an angel.

She pulled him close and wrapped her arms around him, never wanting to let go. "I don't want to be away from you, Mark. Never again."

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark looked into her beautiful eyes.

"You can stay with me, though we have to hide you away from my parents. They'd have a cow if they knew I was housing a girl, not to mention who is a vampire. Do you think you could handel that?"

Mark took her in his arms hoping she'd say yes.

"I do agree with you also, I don't think I could survive long without you with me, after tonight I find your presence necessary."

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"Yes, i can handle it."
Her smile was so big her fangs were even showing. they walked to his neighborhood and continued until they were standing in front of his house. It was a nice two story brick home with a circular gated flower garden in the middle. It was something she always dreamed about if she lived a different life.

Looking over at Mark, she knew that wasn't what she wanted anymore. In another life she would have never met him and discovered this new feeling erupting in her heart she thought dead. Any moment spent with him would be perfect, human or vampire.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark smiled, "Good. Let me go check to see my parents are up in their room already, if they are I can sneak you up now."

Mark unlocked his door and looked around the empty downstairs, when he noted they weren't there he went upstairs to his parents room. He knocked on their door and they called him in.

"Hey mom! Hey dad! Just letting you know I'm home. I'm hitting the sack early, I'm really tired."

"Are you now? Well how did the date go?" His father asked.

"It went great, she's an amazing girl. Sora has captured my heart."

"Ah! Young Love, never seems to last long."

"Dad! Don't say that, Sora's different in so many ways."

"Well, I think your love is cute Mark, don't listen to your father. He's always putting it down, never open to new possiblities." Marks mother stated smoothly.

"Thanks mom. Good night guys see you in the morning."

And with his last words said he shut the door behind him and pratically ran down the stairs and opened the door to Sora.

"It's all clear! Come in to your new home! Let me introduce you to my room."

Mark took her hand and led her up the stairs quietly to his bedroom, hoping she'd love it.

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Sora looked around the hall at all the family portraits and found something very odd...Mark didn't have any features that resembled either one of his parents.

He lead her into his bedroom and she was hit full blast was his scent, it was enough to make her feel drunk with ecstacy. With his scent surrouding her, she came up behind him and gripped his hips. His neck was so close, it was just too tempting. She licked right behind his ear and felt him shake.

Something happened she truly didn't expect, as she was getting intoxicated from his taste Mark quickly turned around and grabbed her up. Sora felt him push her against the wall; she wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his hips move into hers, making her feel his hardening member. At that moment, she knew she was a gonner to this man.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark grasped all over her body, the way she was touching him was almost unbearable. He moved closer to her tightening his hold on her. He kissed her neck and nibbled her left ear, his kisses then trailed down her arm and then found her lips. He was about to take her all but he heard a door opening. Without thinking Mark threw Sora, suprised to see that she landed on his bed. Mark threw an apology with his eyes and then heard footsteps closer to his room. He begged Sora with his eyes to hide somewhere and found she obeyed by slipping into his closet. Mark went over to his bed right when someone opened his door.

"Hey Mark, sorry about earlier didn't mean to be so heartless, your mother is right."

"Uh...yeah, it's okay It's nothing."

Marks dad came over and gave him a pat on his back.

"That's my son, not being emotionally affected. How are you feeling? Feel any different?"

"From what? I feel normal dad."

"Good, just wondering, I'll let you get back to what you were doing. Good night."

"Night dad."

Mark's dad walked out and Mark let out a breath of air he hadn't realized he was holding. He rushed to the closet to find how Sora was doing.

"Sorry Sora. Didn't know I could be so strong. Are you okay?"

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Like a tigress, she stalked her prey; who knew roughness was a turn-on? Mark moved away as she got closer, backing him into the bed and making him fall onto it.

She licked her lips and crawled up his body, ready to show him what being a vampire meant...great stamina.

Right when she was about to rip off all his clothes and ride him all night, that's when she felt it. The sun was almost up so getting naked right now was definitely NOT a good idea. She pouted and rolled over to the other side of the bed. Mark moved to hold her, most likely understanding why she quit.

"Sometimes i wish i wasn't like this. I was turned against my will at a young age, and there are things i'll never get to experience because of it."

A lone bloody tear ran down her cheek as she closed her eyes to get some much needed rest.

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Lacey | 119 comments Mark went over to her brushed her hair, feeling bad about what was taken from her.

"Sorry, Sora, if I could change you back I would."

Mark allowed her to go to sleep, he took a blanket it off the bed and an extra pillow and settled himself on the floor near her, not wanting to leave her for one second.

((how are we doing the school? Maybe we could make it a private school at night...all his dad's idea and ....))

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The moment Sora closed her eyes, she was invaded by terrible nightmares. She dreamed often about her past, but this one was different...it was the future.

She was standing in the middle of a dark alley; uneasiness fell over her as watchful eyes penetrated into her soul. She heard footsteps and turned around to see Mark. That's when she ran to him and they embraced each other.

Another noise in front of them, Sora looked over and saw that despicable excuse for a vampire that changed her. He was there with someone she'd never seen before...his eyes were almost the same color as Mark's.

A sound came from Mark, she looked up in enough time to see an arrow pierce her and him together. She would survive the wound, but Mark was another story. She pulled the arrow out of both of them and held him close. The stranger crowded around her and the tall man with blue eyes kneeled down in front of them.
"Do you see? He is not dead, merely asleep. You must wake him up, Sora...the real him."

"How do i do that?"

The man lightly touched her cheek, "you will know when to unleash him."

Sora awoke panting and even more exhausted. She looked outside to see the night sky again. Mark was down stairs with his parents, she could hear them talking about the latest football game...and now Mark has brought up a private school he would like to attend so he can do night school.
Smiling, she went into his bathroom and took a bath. He was always thinking of her, she knew he wanted to switch schools just for her.

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