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message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina Adam rode on his horse to the castle.

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Evelynn watched him enter the courtyard as she trimmed the hedges.

message 4: by Christina (new)

Christina Adam waved at Evelynn as he walked into the castle.

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Evelynn smiled and waved back, then got back to work. She swept the walkways in the courtyard.

message 6: by Christina (new)

Christina Adam went to his royal bedroom and sat down on his bed.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Evelynn had finished her work for now, and went towards her quarters, a small room, with basically just a bed.

message 8: by Christina (new)

Christina Adam looked down at his hands and sighed.

message 9: by siyao (new)

siyao (siyaoi) | 300 comments Adelaide was hustled by her mother into her room. "Ugh! Was it my fault that my horse trampled into mud and got me dirty?" Adelaide cried.

"No. But it was your fault you steered him straight into that mud puddle! Change into something clean!" Queen Rona said.

message 10: by Christina (new)

Christina Adam heard Adeaide outside his room and went outside, he went over to her room and knocked on the door,"Everything ok?"

message 11: by siyao (new)

siyao (siyaoi) | 300 comments Adelaide opened the door, in her dressing robe. "Yes. Everything's fine." she said, sighing.

message 12: by Christina (last edited Jun 13, 2010 12:39PM) (new)

Christina Adam smiled,"You sure?"

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siyao (siyaoi) | 300 comments "No. I hate being a princess! I can't even ride into mud on accident-sort of." she said.

message 14: by Christina (new)

Christina Adam sighed,"I'm sorry."

message 15: by siyao (new)

siyao (siyaoi) | 300 comments "Not your fault. Hey. There's a ball tonight." she said looking at her calender. She grimaced slightly and turned to Adam. "I suppose you're my only choice." she said softly.

message 16: by Christina (new)

Christina "I guess." Adam faked a smile.

message 17: by siyao (new)

siyao (siyaoi) | 300 comments Adelaide fake smiled back. "Well, I will see you later, then." she said and gently hustled him out.

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Evelynn sighed as she got up and headed for the ball room. She had to get it ready for tonight.

message 19: by Christina (new)

Christina "See ya...."

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Evelynn was wiping down tables.

message 21: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin joined her, quiet as usual. Cat eyed them from the doorway as she walked by with laundry.

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Evelynn looked at him. "Hello, Salin.' She said, quietly, smiling.

message 23: by Christina (new)

Christina Erik walked down to the kitchen.

message 24: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin smiled back and nodded his greeting. Cat dropped the laundry at the washerwomans feet, gossiped for a few minutes, and then headed to the kitchen.

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Evelynn went to work on the decorations since he had started wiping down the tables.

message 26: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin finished quickly, unhindered by the need to talk. Cat nodded to the head chef, who was a very good friend, and went to work chopping vegetables.

message 27: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 17, 2010 09:13PM) (new)

Evelynn hummed quietly.

message 28: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin asked the man in charge what to do in his soft voice. the man boomed out "go help that girl over there, and leave me alone!" he gestured vaguely towards Evelynn. Salin shrugged, nodded, and went over.

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Evelynn looked at him. "I don't like that man much.. He's too loud." She murmured to him.

message 30: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin nodded, raising his eyebrows to express just how agreeable he was to that.

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Evelynn chuckled and went back to work.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin started to lay out the dinner table- he had long since memorized exactly how to place and where to place all the diffferent eating utensils, and which ones went where, and which ones matched with which chair, and which ones were the royal highnesses.

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Evelynn sang quietly to herself as she swept around the room, doing random work.

message 34: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin finally finished, then he looked around thoughtfully.

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Evelynn finished too. She smiled happily.

message 36: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Salin leaned on the back wall.

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Evelynn waved bye to Salin as she walked toward the kitchen, planning to grab a snack.

message 38: by Rainheart (last edited Jun 19, 2010 04:47PM) (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Cat glanced up as someone new entered the kitchen ((evelynn)). "here" she said, walking over with a big spoon. "the soup needs stirring. do it."

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Evelynn nodded and took the spoon... Her stomach could wait. She glanced at Erick as she went over to the soup.

message 40: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) one of the other kitchen maids dropped a little orange in front of Evenynn before she was whisked away in the crod of serving girls bustling about the kitchen. Cat saw it and smiled, but did not repremand either of them.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Evelynn picked it up and put it on the counter as she stirred the soup.

message 42: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((who is Erick, btw?))

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

((I think he Adam.... ))

message 44: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((why is hes name Erick then??!))

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

(( i think she was confuzzzled..))

message 46: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((lol oh well. so should Cat refer to him as Lord Adam then?))

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((I guess...))

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Jeremy walked in and snatched up the orange. Evelynn frowned and looked at the soup instead of him.

message 49: by Rainheart (last edited Jun 19, 2010 06:09PM) (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Cat turned to Adam. "Lord Adam, may i get you anything?" Salin entered the kitchen, and nodded greeting to his sister, not able to see Evelynn from wher he was.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((Gtg byes!))

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