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Welcome to the Contemporary Australian fiction group!
I couldn't see any other groups on here for Aussie books and readers so thought I'd start one!
Feel free to introduce yourself and let everyone know what your favourite Aussie book is.Look forward to meeting you all.

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Cathleen Ross (goodreadscomuser-cathleenross) | 1 comments Hi I'm Cathleen Ross. I just published a mystery, Dirty Sexy Murder set in Australia. I like hearing about Aussie fiction books.

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Hi Cathleen!!! Lovely to see you here.
Maybe I should make a file to post excerpts? I'm sure readers would love to get a taste of your book- I've already been hearing about it and it sounds great!

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Maggi Andersen | 3 comments Hi Karlene and everyone. Nice to be here. I'm a Aussie author of historical romance, romantic suspense and young adult novels. My soon to be published young adult novel, WAVING AT THE MOON is an urban fantasy post-nuclear novel set in outback Australia. I have another, DOG HEAD CODE to be published soon but that is set in Canada.

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How exciting Maggi! Welcome to the fold! Feel free to post an excerpt for readers in the excerpt folder. Can't wait to read your books!

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Maggi Andersen | 3 comments Thanks Karlene.

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