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After I started reading this wonderful series, I went on a reading jag and had to read anything to do with Scottish hunks to tide me over until a new book would come out in this series. I have read many different types from romances to those that seem very serious. I thought I would list my favorites of those series and hopefully get some suggestions for others that I might not have read yet.

My top series of course is the Outlander series by DG. To me the second best was Karen Moning's Highlander series. Of course I had to read her Fever series after the Highlander series. Hannah Howell has a good series of romance novels on The Murray Family which I will re-read from time to time. Another series that I have read more than once is the Highland Lairds series by Karen Ranney. Very fast reads and fun.

The last series I like is a little different. It is the Highlander series by Janet Chapman. It is about 14th century Highlanders who were thrust through time and landed in the 1980's or 1990's. They are also romance novels but I liked them.

What are your favorite series on Scottish hunks?

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Dolly Sullivan (Dollymama1) | 103 comments How about the Michele Sinclair series? Someone saw me reading one of DG's books and recommended these.
I checked on B&N and they were highly recommended there also. It's a series of books about 7 brothers in the Highlands and each book centers around a different brother. Has anyone given these a try?

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Dee (austhokie) | 1124 comments Monica McCarty has a higland series - I just got a bunch of them on ebay...so I haven't read them yet.

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I have a couple of Monica McCarty's highland series but I don't think I have them all. As much as I love to read sometimes the budget gets in the way. I haven't tried Michele Sinclair's series so maybe that will be the next series I will try to get. I'm all for the hunky Scots.

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Robin (mnmover) | 68 comments I have become so obsessed with anything Highlander after reading Outlander! In fact I'm driving my SELF crazy! LOL I love Karen Marie Moning! The modern twists to them! I love it when in Kiss The Highlander #4 in the series, (sorry don't remember his name) but he's in a sleep state like snow white, anyway he get woken up by the beautiful girl & he has to make it back to his home & land, so the girl takes him & he has to go shopping to get clothes & then ride in a car! HAHA it's great!
I also have read good High-books from Cathy Maxwell, Amanda Quick, Johanna Lindsey & Fern Michaels. I'm very thankful that others are putting some authors out with Highlanders in them, I find it nice to be able to jot them down & then look for them at garage sales or used book stores. I also have developed a new "thing" for Vamp series, Sherrilyn kenyon, she has the Dark Hunter series that's very good & the Dream Hunter series is also very good. Another is Christine Feehan & her Dark Hunter series, WOW if you want to read some books that will have you going out for a "smoke" after several pages of lovin, these will do it! HAHA Anyway, just thought I'd throw them out.

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I also read the paranormal books about vampires, fae, witches and others, such as Christine Feehan's Carpathian series, Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark hunter series, Kim Harrison's The Hollow's series, Kelley Anderson's Women of the Otherworld and LK Hamilton's Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series.

It just seems harder to find good series about the Highlander's for me and I am definitely going to be looking up some of these authors to see what they have written.


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Sharonh | 472 comments We are all so obsessed with anything Highlander I am surprised all the Scotsmen aren't walking around in kilts without shirts in order to "capitalize" on the situation.....er....all us "horney for Highlander" women? LOL. It might scare 'em though...lol...hundreds and hundreds of women panting and drooling after them! I'd be one of 'em too....that would be a hoot...at my age....I couldn't keep up with all y'all young women...but maybe there'd be an old geezer in a kilt I could catch. HaHa!
I downloaded the Kindle for PC app from Amazon and have been downloading books because I am so obsessed with ANY Highlander I can't wait for it to be shipped! And, lying to my husband by telling him the arthritis has me hurting so bad I can't sleep at night...when actually I'm going blind reading for hours on end! Just had a thought...maybe I should get him a kilt and make him wear it around the house!

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Carolyn F. | 322 comments Julie Garwood and Hannah Howell have some great highlander books too.

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Dee (austhokie) | 1124 comments Melissa Mayhugh has a series called Daughters of the Glen - I just can't remember if they are all set in Scotland, but they are pretty good!

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I have the Hannah Howell series and re-read them every once in a while. I think I might have seen Julie Garwood but can't remember reading her books, Melissaa Mayhue's books either. I will have to add them to my list of books to read. Thanks.

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Sharonh | 472 comments I am going to go broke buying books!

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Dee (austhokie) | 1124 comments its an unfortunately condition of being on these boards...your TBR pile grows exponentially

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Sharonh | 472 comments I believe it...I have had my Kindle for PC app for a week and already have about 12 books on it! My husband would kill me if he knew it! :)

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Dee (austhokie) | 1124 comments lol...yeah, the kindle is like a virus...nothing treats the addiction...coming from the person who spent close to $400 on books the last few weeks between Amazon; smaller publishers and ebay...

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Sharonh | 472 comments Well, its one virus I am glad to be infected with....I'd go nuts without something to read! LOL

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Dolly Sullivan (Dollymama1) | 103 comments My husband gave me an IPad for my birthday on June 9th and the first thing I did was get the Barnes and Noble ereader app. Everyone I knew gave me B&N gift cert. so I was able to download lots of books on it. It is amazing!! Best present ever!

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Wan (wanwaddell) | 564 comments Dorothy wrote: "My husband gave me an IPad for my birthday on June 9th and the first thing I did was get the Barnes and Noble ereader app. Everyone I knew gave me B&N gift cert. so I was able to download lots of ..."

Dorothy, Happy belated B-day. Mine was on June 8th. And yes, all I wanted for my b-day was somthing to read (about Scottish men off course).

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