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message 1: by Tara (new)

Tara | 142 comments Has anyone else read all of these? I wasn't loving them until Dianna Love joined the series with Phantom in the Night, and then I felt like there was this great story arc added..

Fangirl Musings (fangirlmusings) I literally just finished Phantom in the Night last evening, and MAN it was awesome! I have read Bad Attitude and the short story in Born to be Bad, but up until recently I hadn't planned on reading the series in its entirety...until I decided to compile a comprehensive quote collection from every book Sherri has written :)! As such, I currently have Whispered Lies in the mail right now, and I just got Silent Truth but, since I'm a stickler for reading books in order, I'm waiting on USPS to hurry up with my order.

While I've read most every book Sherri has written (I have literally every novel of hers, even her Daemon's Angel and Paradise City and am just lacking her three nonfictions but I plan to buy those ASAP), the BAD series were the only books to take a backseat simply because I'm not a fan of much contemporary. However, since I wanted to have all quotes from all of Sherri's books, BAD was next up on my reading list. And I am LOVING them!

message 3: by Insatiable (new)

Insatiable Reader | 1 comments I am just finishing Silent Truth. This series just gets better with each book... speaking of which... Is there any word anywhere about future B.A.D. Books?! I haven't quite finished this one, but the jones is starting already, probably because I know my next fix isn't gonna be there. :(
I will go back to Dark-Hunters (thank goodness for those! and so many!) But I really want the BAD story arc!!

message 4: by ♋ Carol☯ (new)

♋  Carol☯  (Poopsie) | 18 comments I have the following books to the bad series

Born to be bad
Playing easy to get
Bad attitude
Phantom in the night
Whispered lies
Silent truth

Have them all & read every single one, loved each book

message 5: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (sammyseal) | 1 comments I have them all and love all of them, i am waiting for the next one...

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