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message 1: by melbourne (new)

melbourne (cocho) Up-speak. I absolutely hate it? It is an idiosyncracy endemic to my generation and it has filtered into younger generations with ferocity? In case you aren't familiar with what 'up-speak' is, it is that manner of speaking in which individuals incessantly make questions out of declarative, imperative and at times exclamatory statements? At times, it gets so indiscriminate that one cannot distinguish between a legitimate question and all other statements? Like, do you know what I mean?

Like, now there's another pet peave. Let's leave that for another post, shall we?

message 2: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) Mel, I feel your pain. I loathe question-talkers. Far too confusing for me to attempt a conversation.

message 3: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) In your opinion is it worse according to region?

I went to high school in Southern California and it was rampant there, just hearing conversations in the halls put my teeth on edge.

message 4: by melbourne (new)

melbourne (cocho) Tesse, I too went to high school in Southern California and taught there as well, for a short while. Sadly, however I live across the street from a very notable university and when I walk around and notice the students talking, it is largely 'likes', up-speak and hyperbole galore...

message 5: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) Mel, I sympathize.

I don't know why I limited my observation to just high school, it was no different at UCSD.

I got used to 'like' but some of the other imprecise language irritated me.

Jackie "the Librarian" I think the truffle is like totally overrated? You know? Like, they are these chocolates, like named after mushrooms? Like, what is that?

Jackie "the Librarian" I, like, do rully well on tests, you know? Like, the PSAT? The one you take in 10th grade?

Wull, I totally rawked on the verbal, you know? Because, like, my vocabulary is smokin'?

But, like, the math? I was, like, okay not as good, but still pretty good, you know?

Like, you read a lot, right? So, you're like smart and stuff too?

Jackie "the Librarian" Little brothers totally suck, you know? I am soooo, like, glad I don't have one, right? 'Cause, like, they get into your stuff, and stuff!!!!
But, yeah, the SAT is, like, the MOST IMPORTANT TEST in the world, you know???? So Donna, since you rawk with the reading and stuff, you will totally rule that bad boy, you know?

message 9: by melbourne (new)

melbourne (cocho) this must be like the weirdest thread on like this whole site? huh.

Jackie "the Librarian" Yeah, like, totally??

message 11: by Lisa (new)

Lisa This is totally regional. The upper midwest has got this disease bad.

message 12: by melbourne (new)

melbourne (cocho) no way.

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