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message 1: by Vїllaїп, Death to the Undead! (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 591 comments Mod
((Roleplay starts here!))

message 2: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments ((Oooh... I don't want to be the first to start XD))

message 3: by Vїllaїп, Death to the Undead! (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 591 comments Mod
Sorrel looked down into the courtyard with a bored expression, watching the various nobles walk through the gardens. All of them looked very busy, going about in a rush, but a small smirk played across the monster's face. They're busy trying to conceal the fact that they have nothing to do. He thought, his smirk now obvious.

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Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 591 comments Mod
((LOL you do? Can I join? :P))

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Swiftfire Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "((oh wait you already did. blonde momment even though im not blonde))"

((Hey, I'm blonde! *is deeply offended* Heh, just kidding. BUT REALLY.))

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Swiftfire Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "(( the the way I have a Fire group.....))"

((Yes! Everyone join it or you will be shunned!))

message 7: by sydney (new)

sydney Nerezza walked around the courtyard from her window. She was living here for the time being. A smile played on her lips as she noticed one of the other monsters toying with humans emotions.

message 8: by Rosie (last edited Jun 11, 2010 03:54AM) (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia yawned and rolled over waking up in the King's bed. The sun streaked across the room from the window and fell on her hair, setting it alight and looking as though it was burning like the sun. She stretched out her arms before they fell on the empty sheets beside her. She sighed and stood up, taking one of the thin linen sheets with her to wrap around her body. She glided out the door and down the corridor to the King's counting room where she knew he would be. She walked into the room and sat on his desk, ignoring the stunned eyes of his advisor.

"Alagia," He chuckled and patted his lap. "I'm sorry, I thought you were still sleeping, I didn't want to wake you." He grinned as she moved to sit on him and kissed his neck.

"I'll... Ah, come back latter, your Majesty." The advisor studiously ignored Alagia, like most of the Court Officials did. All the people she knew either hated her or lusted for her. There was no friendship in any mind towards her. The advisor snuck along the wall and out the door trying to be conspicuous. Alagia moved her lips to his before the door swung open and a tall figure stood glaring at her.

((Izzy? Do you want Alagia and Atarah to have like a rival thing going on? Considering they are both Nash’s Mistress?))

message 9: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia got up moved around the Prince in the doorway. There were some people she could make leave the King's Company, but there were also those who could make her leave his. She bowed her head "Good Morning Lord Prince."

message 10: by sydney (new)

sydney ((Nerezza is just visiting.. :] No lovey dovey w/ the king!))

"This is horrid." The dress that had been laid out was brown and plain. Nerezza walked to her closet, she pulled out a tight fitting black dress. Her hair fell in ringlets around her shoulders today.
Who's my victim today? Nerezza smiled.

Nerezza walked passed the King's bed chambers on her way out of her room, the guard that had caught her eye was there again. "Excuse me kind sir? I seem to have lost my favorite pearl necklace in my room...Would you so sweetly help me look?"

message 11: by sydney (new)

sydney Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "((How about Inger and Nerezza?))"

((Inger is your monster guy right?))

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Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 591 comments Mod
Sorrel's bright eyes fell on Roland, and his amused grin turned into a sneer. Why did all the mosters around here have to openly flirt with everyone they came across?

message 13: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia stepped out of the room and walked down the hallway in her sheet, ignoring the stares. She rounded the corner and saw two monsters talking with each other out the front of the King's chambers. She needed to get inside to collect her dress before returning back to her rooms. "Excuse me," She waited for them to move aside.

((Gosh Alagia is a stuck-up bitch...))

message 14: by Vїllaїп, Death to the Undead! (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 591 comments Mod
((which ones?)

message 15: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments ((Nerezza and Roland are out the front of the Chambers aren't they?))

She sighed and lifted an eyebrow waiting for the two to move aside. She began to tap her foot.

message 16: by Vїllaїп, Death to the Undead! (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 591 comments Mod
((XDDDDD meep. Ignore the last sentence of that post.))

Sorrel's eyes narrowed. He should gut the man right now, in front of the entire courtyard. His bright blue eyes had turned to shards of ice. He walked towards the guard.

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sydney Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "Roland stared at the monster they shouldn't have all these beasts crawling around the corridors. They shouldn't be trusted the queen is the only acception. Roland then remembered the beast could re..."

Nerezza took a step back. "Beast?" She hated the word, it was ugly and cut her heart deep.
"Well, have a beautiful day anyways." She turned and headed back for her room to look for her necklace on her own.

message 18: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments "Roland step aside and let me inside, now." She tried to ignore the comment and waited for the guard to move.

message 19: by sydney (new)

sydney ((WHAT?!?!? sister?))

message 20: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Meep. This is fun to read. XD))

message 21: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Ergh, sorry! Just, uh... ask the person with seven charries to delete five of them (and if s/he doesn't then delete five yourself) and explain the roleplay more clearly to the person who doesn't get it?))

message 22: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Wait, what group is it?))

message 23: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((...I still don't know which group you're talking about. Can you post a link?))

message 24: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((XD Just copy and paste the website address.))

message 25: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire ((Nvm just joined it.))

message 26: by sydney (new)

sydney Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "((wait is nerezza the queen?))"

((no, she is just a visiting monster!))

message 27: by Vїllaїп, Death to the Undead! (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 591 comments Mod
Sorrel was now in front of Roland, glaring at him with his bright blue eyes. It was enough to freeze fire.

message 28: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments ((Whoa... I am so confused... Alagia has a sister? -Checks characters tab- Well you learn something new every day! Wait... Oh never mind -.-

And Alagia isn't a visitor... She's the Queen aint she?))

message 29: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia glared at Roland. "Move! Let your Queen pass!" She raised her hands in frustration. "Move out of my way." She said and went to push past him.

message 30: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Izzy ☠(District 13) ☠ wrote: "((cool hurry they are about to go to corncupia))"

((Kay, just made two charries. ^-^))

message 31: by sydney (new)

sydney Nerezza smiled. "Found it." She grabbed her necklace and clipped it on. She headed past Roland, Nerezza gave him a look that said: See, I told you..

message 32: by sydney (new)

sydney Nerezza stepped back. Now I'm totally confused...
She tossed her black hair off of her shoulder.

message 33: by sydney (new)

sydney Nerezza headed for the gardens. Maybe someone out in the gardens won't give me such mixed signals.

message 34: by Silvr~♠ (new)

Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments (this is getting good!)

message 35: by Rosie (last edited Jul 26, 2010 04:31AM) (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments ((Hahaha... -cough-))
Alagia sighed and pulled the sheet around her tighter as she stepped through the door to the King's chambers. The closed the door behind herself before leaning with her back against the cool wood. Closing her eyes she sighed and stayed still for a few moments until she heard a monster raven screeching at the closest window. She sucked in a breath, slightly because of the close proximity to the flesh eater and also because it had caught a few strand of loose hair. She stepped away from the door, into the centre of the room, as far away from all the windows which were now peepholes for the monsters trying to get her flesh.

In her rooms, the windows were reinforced with wires and runs of metal. In the King’s chamber there was nothing but a few pieces of smooth thin wood running across horizontal. It would be a few seconds before the birds came crashing through to pick off her flesh. Pulling her sky blue dress from yesterday off a nearby desk she tried to open the door. It was stuck. She giggled the handle a few times, using all her strength but nothing changed. She glanced around the room; one window was clear but had a bright red raven struggling to get through the small gap. She turned back to the door and begun to pound on the tick polished copper that separated her from safety.
“Help! The ravens! Someone, please, help me!” Alagia begun to repeatedly kick the door, the small drops of blood pooling below her feet sent the monster ravens into a crazed fit of bloodlust.

More ravens had broken through the wood panels. A brief thought about the surprising thickness of the cherry wood flittered trough Alagia’s mind before it was shoved away with another thought. Usually, she didn’t like messing with minds but in this matter courtesy and apologies could wait until after. She sent out a mental message to everyone in the immediate area:
Help me, please. I’m in the King’s Chambers and monster ravens are getting in the windows. Come quickly. She bit her lip and forced the message into even the most stubborn minds, hopping they would could in time.
((Anyone want to help her? Please?))
((btw sorry it was so long))

message 36: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments ((lol I killed chat >.> ))

message 37: by Silvr~♠ (last edited Jul 30, 2010 10:47PM) (new)

Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments ((can i help ??? . . .))

my charecter:

SPECIES:human monster
APPERANCE: wavy off white hair w/ matalic blue and silver streaks,(up to shoulders), ushually wears cute sundresses, pale, monster, silver eyes with hints of light blue, has a bueaty mark under her left eye.
PERSONALITY: kind, donsnt like to cover hair, likes monipulating humans minds for fun but donsnt do it often, hates being treated like a heart-less creater, (is veary good at archery, tends to use a bunch of daggers if thare is no room for arrows), dsosnt know her family.

message 38: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments ((Sure, please do...))

message 39: by Silvr~♠ (last edited Jul 30, 2010 11:08PM) (new)

Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments lacei herd an unformiliar mind calling her, calling enyone for help, they were in trouble. she looked around no one seemed to be interested in helping this girl out, some hesitated for a moment but then scurried on. lacei ran as fast as she could to go help this person, screaming like a loonatic to evreyone she past to come help, ecpecily the gaurds, she soon had a gang of people behind her going to help the person in trouble. when they finally got to the kings chambers lacei found a girl vioucly trying to fight off monster ravens, lacei quickly whiped out her daggers and began to throw them at the brightly colored raven bodies. the ravens attention was soon turned to her, they swarmed around her, overwhelming her she tried jabbing them but was too slow. the gaurds were right behind her as soon as they entered they started swinging thare swords trying to slay the wild birds, wal carelessly swining away one of the gaurds hit lacei in the shoulder with his blade, her shoulder started to bleed out which only made things worse. starting to get dizzy she sliced the air with her daggers only hitting one or two ravens, a older women stormed in and looked around in shock then stormed out, she returned a moment later with a plank of wood, a hammer , and nails. she boarded up the window and the gaurds killed the last of the ravens. lacei rushed over to the girl that was calling out for help, she had many scratches and gashes from the ravens talons and beaks, she was bleeding out on the carpet. that is when lacei noticed the king, he had rushed in a few seconds earlier, bewildered at the sight. he rushed over to the girl lying on the floor against the dresser and pushed lacei aside, dizzy, she wabbled and ocwardly landed on the floor leaning against the soulder with the gash from the soliders blade, only then did the pain come to her, she started to cry, she couldnt stop herself.

all lacei remembered after that is being rushed to the infirmary with the girl, and being given pain and sleep medicen. . .

message 40: by Silvr~♠ (new)

Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments hehe sorry its alot, but it oober iteresting!

message 41: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments ((Thank you XD ))

Alagia breathed deeply, each intake of air sent shooting pain along her rib cage. She pulled back her heavy eyelids and was immediately hit with a wave of nausea. She squeezed her eyes shut before trying again to become fully awake.
The first thing she realized was a warm familiar hand holding hers, a little too tightly. Nash. The corners of her lips pulled up into a weak smile. Of course he was here. A memory played in her mind; Colorful feathers, sharp metal, and a little girl. A dangerous little girl. This time her eyelids opened. Nash was starring down at her, a big goofy grin on his face.
"Where is she?" Alagia tried to sit up but was pushed back down by a strong hand.
"Who?" He frowned a tiny bit, something he always did when he was confused.
"The girl, the one who saved me. Where is she?"
"She's in the infirmary; you are in your room being looked after by the best physician in the Kingdom. Stay calm, he said so." Nash rolled his eyes.
"I'm finnn, I mean fine. I'm fine." Alagia's vision began to blur but blinking a few times seemed to clear it a little. "I need to see her. To give my thanks."
"That can wait, you must rest first, see her later." He stroked her hair which made her lids droop after all that effort to open them! Soon she was asleep and dreaming of monster ravens attacking the castle, again.

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Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments lacei wanst hert too badly, not as bad as that girl was. she hoped the girl was ok, she seemed to have been taken really good care of. this was a releif to lacei, she always thought that it was pointless to save someone if they die from their induries later. she sat up wincing from the pain, her left shoulder was bandeged and it wasnt bleediong that much anymore. lacei reconized the infirmary, nurses scutteling around their patients. no one seemed to notice her, she quickly hurried out of the infirmary, she didnt want to draw attention to herself so she calmly walked up to her rooms, ignoring the pain. once she was thare she slid the door closed and leaned against it, sliding to the bottom of the door frame into a sitting position. lacei had too many thoughts in her head, she wondered about the girl she saved, who was she? why was she in the kings chambers? why wouldnt anyone else help her?, these were all good queshtions that could be saved for another time. now was time to rest.

message 43: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia grumbled to herself. “Over protective fool…” It had taken a lot of convincing to let Nash leave her side. As she walked down the hall towards the infirmary, ignoring all the stares she got, she begun to absentmindedly braid a small part of her hair.

As she reached the large wooden doors, a nervous thought flittered into her mind. What if she’s not okay? She stepped inside and the room fell silent, all eyes on her. She glared at them all and turned to the nearest nurse.
“Where is the monster girl?”
The nurse merely stood there dumbfounded and starring at her.
“What?!” Alagia ran her hands over her face self-consciously.
“Your Majesty… Your eyes are bleeding.”
Oh… That’s what they were starring at. She whipped away the tears quickly and stormed out of the room.

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Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments lacei jumped up when she herd a loud bang down the hall it herd like the infirmary doors were slammed shut, she started to panic, what if she was in trouble? what if the nurses were mad at her for sneeking off? were they going to punish her? or worse kill her?

this was crazy they wernt going to punish her, she took a deep breath and glanced around her rooms. sitting down heavily on the bed she noticed her self nodding off to sleep, she didnt fight it, soon she was in a deep sleep. . .

message 45: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia grumbled as she rushed down the corridor. The tears had stopped now, but there were still streaks from the path they had left. She pushed open the door to her room and sat down heavily on the bed. She brought her knees up and rested her chin on them. She sighed and whipped away a few normal tears that were blurring her vision. Sighing she leant back on one of the feather down pillows on her bed and let her eyes droop shut.

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Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments lacei woke, it was night-time and the stars were buetiful in the sky. she was sore all over, ecpecily around her shoulder. she let out a sigh and sluggishly got out of bed, getting dressed was a pain, it took longer then she thought but she did it. she pushed the door open and walked down the hallway as calmly as she could, stopping in the ganden she sat down hard on a bench, wishing to meet the strange girl she saved. lacei closed her eyes and listened to the people rush past, and the trikeling of the fountain, these things calmed her. . .

message 47: by Rosie (last edited Aug 02, 2010 07:22AM) (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia sat up too fast and reopened a wound on her back. She groaned and rolled out of bed to answer the mind at her door. She was pouting and rubbing the sore spot on her back when she pulled back the big bolt and swung open the heavy door, then smiled to see Nash standing in front of her. She poked her head out into the corridor to make sure no one was passing by then stepped aside so he could come into her chambers.
"We found the monster girl you were looking for," Nash said, hands held behind him, shoulders back, chin up, military position. She tried to keep a smile off her face at his obvious discomfort for not being the hero of the day.
"Where is she?" Alagia sat down on the couch in the centre of the room, her long light pink skirt rustling softly as she positioned it over her knees to keep from showing her little slippers. She didn't want him to know that he was right and she had been sleeping because she was so exhausted and had needed the rest.
"In the gardens, but I can send a messenger if you would prefer for her to come here? For a more, formal, greeting?" One corner of his mouth pulled up into a cheeky grin, smiling at his own little joke.
She rolled her eyes, "Please do ask her to come. I would like to give her something, to show my thanks."
He nodded once and left the room in search of someone who would be able to pass on the message.

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Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments Lacei still sat on the bench, she took a deep breath and waited for this messanger to scurrie over here and tell her the massage. She received a message to go to the girl she saved rooms, she was still sore so she did the best she could to follow the messanger to the rooms. when she got thare the door was close, she took a moment then knocked quietly. the girl ansered, she was smiling though i could tell she was exausted.

message 49: by Rosie (new)

Rosie (rosielight) | 848 comments Alagia gestured for the girl to enter. "I wanted to thank you and show my gratitude, so, ah, thanks?" She smiled awkwardly. "I'll go get you something. Be right back" She hurried into her dressing room and came back with an emerald necklace. "I'm sorry it's not wrapped." She smiled apologetically.

message 50: by Silvr~♠ (new)

Silvr~♠ (silvr) | 823 comments Lacei gasped at the necklace, she didnt deserve this. "i dont deserve this" she said smileing at Alagia

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