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Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 84 comments Mod

I want to show you the importance in writing a high-quality review and how this will benefit you.

Amazon keeps record of how many reviews you have written as well as the quality of those reviews. On Amazon, customers are allowed to vote whether a review was helpful or not. The more helpful reviews you have the more weight Amazon gives to these. Amazon has their top “1000”, “500”, and “100” reviewers. They truly keep a close record. Now imagine if your book was reviewed by a top “100” reviewer? It would get much more publicity than say the 3,000,000th ranked reviewer.

Ideally we all want to be in Amazon’s group of top “100 reviewers” but this is extremely hard to do. Eventually we want you to have created over 100 reviews for products on Amazon. This seems to be their magic number and they really start to track your activity. When Amazon track’s your activity it is because they think you actions can be influential on others, basically they believe their customers will buy something because you did.

I am not saying you need to rush out and make 100 reviews because the probability of them receiving helpful votes when written in a rushed manner is slim. Take your time whenever you have a free moment just quickly write a review. Write reviews on books you have read in the past, to your kids, got for presents, whatever. You can write a review on almost anything even your favorite cd. Think of it as 3-5 month goal to write 100 reviews.

Writing reviews is time-consuming but if you do it correctly it can be time well spent. You want each of your reviews to be a minimum of two paragraphs and always make sure you sign the review with the same signature used on the title of your books. Doing this shows your credentials while simultaneously increasing exposure of your book’s title.

While writing reviews you want to display a clear message, you want to give a meaningful, insightful review of the product. This way you don’t come of as “self-serving”. You want to show viewers that you can write professionally and communicate clearly. If your writing style intrigues these viewers they may become interested, see the title of you book and then conduct a search on Amazon for it.

Now you can write a review for anything but you should focus on creating reviews for
books within your genre or that are quite similar to yours. Why you may ask? This is because books with similar subject matter more than likely share your potential audience of readers. These “like” books and authors fall into your “competitive network”/

You should not use reviews as a promotional platform for yourself. That is not the point of a review. Your signature will speak enough for you and that is the only place you should mention the title of your work.

Writing reviews can be highly beneficial for you, as it helps increase your exposure all across Here is what one author has said:


Hi Kait,
I continue to make progress on my Reviews. I am now above 30. I can see that this is an effective way to gain visibility. The more I write the more I begin to feel that I am reaching an audience that might never have found my book. Thanks for your suggestion.
Best wishes,


IF YOU BECOME AN AMAZON TOP 1000 REVIEWER PLEASE LET US KNOW. This will significantly enhance the marketing of your book. And, even if you don't get that high at Amazon, if you get to 10, or 100 reviews, then you will be that much further along when your book is released.

You may want to contact Amazon’s list of top 500 reviewers and see if you can send them a copy of your book for them to review!

Good luck with your efforts


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Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 84 comments Mod
Hey everyone! This is Kait the creator of this group discussion. I am so glad to see everyone's continued use of this forum as I truly wanted to help provide authors with a "go to" community where they can discuss their book(s) and all things Amazon freely. I have often found that the Amazon Discussion Boards can be a not so friendly place and unfortunately many authors fall victim to "cyber-bulling". None of that here!

For the last few weeks I was attending the Taipei International Book Fair in Taiwan and let me tell you the desire to distribute foreign books into the U.S (as well as bring American "English" books into their region) is HUGE! It is all very exciting. One thing I noted which I felt everyone should know is that Amazon is the go to site for Foreign Rights buyers! Yup you heard me. Basically foreign publishing companies are realizing the value of Amazon and how it can essentially be used as a search engine when looking for new titles for rights purchasing. Having an amazon presence is more crucial now than ever as the site will only grow in the proceeding month/years in popularity.

That being said I wanted to let you all know I have created a blog to which I will be making 2 new posts a week all relating to Amazon. This blog will cover marketing tips, facts, and general information about Amazon. My aim is to help educate authors on using Amazon as this site should be treated by an author just as you would Facebook or Twitter. Social Media baby! ITS HERE TO STAY! Below is the link to my new blog! Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments!

How to Use Amazon to Promote Your Published Book


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Kait, these are great resources. As someone who has an independent publisher (a REALLY small one, too), this will definitely help me get the word out about our books.

Thanks for taking the time to post this valuable information!

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Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 84 comments Mod
Hello Everyone!

This is Kait, the creator of this group forum. I hope you have found this discussion helpful so far. I wanted to create a place for authors to come and find meaningful and helpful information. A place where authors help other authors without the presence of "cyber bullying" so often found on the Amazon discussion boards.

If you have found this discussion board helpful I would very much appreciate it if you could "Tag" (or buy smile) author "Mike Saxton's book 7 Scorpions: Rebellion".

His book is now available as a Kindle edition for .99cents, all we would like for you to do is tag the ".99cent" box to help spread the word!

Thank you for your help, let's make our E-voices push a book to the top!


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Melissa Marlow | 4 comments I have. I am still at a loss of how everything falls together, but i continue to write and get things out there. I will take a look at 'Rebellion'. I never realized that there were so many writers out there that have books that people don't read.
Of course mine are probebly the same way.
Through reading some of the stuff posted on your group forum, i have been able to get another book out at low cost and i am very excited to share my creation, also.

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Will Granger | 29 comments Hi,
I'm a bit new to all this. Did you say we should include a link to our books with our signatures?


Will Granger
Anabar's Run

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Cynthia | 9 comments Kait wrote: "INFORMATIONAL EMAIL #8 KEEP WRITING REVIEWS

I want to show you the importance in writing a high-quality review and how this will benefit you.

Amazon keeps record of how many reviews you have..."


I want to show you the importance in writing a high-quality review and how this will benefit you.

Amazon keeps record of how many reviews you have..."

Hi there Kait, thanks for creating this group. How do we get our hands on a copy of the 500 top reviewers list?

Cynthia A. Patterson

It Had to Happen

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Rachel (rachelhernandez) | 9 comments Great tips, thanks for sharing! :)

message 9: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Mohammed (brenchris) | 78 comments Hi Kait,
My name is Brenda Mohammed but I write all my reviews under my username 'brenchris.' I am also an author. Should I change my username to my real name?

Brenda Mohammed

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Emma Jaye | 12 comments Putting your book link in a signature on a review of somebody esle's book is something I'd seriously think about.
If the review isn't glowing, it comes across as 'don't read that, read mine instead' which is likely to REALLY annoy the receiving author.

If its a five star review, readers (and the other author) might think you are just trying to promote you book on the back of someone else's work.

I don't say I'm an author in reviews and I certainly don't use them as a promotion tool for my own work. If people like my reviews, they'll find out I'm also an author via my icon on goodreads.

Blatantly piggybacking promotion of your own work on the backs of other authors definitely leaves a sour taste in the mouth, just like giving your own book a glowing rating/review on goodreads.

Use the 'author review' space to give some extra information if you feel the need, but don't rate, it smacks of desperation.

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Carolynne Raymond (httpsbooks2readcomapnjaeqr) | 2 comments Thanks for the advice. Even today 1 year later from the last comment in this thread, I still see a reviewer rank on my profile. Amazon seems to track everything which is great, and it seems that every time I publish a review the rank changes soon after so their analytics are updated often.

message 12: by Linda (new)

Linda Dobinson (baspoet) I write reviews but there is no reviewer rank on my profile. How do I get one?

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Puneet Mathur | 5 comments Hey Author Do you want Book Reviews?Hurry Book your Review Now! its FREE

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Ash Lingam (ashlingam) | 24 comments I am need of a reasonably priced proofreader for my eleven novels. I would like to make a group price. If anyone is interested please contact me at

message 15: by Puneet (new)

Puneet Mathur | 5 comments Ash wrote: "I am need of a reasonably priced proofreader for my eleven novels. I would like to make a group price. If anyone is interested please contact me at"

I do proofreading can give you a good overall deal and fast output. Contact me

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Ron Lumostestprep | 45 comments Hello Authors, I am interested in review swap. If anybody interested please mail me at

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Camille Marino (camillemarino) | 9 comments Hi all, I just responded to Ron and am also interested in doing as many (preferably verified) review swaps as possible. I can guarantee a review within a week of purchasing your book on this site as well as Please email me at if you are interested.

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Ryan Krol | 16 comments If anyone is interested in a review swap, feel free to inquire. My book is Syndrome.

Syndrome by Ryan Krol

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Terry Sprouse (terrysprouse) | 31 comments Ryan wrote: "If anyone is interested in a review swap, feel free to inquire. My book is Syndrome.

Syndrome by Ryan Krol"

Hi Ryan, I would like to do a review swap with you. My book is "How Abe Lincoln Used Stories" at

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