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This is one book I have always wanted to read!

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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 1 comments I know it's terrible, but I have seen the movie, and that is partially what tweaked my interest more into this book than with others. I love the characters in it, and am truely in love with England, and the British authors. I am extremely excited to read this!

message 2: by Evie (new)

Evie George | 8 comments I always liked the classics. Glad i have a chance to read one for school!

message 3: by Evie (new)

Evie George | 8 comments Where is the clay pot?

message 4: by Tia! (last edited Aug 23, 2008 05:28PM) (new)

Tia! (tiapia) | 1 comments I honestly didn't want to read this book because i really detested the movie. Then my friend who goes to Wilson told me that she loved the book even though she also didn't like the movie at all. I began reading the book a while ago and found myself to busy to even barely crack it open, but now that i am almost done with it!

message 5: by Evie (new)

Evie George | 8 comments I didnt mind the movie, but i thought the book was better. Strangely, i found lydia more interesting than the main characters. I read chapter to chapter wondering what crazy thing she would do next, not what elizabeth thought of mr.darcy. (that itself got old after a while)

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