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Fishpaw looked around the camp.

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Bramblepaw slept peacefully in her nest.

Lightpaw was already up and at 'em. She pounced on Bramblepaw. "Wake up! It's morning now!"

Bramblepaw instantly woke with the weight of her sister on her. "Was that really necessary?" She asked.

"Yes. Necessary for my personal satisfaction," Lightpaw said. "Now get up."

Bramblepaw groaned, then got up and stretched. She walked out of the apprentice den.

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"Morning," Lightpaw said happily.

"Same," Said Bramblepaw, yawning.

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((They haven't got one yet.))

"Sure," Lightpaw said.

Bramblepaw yawned, "k."

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Bramblepaw crouched down and started toward the squirrel. She was just about to pounce, but not before Lightpaw whizzed past and killed the squirrel no sweat. She looked at Heartstorm with satisfaction.

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Lightpaw nodded, but she still had a prideful aura around her.

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((ill be lightpaws mentor))

* Specklesong got up and padded outside the warriors den looking for her apprentice Lightpaw. SHe first checked the apprentices den then the clearing. when she didnt find her she went outside the camp. she quickly found her with heartstorm and bramblepaw. "there you are lightpaw..ive been looking for you." she said. she looked up at heartstorm and saw the look in her eyes."heartstorm whats wrong.?" then she smelt a scent"Windclan" she growled through bared teeth

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* Specklesong said in return. "we better!Windclan might be wanting to atack now!Lets go!!"she said and raced off towards her camp.

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"Yeah right!" Said Lightpaw after the warriors were out of earshot. She ran off after them.

"Lightpaw! Wait!" Bramblepaw called. She ran off after Lightpaw.

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Fishpaw ran out into the forest.

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* Whiskerstar couldn't believe what she was saying "What! This is unacceptable!Take me to it now!" she yelled.*

* Specklesong turned around and raced towards where the scent was. She bumped into two bundles."Bramblepaw!Lightpaw!WHat are you doing?Heartstorm said to stay back!"she looked at lightpaw and knew instantly that it was her who started to go. "Okay...just lets go back.....whiskerstars coming to see...go..go..go!" she didnt wait for the apprentices and just ran off.*

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* Whiskerstar padded over to a yew bush and smelt. She growled loudly."Windclan definatly...this is deep in our territory to...we...we...we ATACK AT DAWN! We cannot let windclan take our territory." she yelled.*

*Specklesong couldnt believe what she was hearing!There was gonna be a fight at dawn!So soon!Its whats best for the clan she thought!:"Yes whiskerstar we attack at dawn."*

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Lightpaw didn't know what to think. A battle? She was excited anxious and horrified at the same time.

Bramblepaw on the other hand thought it was all unescesary. "Shouldn't we try talking to them first?"

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* Whiskerstar turned her head towards Bramblepaw. "TALKING?" she hissed. " Those scrawny-flea-bitten fools wont listen!You approve of this!"she pointed her tail at the yew bush.*

* Specklesong stood beside her apprentice(lightpaw) and whispered in her ear "We'll practice your battle moves before the battle."*

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"D-Deathberries?" Bramblepaw asked a little confused.

Lightpaw was now twice as excited. She would get a chance to practice her skills before trying them....claws unsheathed

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* Whiskerstar said "Deathberries! Dont you see?Its a sign! There will be death from Windclan if we dont act soon! This is the perfect time to strike! You actually approve of this? Traitors. Fine you can stay home and guard the camp if you two dont believe in what im saying!" she said pointing ot Heartstorm and Bramblepaw. She turned around and raced back to camp.*

* Specklesong nudged her apprentice."Come on Lightpaw lets go to the sandy hollow."*

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"Ok!" Lightpaw said eagerly. She followed her mentor. There won't be any death in WindClan while I'm around, Lightpaw thought.

Bramblepaw winced at the word traitor. She didn't understand how she was betraying her clan by not wanting it's blood shed.

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((whiskerstars a girl))

* Whiskerstar got into camp and called her deputy in her den.((frostpebble))*

* Specklesong got to the sandy hollow and said "Okay Lightpaw, pretend i am a Windclan warrior who is sneaking into the camp, what are you going to do?"*

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Rosie (rosielight) Gingerkit crouched down a few feet from a blue butterfly. Completely oblivious to the danger and panic around camp he thought now was as good a time to play as any other. He took a few quiet steps before tensing all his muscles and pouncing on the insect, only to miss by a few seconds. Gingerkit didn't care though, it was still fun. After a few more attempts on a few different bugs he finally trotted back to the camp with a caterpillar in his mouth. He was so proud you could practically see an aura of happiness around his small orange body. He trotted past a few other clan members with his head high and swinging the insect so they would notice. "Morning Whiskerstar and Frostpebble." He threw the caterpillar up and caught it in his mouth again; just to be sure the clan leader had seen his good work. He took it over to the fresh kill pile and adding his small contribution.

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*Whiskerstar saw Gingerkit padding back to camp with a caterpillar. She went over to him "Why is that on the fresh kile pile?" she scolded. "And why were you out of the camp! Kits are not allowed outside the camp!" she hissed.*

((She's in a bad mood))

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Bramblepaw looked over at Gingerkit. He was being yelled at by Whiskerstar. Bramblepaw was not good at standing up, especially not in front of leaders, especially when that leader had called her a traitor, but she went over anyway. "Hey, cut him some slack."

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*Whiskerstar looked at Bramblepaw...."Oh look its the tratior!" she growled and headed to her den. She didnt need a little apprentice telling the clan leader what to do.*

*Specklesong bared her teeth and said "I'm gonna kill all the kits in the nuresery!" she crept around Lightpaw and pretended to stalk kits.*

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*Whiskerstar jumped onto High Rock and said "Cats of Thunderclan! Come under the High Rock for a clan meeting!" she yelled*

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Lightpaw loved kits. She wouldn't let that happen. She pounced toward Specklesong, but then veered sharply right and slithered under her belly. She swiped her front paws over it.

Bramblepaw normally would have felt bad at such words, but she felt she had done a good thing. "Some leader we have..." She grumbled, then she looked at Gingerkit, "It is a magnificent catch."

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Specklesong gasped in surprise then turned around and leaped on top of Lightpaws back squarely.

Whiskerstar called "Windclan have marked there territory in the middle of ours! We must take action!:" her head swerved form left to right. Dustfoot yelled out "We should fight!" then a loud cheering was follwed after.

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"Dont you see it's a sign?" whiskerstar yelled. The medicine cat Sparrowtail came out and yelled "Its true. The phrophecy is coming true! Berries from windclan bring death!!!" he yelled. Whiskerstar held her head high

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By this time, Bramblepaw was far from camp. She had run all the way to the death berry bush. She wanted to...look around some more.

Lightpaw let out a huff of air and collapsed to the ground. Her face hit the ground and she got a mouthful of dirt. She spat it out in disgust and rolled on her side so Specklesong would fall off.

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Whiskerstar sighed "Maybe..maybe...your right heartstorm." she jumped off high rock and went to lay in her den.

Specklesong fell down but got back up she swevered so she nuged her paw into Lightpaws flank so she could fall.

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Rosie (rosielight) Gingerkit's chest puffed up at Bramblepaw's complement. "Thank you." He said, keeping his head high he trotted back to his den to tell his mother about his "magnificent catch".

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*Whiskerstar looked up at Heartstorm eyes full of sadness "I just dont know what to do? Half of my clan goes against me and the other follows me. Sometimes i think I'm not right for being Thunderclans leader." she said saddily

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Whiskerstar sighed "Im sorry i called you and Bramblepaw a traitor, its you guys that make a clan. Maybe your right about talking to Windclan first." she said

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"Yes and i'll come with you. I want three warriors and two apprentices. So that it looks like were not gonna fight."whiskerstar said

Specklesong got up and said to Lightpaw "Come on, lets head back to camp."

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"Good, lets go then." Whiskerstar got up and padded out of the den. She beckoned with her tail for Heartstorm to gather all the cats for the Windclan talk.

Specklesong walked into camp

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Rosie (rosielight) "Oh oh oh! Whiskerstar! Can I come with you?" Gingerkit was practically bouncing around with excitement. "Pleeeeease?!"

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Whiskerstar looked down at the kit and stifled a purr. She bent down and said " When your an apprentice you will get to go on the first fight there is if there is any. And brilliant catch today!" she said. She got up and called Specklesong and Lightpaw coming into camp. She turned to Heartstorm and said "You get the rest."

Specklesong rushed towards Whiskerstar "Yes?" she said "You and Lightpaw are coming with me to warn windclan about there incident." thats all she said and beckoned with her tail for them to follow. SHe stood by tthe entrance and Specklesong followed. Yay! SHe thought she's gonna go talk to Windclan. She beckoned with her tail for Lightpaw to follow

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Rosie (rosielight) Gingerkit's chest puffed up with pride. He grinned at Whiskerstar, "Okay, thank you!" He trotted away with his head held high, only to trip over on his way back to the den.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Briarsong went to make sure Gingerkit was okay.

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Rosie (rosielight) Gingerkit smilled up at Briarsong. "Hello Briarsong! Want to see what I caught?"

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) " Are you okay " Briarsong meowed

Secondslikecenturies | 2 comments Tigerpaw bounded into camp with a vole in her jaws.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Fallingfire sat in the nursery with Firekit and Dusk-kit.

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Firekit mewed while sleeping. Her orange paw batted subconciously at Dusk-kit's ear.

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Specklesong looked at Lightpaw "Come on!" she said

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Lightpaw followed.

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Specklesong got to a clearing with Lightpaw, Whiskerstar padded up.

Whiskerstar padded up to Specklesong and Lightpaw and said "Lets wait here for the others."

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"Ok," agreed Lightpaw. She saw Bramblepaw pad over to them.

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Rosie (rosielight) Gingerkit nodded and rolled her eyes. "Of course I am, nothing can hurt me, I am a warrior!" He started jumping around excitedly. He then raced off to find Fallingfire and the rest of his kin.

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Firekit woke up with a start "DON"T EAT HIM!"
She then realized where she was, and that it was just a dream. She saw Gingerkit padding toward her. "Hey Gingerkit!"

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Rosie (rosielight) Gingerkit crouched down and started to stalk towards his sister. When he was only a few paws away he leapt onto Firekit and pounced. "Hey." He smiled and pretended to sleep, purring softly.

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