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Advice for the New Honor Students

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message 1: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (alannarey) | 3 comments Ok so everyone remembered that we had a meeting to explain about what HLA3 was and what we did and gave advice and stuff like that. I thought that we should make a thread for the new comming people just to tell them a little advice. I want it to be nice and no harrassing Ms. Neil, cause she is an awsome teacher and we dont want her to find us and totally mess up our grades and put a stick by our door so.... yeah. So all you people who have advice for the new students, I think they would like that!

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Wheeler | 1 comments read the material! dont bs through it because it will come back and bite you in the butt.

dont procrastinate!

Really put effort into your essays and you will get a good grade.

lastly talk to ms. neil if you need help, have questions, or just need someone to talk to. shes an awesome lady!

message 3: by Rosey (last edited Jun 07, 2010 09:02AM) (new)

Rosey Whiting (roseywhiting) | 8 comments Don't fall behind, you cannot catch up unless you have long weekends or something.

Do your work in other classes as early as possible so you can focus on the material or essays in HLA3.

READ harder books this summer. Challenge your reading skills by reading some literature from the 1800's. Make an effort to visit the classic section at the library. You'll struggle the first few months if you don't.

message 4: by Ashley (last edited Jun 12, 2010 08:18PM) (new)

Ashley Connolley (Revlypse) Well, I have a couple of words of advice being as I was a first year HLA student this past year. (wish I had gone to that meeting to actually meet people, but I was sick that day)

Anyway, do not feel like you have the class in the bag because you're great at English as a subject. Trust me, I had those moments at first in this class because I never felt challenged before in Language Arts. This class WILL challenge you, and you have to accept that and be prepared to do a lot.

Seriously don't freakin' procrastinate. In ANY classes, really. Junior year is your hardest, and becomes a horrible experience if you're a procrastinator. DON'T. PROCRASTINATE.

Ask questions. Yeah, you might feel a little stupid, but get over it and ask. It's so much easier to get things cleared up and actually do well than to wing it and end up messing up your grade because you forgot something important.

As a tip for overall Junior year... don't take a bunch of hard classes if you've never experienced the workload. I think that was my biggest mistake. Take a challenging class or two, but don't try to look incredible on your transcript if you aren't prepared. Use your heads when it comes down to your schedule. If something doesn't feel right, just change it in the beginning of semester.

message 5: by Niki (new)

Niki (niki211) | 1 comments I've also learned that you should always have sticky bookmarkers for your quots. It helps a lot! Also have a planner because due dates come out of nowhere!

message 6: by Jenni (new)

Jenni | 3 comments When a research topic is presented before reading the actual book, do your best and figure out as much as possible about the topic because it will help to understand the book better as well as help you to keep your mind open and you can usually use it in some of the content of your essays. :) It also provides more knowledge that you may use outside of class.

message 7: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (wiedenfeldz) | 1 comments Most of all. DON'T GIVE UP!

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