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roleplay here

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Matt walked Out his house.To his Black Lamborghini.

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Hayley was at school playing with her phone

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He was headed to pick his friend Hayley up so they could hang out.

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Hayley was waiting for a ride

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He beeped and pulled up in front of the highschool. "Ayyy Hayley!"He yelled rolling down the Window eyes moving towards her.

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Hayley ran over to his car"Hey Matt"She smiled

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He grinned ."Get in already."

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Hayley got in

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"Okay...So Theres this college party tommorrow night."he began "You wanna go with me??"

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"Sure"Hayley nodded

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"Why are you being so quiet?"He said pulling of quickly turnung down the music and looking over at her

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"No reason "Hayley smiled at him

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"Are you sure.." he said kinda speeding and glancing over at her.

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Hayley nodded

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"Uh hayley Ur soooo boring."He said

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"My Cousin is coming to visit"Hayley said looking at him

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"Which one?"He asked

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"The 24 year old one"Hayley said

((im gonna go make him))

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"Ohh Okay."He said ((Its shoulda been a girl lol))

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((ill make two new charries then))

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Hayley texted Bradley

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"What about your mega Hot Cousin the one thats dpoing modeling."

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"Kristi is coming to"Hayley said

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"Awesome he laughed ((gtgbbl)

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Hayley shrugged


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Taylor ♡ "Ya I guess," Hayley said.

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((taylor im gonna bite you))

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Taylor ♡ ((omfg why.... WHAT DID I DO!!!!! >.<?!?!?!!))

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((rp your own charries not mine))

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Taylor ♡ ((ok but you dont have to bite me lol))

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Taylor ♡ ((if u bite me i will bite u back :) :) ok?!?! lol)) ((plus it was on accident i didnt know lol sry :( :())

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((its k make a charrie))

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Taylor ♡ ((idk who tho!!))

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Taylor ♡ ((a friend that is best friends forever with hayley?))

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Taylor ♡ ((k brb))

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Hayley looked out the window

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Matt looked over aat her.

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Taylor ♡ Her best friend for life Kayla comes up in the driveway waving. "Hi Hayley!!!!!!"

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Matt pulled into the Driveway. ((Matts her bff too lol Can he like Kayla ??))

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Taylor ♡ ((ya i guess idc))

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AMtt pulled up and got out. "Hey Kay...."He smiled He knew her for only a year or two. (how old is she?)

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((Hayley likes him u know))

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((hayley likes Matt? Okay Never mind then for Kayla then Matt and kayla can be cool friends))

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Hayley got out of the car

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Matt looked at her then too kayla. "We should go swimming it is hella hot out."He said wanting to see btoh of them in their bikini's.He smiled wide.And ran up behind hayley and picked her up spinning around and around.

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