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Sky walked in the opposite direction, spraks flying from her hand which concealed a hidden blackthron wand.

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Stephanie ran through the trees away from the people that were chasing her. 'WITCH COME BACK HERE!" they screamed. she panted as she ran.

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Sky heard this, deciding she shouldn't stick around. She began to pick up the pace.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Wow they did restart this one *Whistles* Is Div still Rping in this one?))
Desa skipped thru the park, humming to her self.

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((yeah sorry about that. And she hasn't been on))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Oh kk. LOL Next time send out a warning notice cause we had gotten pretty far and I just got back on GR so I thought at first the rp had been entirely deleted till I got the after math notice. :] ))

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((i did send out a warning notice though...))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((...I didnt recieve it I did get the one telling which rps didnt get earased tho :] ))

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((oh, sorry!))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((lol its okay. :] Just need to like make a folder in the announcment place next time before hand. lol))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Haha I wasnt trying to be mean or anything, just got freaked earlier. :] ))

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((again sorry))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Chill!!! :] ))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((I am so bored today. And none is really on any of the rps right now. :[ ))

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((yeah huh. the gifted one, the medieval one, and the club one))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((I'm not in those ones lol :D ))

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((well make a charrie silly!))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((lol i think I did in the gifted one. lol))

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((ok well jump in where you can))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) :]

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