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message 1: by Raven (new)

Raven Juria (raven_m_juria) | 275 comments Personally i hate spelling the word ^ like that but i know thats how Diamond likes it

just do as what you think you should do on this thread,
you lot aint that dumb ;-P

message 2: by AAAlien (new)

AAAlien | 1986 comments -What are you doing?
-Having breakfast.
-You already had breakfast!
-We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?
-I don't think he's heard about second breakfast, Pip. -*shocked* And what about lunch?! Brunch?! four o'clock tea!? Dinner!? Supper!? He's heard about them, hasn't he!?)
-Wouldn't count on it.

message 3: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 4216 comments Mod
erm, wtf? are we quoting funny lines from awesome movies or do we discuss good movies? :/

message 4: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 4216 comments Mod
what was that from Aaalien??

message 5: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments it's from Lord of The Rings; Fellowship of te Rings Zane. How could you not know :0

message 6: by Ross (last edited Jun 07, 2010 12:53AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Have you guys seen the Princess Bride, it's pretty good
'Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya... you killed my father... prepared to die.'

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 482 comments i like that movie

message 8: by Ross (last edited Jun 07, 2010 12:59AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Yess Alexis, how cool was Andre the Giant ;p

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 482 comments its a very cool movie its on me list to buy or git as a gift for birthday or christmas not watch parents or library copy

message 10: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 4216 comments Mod
i read half of the princess bride. it was lame.
I told you woolfie, i dont like the lord of the rings *gag*

message 11: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Tell Aaalien not me, but now I know for future reference ;p
Yeah Princess Bride is kinda random, and I was not very happy with it;p

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 482 comments but still its a good movie so cant be that bad

message 13: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments yeah I liked the movie more than the book:)
Have you guys seen Alice in Wondrland?

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 482 comments yes i have i own it and is re watching as sitting here in me living room on the tv behind me

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 482 comments had to share and i own my favorit funny part

message 16: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 4216 comments Mod
Do you mean the old one woolfie? i hated the old and the new. johnny depp was the only thing that made it worthwhile. but it still sucked boiled eggs. meh.

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments yes, ive seen Alice in Wonderland.. loved it- i thought it was so cool and the way they changed stuff and the special effects.. i loved the Mad Hatter =]
why did you think it sucks Zane? :(

message 18: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
i really enjoyed the film too!
Ok i noe its sik buh i really wanna watch kiss the girls... U know the one wid morgan freeman

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments hmm.. i think ive seen like the last 10 minutes of it.. never really intrigued me tho :\

message 20: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 4216 comments Mod
never heard of kiss the girls.
I found it so...ugh. Alice was so...expressionless-although not worse than kristen stewart as bella. Do NOT get me started on that. say it. vampire *monotone* JEEEEEZ! killed it uber muchly.
anywho, i dunno, it just didnt do it for me. Anne Hathaway was freaky. it was just. i dunno. not for me. lol, i suck at explaining :)

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments HAHAHAHA!! lmao, uber muchly- nice one Zane :P yeah i thaut Alice was a bit tasteless too

message 22: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 4216 comments Mod
glad you can agree :)

message 23: by Ross (last edited Jun 07, 2010 07:22AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Kiss the girls is good, I love Morgan Freeman as an actor, he's so charismatic:)

And while I kinda liked Alice in Wonderland I thought it lacked a definite something, it just seemed soo one dimensional if you seee what I mean

message 24: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
have u seen it woolfie?? Omg did it have the 'snake scene'??

message 25: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Isaw it a long time ago, sorry can't really remember, it was a box set with he Sum of All Fears and Along Came A Spider

message 26: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
O_O waaaaah! i wanna watch them i read kiss the girls and along came the spider last year... isnt the spider one with gary somji and the kidnapped rich kids?

message 27: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments yeah:) idn't find it as good as Kiss the Girls, but it's still interesting:)

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments wat snake scene? which movie are you guys talking abt?

message 29: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
kiss the girls.... the book has a freaky snake scene....

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments oooh, my friend found a black and red snake in her backyard yesterday... her dad chopped its head off with a shovel -.- haha

message 31: by AAAlien (new)

AAAlien | 1986 comments o_O creepy

message 32: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
COOL!.. buh poor snake.. was it a red belly black snake?? they're poisonous

message 33: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments yeah I agree there's something automatically to be frightened of in snakes;p Most of em just wanna be left alone.

message 34: by AAAlien (last edited Jun 09, 2010 06:45PM) (new)

AAAlien | 1986 comments oh the other day i hold one of those snakes uhm the one on harry potter, not the basilisk xD nor nagini, the one on the first movie but smaller, and i think they're really awesomee and pretty :)

message 35: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
the braziliasn boa constrictor?

message 36: by AAAlien (new)

AAAlien | 1986 comments yeah, but it wasn't thatt big
like this

message 37: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments yeah they're mostly quite nice they only crush you and bite if they're hungry and even then tey rarely attack humans;)

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments sweeet, i would love to hold a non poisonous snake.. it wud be creepy =]
LOL Woolfie- theyre perfectly harmless... but they can crush you to death if they feel like it -.-

message 39: by Ross (last edited Jun 10, 2010 02:01AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments wel thank goodness they rarely fee like it unless they happen to be hungry;p

And they're not harmless as Arnold the Pygmy Puffskein (Ginny's pet in HP) they ar dangerous creatures to be handled with caution;p

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments NERD:P hehehe. ive never read any of the HP books, only seen the movies

message 41: by Ross (last edited Jun 10, 2010 02:25AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments ;p Hey you ask any HP fan and they should know who Arnold is ;p

and you gots ta read the books, the movies are an insult.

Sophie *Ninja Rapunzel* (sophi3) | 1912 comments yeah i heard a lot of good abt the Half Blood Prince books and how there are gonna be lots of action scenes and how good the movie is gonna be.. but even tho i didnt read them i was totally disappointed. i watched it with my sister and her husband and brother inlaws and the whole car ride home they were saying how crap it was. i just sat and laughed :P

message 43: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments you're wierd lol;p

message 44: by AAAlien (new)

AAAlien | 1986 comments i know who Arnold is! xD

message 45: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
mmm i just remembered

message 46: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments what do you guys think of Bonnie Wright, the movie Ginny?

message 47: by AAAlien (new)

AAAlien | 1986 comments i think she looks to young in the new movies xP

message 48: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments yeah and there doesn't sem to be any chemistry with Daniel, but maybe they'll up it in the last movie.
I get the feeling so far romance has not been seriously considered for the films so far.

message 49: by AAAlien (new)

AAAlien | 1986 comments i honestly don't think they'll up to it xP
yeah, i think they REALLY ruined Ron-Hermione x_x

message 50: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments lol yeah well they did get the argument parts right, but I dunno bout the romance tho, but I think they'd be sweet together, Rupert has this drunk puppy dog look which is adorable;p and Emma well:)

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