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I grew up in a home that was strict with healthy living and eating. We rarely ate out, rarely had soda and when we did it never contained caffeine. We were all extremely healthy as children.

Over the last two years my soda consumption (especially of Coke) increased and my health decreased. I began to notice in the past year that every time I had caffeine I would break out in a terrible rash and later shakes. Since getting pregnant with my seventh baby I noticed it even more drastically. I don’t drink sodas as often when pregnant, but every time I did I would itch all over my body severely for four days! It was then that I decided to go cold turkey on the sodas and caffeine and to follow the council of our church leaders to not consume caffeine.

In the article You Are What You Drink , it states, “CHICAGO - A study says teenage girls who drink soda are far more likely to break a bone. The study was based on questionnaires filled out by 460 ninth- and tenth-grade girls in a Boston-area high school.

The risk of broken bones was three times greater for girls who drank carbonated beverages in general. These beverages included non-cola drinks like ginger ale. The risk was five times greater for active girls who drank colas…..

“Now, let's take a look at what happens to our bodies when we fill them up with soda pop.
First off, you already know that we're dehydrating our bodies if we consume soda pop without taking in enough water to counter the effects of the caffeine. But secondly, and most importantly, look at the pH of Coca-Cola. It is decidedly acidic. Now, doctors recommend what for heartburn? Something your body needs anyway? Tums? What is in Tums? Calcium?
Calcium buffers acidity. Many people with heartburn find relief by taking only calcium tablets.

When the body becomes acidic, it goes to the Calcium Stores and borrows a little to return the body back to normal. Homeostasis, the body’s ability/tendency to maintain equilibrium, is maintained by buffering the acid with calcium, and the left over calcium is sent to the kidneys to be washed away.”

My friend Dawn and I are going through a “break away from soda” learning period. She is far more addicted, but at first we thought my body was far more affected by it. As she is coming off this “drug”- so to speak- she is realizing how many symptoms her body was actually going through too!
In the article: “Colas and Sugar” found at, Marian Butler, is a Missionary Health Specialist for the LDS Church. Her job is to keep people healthy during unusual circumstances.

“When I went in to visit one mission, the mission president was a Coke drinker. Because of this, he didn't make any suggestions to the missionaries along this line. Many of the local missionaries thought that drinking pop or Coke Cola was better than water because it was bottled.

You can put a huge dose of typhoid in a bottle of Coca Cola and in 24 hours it will be sterile because all the junk in Coke will kill almost anything. And that's a test that has been conducted….”

She goes on to tell of her experience interviewing all the missionaries in that zone. All of these young men, who normally should be in fantastic health, had one medical condition after another. This particular mission was located in the hottest mission on the earth. She found that most of them were drinking 3 liters- not of water- but of Coke a day! She shares with them this talk:

"All this talk about food is making me hungry. I'm starving. Do you mind if I just have a little snack? I'm starving and quite weak." So I get out my little bowl which is full of bran flakes. Then I say, "I always use a little sugar on my cereal, excuse me." Then I pull out the sugar bowl and I put one, two, three, four - and I count out loud - five six seven. When I'm finished there is a heap of sugar on top of it - seven teaspoons of sugar on top of my cereal.
"Oh Sister Butler," they all say.
So, I say, "Ok, would you like to eat this?"
To the last man, they say, "No, it's too much sugar."
So I trap them. "In each six ounce bottle of pop you will find seven tea spoons of sugar in it. Elder So and So is drinking three liters of Coke a day. That's something like 96 teaspoons of sugar a day and you are wondering why his body isn't functioning properly!"

Here she is only speaking of the amount of sugar in sodas!
According to the Body Ecology Diet site (Body Ecology Diet ), "One teaspoon of sugar is proven to wipe out the immune system…"

”We've formed an emotional attachment to sweets, but the average American has been consuming high, unhealthy levels of refined sugars (we call them carbs these days) and artificial sweeteners (like NutraSweet, Equal, Asulphame K and Splenda). The consequences of a high sugar diet include diabetes, weight gain, Candida and cravings for even more sugar.”

Not to mention the caffeine! I’m not going to get into caffeine in this article. We all know that it is a habit forming and addicting drug. Just as I want my children to stay away from drugs, I need to lead by example! Unfortunately, it was a hard and miserable lesson learned and my body has much recovering to do.

Back to Marian Butler‘s article, which is a fantastic closing for my own, she says, “I deal with the fact that the Word of Wisdom is a correct principle and that the Lord doesn't have to spell out caffeine, Coke, and all that stuff. It is a principle. We do everything we can to keep our body healthy. I think the major problem with Coke, though, is the caffeine. But the sugar is certainly right up there when you start drinking it in those amounts. The Lord didn't say Arsenic was against the Word of Wisdom. He didn't spell that out. And Arsenic isn't even habit forming. But it will kill you. So, this is an example of where the principle comes in. It's a principle with a promise. You abide by those principles, do everything you can to keep your body healthy, and you will be healthy.”

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This good! Thank your mom for me for this Calypso.

I have ONCE had a caffeinated drink. I was baby-sitting, and got a Sunkist out for me and the girl (they're parents said we could have one with lunch). I opened it and took a tiny sip. After I swallowed, I remembered that my dad once told me that Sunkist had caffeine in it. I looked to see if the soda was caffeine-free. It wasn't. I didn't want anymore, but It felt like such a waste, and a waste of money. So I drank the rest, feeling terrible. The rest of that day, I couldn't concentrate very well. Me and the girl watched TV for a while, and I can't very well remember what happened in the TV show.

I do drink Soda, but only like, Sprite, Grape soda, Root Beer, etc. Non caff drinks. And I don't drink soda very often either.

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Me too.

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That is awsome

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