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message 1: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess In this excersise, I will post a few pictures, and you can write a short story/poem/verse about it. OR you could choose to post your own pics.




message 2: by Fhal (new)

Fhal (donellys) | 33 comments The first picture reminds me of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, looking for Catherine.
I don't know what the second one is but I think it used to be a boat that sunk and due to global warming the sea dried up.
The third is nice, I think it expressed the person's passion for music and that he wanted to immortalize his desire for playing the piano.

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan (megandarle) | 26 comments I think the first picture reminds me of George washington in the woods for some reason that just pops into my mind

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok, it's about pic 2.

Under the sand
Lies the true nature of the sun

I'm scared
We're running out of water, out of life
The ship sails on and on
But I can't help feeling the pressure of the light

I used to think with you
I could overcome any obstacle, any sand wave
Every heat
Every fear
But your fingers left mine in a slippery moment

And the loss only the made the distance so long
And the pain made more accurate
The errors I have made

The distant's too long
But I'll try to hold on

Is this too random???
Also, the third picture for some reason reminds me the Phantom of the opera. I have no idea why but it just popped in my head...

Skyelark *Incredimazing* Charlie Logan (skyelarkcharlielogan) | 7 comments Actually I did too! That's weird, cause I can't remember anything in Phantom of the Opera concerning a piano in a graveyard.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah me neither! I suppose it has something to do with the atmosphere...

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) in the movie version, the song "Wishing You were Somehow Here Again" is sung in a graveyard, and the Phantom then appears from behind a mausoleum. That's what I thought of when I saw that picture, at least.

message 8: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess For me, the story for the first picture is this:

1) There is a man driving his horse and cart.
2) He sees something in the distance.
3)He follows it. Its a silouette of a beautiful woman
4) The woman beckons him around a dark bend in the road
5) The man, lust-struck follows.
6) The woman murders him or hold him for ransom.

message 9: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess oooh, nice

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) PICTURE TWO reminds me of that scene from RETURN OF THE JEDI when Luke rescues Han and Leia from Jabba the Hut and Boba Fett gets thrown down to that monstery thing :P

message 11: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) The first one reminds me of a murderer coming after a fleeing woman who had escaped him.

message 12: by Joel (new)

Joel (jp223) | 11 comments Pic one.

The mist clouds around me and my lantern,
she wavers as the chilling wind blows and distant howl of wolves unnerve me. The woman in front of me is clouded by shadows and is moving with such grace that she seems to be drifting on the mist itself. The moon shimmies in the night and gives its all as it tries to enlighten the scene before me. The woman continues to elude me as I call out to her, the mist seems to strangle my words and choke them dry so they are not heard. They hang in the mist and reverberate through the dank and humid air, being left unspoken for all eternity.

message 13: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) Great one, Joel!! That picture reminds me of Sherlock Holmes.

message 14: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 3 comments picture #1 made me think of a guy who lives in a shack (or a lighthouse) who's wife had just passed away and while looking out his window had seen a figure that looked like his dead wife so he followed it to a lake in the dark then it just kinda disapeared

picture #2 looks like it could be some old egyptian machine that had been covered by sand for thousands of years until vit got uncovered and end up being the contraption that made the pyramids

I'm not really sure what the third picture reminds me of. I just gives me a weird spooky feeling

message 15: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess Fantastic! I really like your ideas :)

message 16: by Maggi (new)

Maggi | 73 comments Pic. 3.

My music has died.
The songs are all over now.
They die with me too.

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