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chapter one

I stared into the sky, a black blanket pierced only by the sharp light of stars. the silver sliver of a moon was suspended between twinkling stars. i sighed, and closed my window, hopping down from the sill onto my cold wood floor. i could hear footsteps outside my door. she knew i had been looking outside again. she was going to hit me again. i heard the door open, and i tensed my muscles, waiting for the sharp pain of her hand against my cheek. but what i felt were arms wrap around me. it was not her. i relaxed a little, but not enough to let my gaurd down. i still didnt know who was pulling me against them.
"who are you?" i whispered.
"Shhhh," was thier reply. i obeyed. something about the voice calmed me, and relaxed every muscle in my body. the person held me up. my eyes closed, and i relaxed into a deep sleep.

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when my eyes opened, i was no longer in my house. i was in a strange room. the walls were a pasty white, and the floor was an aweful grey, flecked with pinks and greens and blue. there was sparce furnature, and i was laying on a leather couch. i looked down at my clothes. someone had dressed me in jeans and a t-shirt. i rubbed my blurry eyes and sat up. i went to run my fingers through my hair, but someone had chopped it boy-short! i was shocked. it was softer than it had ever been before though. i stood up, and started to walk out, but i couldnt see a door! i was stuck. i sat back down, and sighed. then, i heard a whirring noise coming from the wall, and a voice followed. "Hello, Angela! Welcome to Ship 451! How was your sleep?" i was so shocked, i screeched and fell off the couch. "I know how shocked you must be," the voice continued. "But you need to stay calm. i am going to let someone you might know into the room, to see if she can calm you down." a hole opened up in the floor, and i saw a tuft of grey hair rising out. "Nicholle?" i whispered.

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the tuft of hair grew into a head of grey hair, soon revealing a neck, shoulders, torso, and finally her legs and feet. "Nicholle, what's going on here?" i questioned. Nicholle walked over, and sat down on the couch, patting the leather next to her. i got up from the floor and sat down. i looked up at the wall, briefly, seeing that a screan had appeared, and looking at us was a giant face. i quickly turned to face Nicholle. "Dear..." she began, obviously uncertain of how to word what she was about to say. "I have known you for a long time, and i really thought that they wouldnt find you... but they have." i was still confused. she continued. "you see, you never met your parents, as you already know. they came down to earth, to put you with someone who could care for you while they stablised the universe." "uh, i think that i have figured this out," i said. "i am obvioulsy having an aweful nightmare, and i am going to wake up any minute. i mean, stablise the universe? that's just rediculous!" Nicholle looked at me again. "Let me try and explain things again. Angela, have you ever noticed how no one you have ever met has the same color eyes that you do?" it was true. my eyes were a dark, rich purple. "Yes, but what does that have to do with this situation?" i asked. "Well, look at that man's eyes," she said, pointing to the giant head on the screen. his eyes were the same color as mine! "Okay, so he has purple eyes too. I still dont understand." "Well, this man is your father, and you are currently aboard one of his star ships. you are princess of the universe."

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"oh, ha ha! i get it. this is some wacko psychiatric test to see how i react to the unreal," i said. Nicholle had done stuff like this before. like, dropping me off in a random street, blindfolded, and expecting me to find my way home. she was a crazy psychiatrist. (maybe she wasnt crazy, but her tests were.) "No, dear. this time i'm not testing you. this is entirly real," Nicholle said. "No it's not! i know that this isnt real. there's no princess of the galexy and what not!" i exploded. nicholle was starting to scare me. i stood up, and began backing away from her. she turned to the screen. "Andreew? i think that you need to come in here and reasure her," she said. The man on the screen nodded, and left, the screen whent black and sunk back into the wall. soon, the floor opened up again, and the man stepped up.

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He was tall, with broad shoulders, and a muscular body. he had thick, black hair, and his rich eyes pierced me. he smiled, revieling perfect white teeth peering out between thin, pink lips. he was dressed in a dark blue robe, and over the chest was a symbol that looked like an x over a giant sphear.

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Michelle (michellerobins) ((hmm...should this be her father or the one who came to her room or her betrothed??))

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((well... i already said he was her father... but there will be a 'betrothed' soon...))

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"Andreew? Would you please explain to your daughter what's going on?"
The man sat down beside me, and Nicholle exited the room the same way she had come.
"Now, I know you are confused, scared, nervous, et-cetera. But what Nicholle told you is true. You have finally come of age to take over the universe as it's queen."
"Oh, my word! This is getting rediculous! I am not the queen of the universe, you are not my father, and this is not some starship!!" I screamed, and stood up from the couch.

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Nicholle and the man called Andreew looked at each other intently, and I saw a thin purple wave shimmer between thier locked eyes. Nicholle nodded, and stood up.
"Come with me dear," she said, and led me over to the place where she and the man had appeared from. The floor opened up, and she pushed me onto a platform, which sank lower and lower until I couldnt see the adults any longer. I shut my eyes tight, willing myself to wake up. When I opened my eyes again, I was still decending down through the tunnel, surrounded by blackness. I could feel the platform slowing, until it came to a complete stop. A door opened in the wall, and I stepped out. I looked around me. I was in a room full of windows. Outside, there was a dark curtain of blackness, only disrupted buy different colored pinpricks of light. "Stars!" I whispered. I had never been so close before. I reached out and set my fingertips against the glass. I found myself quickly drawing my hand back at the strange sensation I felt. It was like someone had burned my fingers, and then sent shock waves through my arms to cool my fingers down. I looked at my hands, curling and uncurling my fingers. I heard a soft laugh behind me.
"Interesting sensation, isnt it?"

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"Yeah," I replied, turning to see who was speaking to me. It was a boy, about sixteen or seventeen. He was not very tall, but not short either. He had light blonde hair, and the most electric blue eyes I had ever seen. They seemed to pierce into my very soul, digging and pulling at me. He was smiling, showing two rows of perfect white teeth. He uncrossed his arms and stepped towards me. He held a hand out.
"I'm Nathan."
"Nice to meet you, Angela," he said, and we shook hands.
"So, I assume that you are pretty bewildered with the situation, huh?" He asked.
"Yeah. I keep trying to wake up. Maybe this is a dream. I dont think that it could be reality."
The boy laughed again. "Oh, but it is. I know the way you feel. I was a bit shocked myself when I woke up on this ship, and someone told me I was to marry the princess and rule the universe. It all seemed a bit silly."
I swallowed. The man called Andreew said that I was the princess.
"So... how old were you when they 'beamed you up', so to speak?" I asked.
"I was about fourteen. I've been living on this ship for two years since. Andreew is a pretty nice guy, and so's his wife. Supposedly. I havent actually met her. Or the princess."
I laughed nervously. "Well, here I am."
"What do you mean?"
"You cant exactly go around saying you havent met the princess any more."
"Wait... you mean you're the princess?! I feel like i should bow or something."
"Please dont. Things are wierd enough as is. I dont really need people bowing to me," I replied. I folded my arms around myself uncomfortably.
"Okay. So, where did you live before here?" He asked me. I relaxed a bit.
"I lived in Michigan."
"What's Michigan?"
I was taken aback. "Uh... it's a city? On Earth?"
"Oh! You're from Earth! I'm from Xenith."
"Oh! I suppose Earthlings arent exactly as technologically advanced as us. Xenith is a planet in a solar system a few million miles west of the milky way."

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Amy (amyungy) | 3 comments COOL!!!!

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Amy (amyungy) | 3 comments i wish my dad looked like that!

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There was an uncomfortable silence for a few moments, and we both looked at our shoes. There was a whirring noise coming from behind us, and we both turned to see the door in the wall open.
"Nathan! I see you've met the princess?" Andreew said.
"Yes sir," Nathan repied, bowing to the other man.
"Angela," Andreew said.
"Sir," I replied, nodding curtly.
He cleared his throught uncomfortably. I was pleased. "Your mother, the queen, wants to meet with you."
"Oh, does she?" I was feeling a bit fiesty.
Andreew was uncomfortable again. "Yes. Follow me please. You can talk to Nathan later." He turned and began walking to another wall, and a door opened in it. I followed him to the door, and just as I entered, I turned and waved to Nathan. He blushed and waved back. The door closed in front of Andreew and me. I could feel us rising up, as if we were in an elevator. Soon it slowed and stopped, and the door opened again to reveal a large library. The shelves were clear glass, mounted on the windows, so you could see the stars. The floor was covered in the most plush carpet I had ever stepped on. There were a few tables scattered around the room, and in one of the chairs a young woman was flipping through a book. She looked up, her black eyes staring at me. Her golden hair was tied up behind her head, and she was wearing a long satin gown. Very much queen of the universe.
"Hello, Angela," a voice said. I looked at the woman again, and saw that she had no mouth! Where was the voice coming from? I looked around the room. I heard a laugh.
"Hmmm... you are curious, are you not?" the voice said. "I have no mouth! How could I possibly be speaking? It seems to defy all laws of human nature. But it is not impossible. Not at all." The woman stood and crossed the room, and stopped inches from me. "You see, I am not human. There are no limitations where I come from. I could fly if I wished. There is no such feeling as curiosity there. But ah, the wonder of the human mind." I was shocked.
"Hello, Angela. Meet your mommy," the voice said. I looked at the woman. I was speachless.

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Sadie (sade159) | 8 comments Wow, how many stories do you have now? This one is great! Keep up the good work!

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"Andreew, the girl seems to be in shock."
"Yes," Andreew replied. "Angela, this is your mother. She is the queen."
I subconciously reached my hand up and touched my mouth, still staring at the woman. I heard a laugh again.
"Dearest Angela, wake up and smell the roses. Dont you remember me?"
"N-no," I studdered. Andreew and the blonde woman looked at each other the same way he had looked at Nicholle, and I saw the purple line pass between them. "Nicholle told me the same thing, Betrice," Andreew said to the woman. "I am just giving her some time to prosess before we go to such drastic measures."
"I understand. You can take her back to see Nathan again. I can see that she feels comfortable around him," the voice said. How did the woman know that I had been talking to Nathan? Could she read minds? I turned to Andreew, and whispered my question to him. "Yes, she can read minds. Like she said, there are no limitations where she comes from. She can do anything." He led me back to the elevator thing, and we steped in. We got in, and sank back to the floor where I had been before. The doors opened, and Nathan was still in the room, looking out the window. I exited the elevator and walked up to him.

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"How was your meeting with the queen?" he said without turning. I stood next to him, and looked out into the stars. "It was... interesting."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, she is quite smart, and... she has no mouth, but yet she talks. And she can read minds."
Nathan turned to me. "What? She has no mouth?"
"Yeah. Apparently, she came from some place that has no limmitations."
"Ah. Neptalli."
"That's the name of her home planet."
We stood in silence, watching the stars. After a few moments, I turned to him. "So, you're supposed to..."
"Oh, never mind."
"No, tell me."
"You're supposed to marry me?"
"I probobly shouldnt have let that slip earlier."
"Well, Andreew and Betrice will probobly tell me soon enough."
We stood in silence again. I heard the elevator door open, and I turned. It was Nicholle.
"Hello, Angela, Nathan," she said. Nathan turned. "Oh, hello, Nicholle," He replied. I waved.
"Angela, I am supposed to show you to your room."
She turned, and I began to follow her. I didnt turn back to look at Nathan this time. But I dont know why. Nicholle and I stepped into another elevator, different from the two that I had already ridden in. This ride was possibly the longest of all the rides. Finally, the door opened to reveal a large bedroom. The walls were pure windows, and in the middle of the room was a circular bed on top of a teal rug. The bedding was black silk, with small bright colored dots to resemble stars. There was a large, red chair, big enough to curl up comfortably in, and a huge bookshelf full of novels. The floor was also pure glass, so it felt like I was walking on stars. I smiled. This might not be so bad.

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"Are you satisfied with your room, Angela?" Nicholle asked from behind me.
"Yes. It's gorgeous. I couldnt have asked for more."
I turned around, and Nicholle handed me a paper. "This is a map of the ship," she said. She pointed out all the main elevator shafts and where they led to, and told me about all the rooms on the ship. "Now, since you are the princess, you have access to every room. But, Nathan doesnt, just to let you know incase you want to go somewhere with him." I nodded. "Oh, and to turn the lights on and off, you just snap your fingers three times." She snapped her fingers, and the lights went off. She snapped again, and they came back on. "Okay, thank you Nicholle," I said. She nodded and turned back to the elevator. In a moment, I was alone in the room.
All of a sudden, I realized that I didnt know where my clothes were. I began frantically running about the room. I realized that running around the room was not getting me any where, and I stopped and put my hands on my hips. There was a material under my hands that definately wasnt a t-shirt and jeans. It was super soft, not silk, but not quite cotton, either. I looked down at myself. I was wearing white pajamas! When had that happened? I just shook my head. I was tired. I climbed into my bed, and was instantly cradled by the most comfortable matress I had ever laid on. I put my head on the pillows, and my head felt like I was resting on a cloud. Soon, I was asleep.

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A beeping close to my head woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes, and blinked a few times. I snapped my fingers, and the lights came on. I sat up, and looked around the room. It was odd to think that it was morning, and I could see the stars. I slid off my bed, and my feet landed in some very comfortable and soft slippers. I shuffled over to where I had set the map, and traced my finger from my elevator into the dining hall. I needed to get back to the room where I had first met Nathan, then take the purple elevator down to the dining hall. I folded the map up, and put it in the pocket on my pajama pants. I walked up to where the elevator, and stood puzzled for a moment. How did I open the thing? I put my hand on the door, and nothing happened. "Open sesami?" I tried. Nothing. I stepped my right foot forward, and the door opened. I looked down, and saw that I was standing on a small button. I stepped into the elevator, and began the decent. When the door opened, I half expected to see Nathan in the room. But he wasnt there. I looked around the room, and took in my surroundings for the first time.
It was a very spacious room, one wall was completely window, and the floor was covered in a very odd looking carpet. It looked spikey, but was very soft to the touch. There were a few bean bags scattered around the room, along with a very big screen t.v. There wasnt too much to the room. I immediatly spotted the purple door to the elevator. I walked over, and put my foot on the button. The door opened, and I felt myself going down. When it stopped, and the door opened, I was greeted by many pairs of eyes. I didnt recognise any of the people sitting at the tables, and I was a bit scared. Then they all started to bow. I pulled the map back out of my pocket, and looked again. I saw where my mistake was. I had come to the dining hall, but I should have gone to the banquet hall. Nicholle had explained this to me last night. The dining hall was for the servants, and the banquet hall was for the royalty and Nathan. I turned around and the elevator door closed again, and I was sent back up to the room, which on the map was called the lounge. When the door opened this time, I knew that I needed to take the black elevator. After ascending, the door opened and I saw that I had found the right room. The queen with no mouth, Andreew, and Nathan were all sitting at a glass table eating breakfast. I steped out of the elevator and sat down at one of the chairs. A woman dressed like the people in the dining hall walked over and placed a plate full of steaming food in front of me. I thanked her, and she nodded and walked off. I took my fork and stabbed the yellow stuff that looked like scrambled eggs. It tasted nothing like eggs. It tasted like pancakes in stead. I didnt mind so much, but I still found it odd.
"Good morning, Angela," the voice said.
"Good morning."
"Oh! Angela, I didnt see you there. How do you like your... eggs?" Andreew asked.
"Well, they taste a bit like pancakes."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. We tried our hardest to recreate earth food."
"It's no problem. I am just going to assume that the bacon tastes like eggs and the pancakes taste like bacon."
Everyone turned back to thier breakfasts. We sat in silence for a moment. It was then that I realized Nathan hadnt greeted me. I was slightly hurt, but I didnt know why. I had only known him for a day. After we had all finished our breakfasts, the woman came back and cleared our plates. Just after she left, purple curtains surrounded each of us. I let out a surprised yelp.
"It's okay, Anglea. It's just changing your clothes and grooming you," The queen said.
"I calmed down a bit and watched as it removed my pajamas, and put fresh clothes on me. It had decided on a pair of trouser jeans, and a blue striped button down shirt. I could feel something combing my hair, and another something applying makeup. When the curtain was done, it disappeared, and the queen, Nathan, and Andreew stood up from the table. I followed thier lead. The table and chairs sunk into the floor. The other three headed for various elevators, and I followed Nathan. We stepped into the elevator together, and the door slid shut.
"So, that was earth food?" he asked.
"Not exactly. The flavors were all mixed up."
We rode down in silence.

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When the door opened, I looked into a room that I hadnt been in before. I unfolded my map and figured out where I was.
"This is your bedroom?" I asked. I was slightly shocked.
"Home sweet home," Nathan replied, flopping back on his bed. I stepped out of the elevator, and stared at my surroundings. There were no windows in this room, and everything was grey, or chrome. There was a chrome bookshelf, which had a few sparce books inside, a metal framed bed with grey sheets, and a grey carpet.
"It's so... grey," I commented.
"Yes, well, the king and queen are not convinced that I am the one who is supposed to marry you, so they put me in an empty servant's room."
"Isn't that a bit cruel?" I asked. He sat up.
"Not to them. We are still journeying around to find the real prince. Or so they think. They arent going to find anyone else."
"Oh," I said, and sat down next to him.
"You sound disappointed that I am the prince," He said.
"Not at all. Everything is just so wierd."
"I understand." A red light began blinking on the wall. Nathan walked over, and pressed it. "Yes?" He said.
"Is Angela with you?" A crackly voice said.
"We need to speak with her."
"I'll send her up," Nathan said, and took his finger off the light.
"I guess Andreew wants to see me, huh?" I said, standing up.
"See you 'round," I said, and got into the elevator. It took me back up to the banquet hall, where a few soft chairs had been set up around a small table. I sat down. Soon enough, Nicholle, Andreew, and Betrice entered the room.
"Hello, Angela," Betrice said. Andreew nodded at me.
"Nathan said that you guys needed to see me?"
"Yes," Nicholle began. "I think that it is time to tell her," She said looking at the king and queen. They looked back at me.
"Dearest Angela. We have some exciting news," Betrice said. "In a few short earth months, you will marry the prince of the universe, and you two will rule."
"Who's this 'prince'?" I asked. Andreew looked uncomfortably at Betrice. He cleared his throught.
"Well, um, it may be Nathan, but we are not convinced. He is so, un-prince-like."
"And?" I asked.
"And right now we are searching the universe for the prince."
"But, if Nathan is the prince, then why do you have to search?"
"Because, we arent sure."
"You mean, you dont want him to be the prince."
"Earthlings are quite perceptive, arent they?" Betrice said.
"I still dont understand. Nathan is perfectly nice!" I said.
"Yes, but he doesnt have the princely qualities that he needs."
"Okay, then how do you know that I am the princess?" I questioned daringly.
"Havent you seen the similarities between the queen and you?" Nicholle said.
"I have a mouth," I commented.
"Yes, but you both have the same golden hair, the same tall stature, the same body type, you two are practically twins!" Nicholle said.
I looked harder at the queen. It was true, we did look alot alike. I sighed.
"There are probobly a million Earth girls who look just like her!" I said.
"Dont you want to be the princess?" Andreew said.
"I dont know. You kidnapped me from my home, my friends, my school, my life. Then you tell me that you are my parents, and that I am going to rule the universe. I am still pretty convinced that this is just a very realistic dream." Then I stood up, and walked over to the elevator, and rode it back down to Nathan's room. Without speaking to him, I crossed the room and took the other elevator to the lounge. I flopped down on one of the beanbags and sighed.

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I rolled onto my side, and looked out the window. I saw a very farmilliar planet outside. Saturn! I stood up and ran to the window, taking in every ring. It had always been my favorite planet. I pressed my hands against the glass, not caring about the tingling and burning. I had never dreamed of being this close. I began to smile. This was deffinately worth the kidnapping. Soon, I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Shhh!" I said to the person who was trying to talk to me. I wouldnt have anyone ruining this perfect moment.
"NO! Shhh!" I said, turning. I came face to face with the queen. I swallowed.
"Quite enthralled with Saturn, are we?" She said. I nodded.
"I could have the pilot stop the ship, if you'd like," She said. I finally found my voice.
"Could you?" I must have sounded like a kid in a candy shop. She nodded, and her eyes smiled at me. She left the room, and I turned back to the window. Soon, I felt the ship come to a stop. We were in the perfect position. The queen came back, and placed a camera in my hands. I began taking pictures like crazy. After a while, the camera died, and the queen took it back. "I'll have the photo's developed," She said, and she left. Soon, I felt the ship begin to move again. We passed saturn, and I became bored with looking out the window. I decided I wanted to visit the library. I found the way on the map, and soon enough, I was in the library. I saw the queen in the same chair she had been in when I first met her. I began running my fingers along the shelves, looking for a good book to curl up with.
"I would recomend, "Star Storm", the voice said. "It's historical fiction, so you'll learn a bit about history of the universe, and it's a great story." I pulled the book off the shelf, and sat down in one of the leather chairs. I opened the book, and was immediately incased in the story. I was reading about a girl named Anya, who was once the queen, eons ago, and the plot to murder her husband. It was really interesting, and I read untill the queen told me it was time for lunch. I memorised the page I was on, and then followed the queen to the banquet hall, where the glass table had been put back. I sat down, and the woman from the morning brought me a plate of food I didnt recognise. I looked at it, and then turned to the queen. "What is this?" I asked.
"That is called aran. It's food from Nathan's home planet. I think you'll like it. The taste resembles chocolate cake." I immediately took a bite and shoved it in my mouth. The rich, moist taste of chocolate cake filled my mouth. I sighed. "This is healthy for you?" I asked after I had finished my first bite.
"Probobly one of the most healthy things you could eat," Nathan said.
"Wow. It tastes incredible!" I said, taking another forkfull.

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We all ate in silence for a moment, before the woman who had served us came screeching in.
"Your magesties!! Someone is trying to get on the ship!!" She screamed, and then burst into tears. Andreew got up and put his arm around her. "There there, I'm sure that it's just someone trying to communicate with us." He took her out of the room, and a few minutes later came back, and pressed a button on the glass table I hadnt noticed before. A large screen came down from the ceiling, and came to rest on the table. A face appeared on the screen. It was a woman, who looked to be about thirty, with long black hair, framing an olive skinned face with almond shaped eyes. She smiled the largest smile I had ever seen, and then began to speak.
"Betrice, Andreew! How has your trip been? Is this the princess?" Her voice was velvety, but there was a cold undertone. Andreew looked back at the woman without smiling. "What buisness is it of yours how our trip has been, Louise?" He asked the woman. I put another forkful of aran into my mouth and chewed slowly. The woman looked at me. "Ah, princess. How have you been? I havent seen you since you were just tiny!" She said. I just looked at her. Something about this woman was recognisable, but I couldnt figure out what. She just smiled and waited for me to reply. I swallowed the food that was in my mouth. "Uh..." I started, but I was cut short by Betrice. "Louise, my pet. Why are you bothering us?" She asked calmly. But when I looked at her eyes, I saw fire. The woman stopped smiling when she looked at Betrice. "I thought I was speaking to the princess," she said angrilly. She turned back to me and her face returned to the smiling mask she had been wearing. "So, princess, how has your life been these many years?" She asked.
"Uh, fine?" I replied hesitently. I looked over to Nathan, but he had left. "Good," the woman Louise said. "Now, princess, I think you should come home with your real mother, me," she said.
"Oooh! My life's pretty twisty!" I said, snickering at my own joke. Andreew shot me a hard glance. I closed my mouth, and returned to my food.
"Havent you told her about me yet?!" Louise screached.
"No! There is nothing to tell about you! No matter how much you lie, she is not your daughter!" Betrice growled.
"I think I'd better go," I said nervously. Andreew nodded in agreement, and I got up and left, much to the dismay of this Louise person. I got in the elevator that led to Nathan's bedroom, and once I entered his room, I flopped on his bed. "Uhh, hi?" He said from the corner.
I suddenly wished I hadnt come this way. But I was already here, so I stayed. "Who is that Louise person?" I asked. He walked over and sat on his bed next to me. "She's this woman who thinks that she is your mother or something. According to what I have learned, she is quite the threat. She tried to kidnap you when you lived on earth." I was a bit confused. I didnt remember being kidnapped.

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"How did you learn this?" I asked.
"You are being very straight forward," He said.
"Oh, sorry. I can go, if you want." I stood up to go. Nathan reached up and grabbed my arm.
"No, please dont," He said, pulling me back down. "Back to your question. I hate to admit it, but I am a bit of an eaves dropper." He hung his head as if he was shameful. I laughed a little. "So, you basically just listen to their conversations?" I asked.
"Who are you referring to?"
"The King, Queen, and Louise."
"Yeah. There is a vent that goes into the banquet hall from my room." He pointed upwards. I followed his finger.

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There was a grey vent in the ceiling, and I could hear quiet conversation drifting down, but I couldnt make out what they were saying. "How can you understand what they are talking about?" I asked.
"I just remove the vent cover and stand on my bed to get my ear closer. I can't understand every word, but I get most of the conversation."
An idea began to form in my brain. "Could you take the cover off now?" I asked.
"You want to eaves drop?" He asked, smiling one of the largest smiles I had seen. I nodded. He put his index finger over his lips, and stood up on his bed and began to pry off the cover. Once he had removed it, he motioned for me to join him. We both stood, our necks straining to listen.
"Louise, you know that this wont be approved of by ..."
"You dont think ... know?"
What Nathan had said was true. Bits and pieces of the conversation were getting lost.
"This is... head ache. Cant we end this... now?"
"For your wife's... yes. We can... this later." The conversation ended abruptly, and Nathan quickly put the cover back into place. We sat back down on the bed.
"So, what do you think Louise wanted to do that wouldnt be approved of?" I asked.
"I was just thinking the same thing," Nathan said. We sat in silence for a moment, our minds running through everything again.

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I pulled my legs up to my chest, and sighed. Then an idea formed in my brain. "What if she is the villan of this story?" I said.
"What story?" Nathan asked.
"Well... this little situation that I seem to have landed in."

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Sadie (sade159) | 8 comments wow, you have really got a good story going! keep it up! i want to see what happens! you rock hard, Nicole!

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"You call this a situation? This is life, my friend."
"It's a bit like I've fallen into one of my books from back home," I said. Home. I missed home. Home was where Isabelle-my cat-was, where my friends were. Home was where I felt comfortable and safe. Home was where Nicholle woke me up at 7 am every morning to get ready for school. I missed home.
"What are you thinking about?" Nathan asked.
"Home," I replied, looking into his eyes. I felt a pulling urge to lean in and kiss him. I pushed it away. I had only known him for two days!
A tear slipped out of Nathan's eye. He looked down at his knees.

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"I guess you miss your home too," I said. He sniffed and looked up. "Yeah."
"What was your home like?" I whispered.
"It was amazing. I didnt think that at the time, but I really miss it now. My family and I lived in this nice big home. There were four levels, and lots of room for the six of us. I also had an animal similar to your earth dogs. Her name was Glok. She was great. It was always warm, and everyone was friendly. I had a comfortable life. Then these people beamed me up and all of that was gone. No one can send me messages or anything. I feel so alone out here." Then he let go and really began to sob. I didnt know what to do, so I patted him awkwardly on the back.

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Sadie (sade159) | 8 comments I luv this, Nicole! Keep going! It's a great story!

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I sat silently for a moment, with my hand resting on his back. I began to absent mindedly trace shapes on his shaking back, and a tune suddenly popped into my head. It had always calmed me when I was having a hard time, so I began to softly hum it. Soon, Nathan's shaking subsided, and his ragged breathing became smooth, and even. I realized he had fallen asleep, and placed one arm around his shoulders, and the other just below his colar bone. I leaned him back, so he was laying on the bed, and pulled my arm out from under him. I walked over to the elevator, and rode it back to the dining room. I then took the elevator that lead to the library. I wanted to read some more of that book the queen had recomended. I smiled at the thought. Soon, the elevator came to a hault, and the door opened. I stepped out, and saw the queen sitting in the chair that she had been in the last time we were in here. I found "Star Storm" sitting on the my chair, and I sat down to read some more. "Angela," The queen said tentatively.
"Yeah?" I replied, looking up from my book. "That, conversation that we had in the dining room..." She began to twist a lock of hair around her finger. "Did you want me to explain to you..." I cut her off. "No, thanks. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm some space princess." The queen nodded, obvious relief in her eyes, and I turned back to my book. A few moments passed, before a question popped into my head. "So, what happened with Nathan?" I said. "What do you mean, Angela?" "Well, how did you know that he was the prince and everything?" I asked. "Well, we dont exactly know if he's the prince, and that's why we're going around to different planets to try and see if there is another prince." "Well, if you dont really know, than why did you beam him up?" "We couldnt risk having him fall in love with some other girl, if he were the prince." I nodded, and turned back to my book. Soon, I was wrapped up in the battle of Anthrox, and stayed there till my eyelids felt heavy, and I dozed off.

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The next thing I knew, someone was shaking my shoulder. I jumped, nocking my book to the floor, and looked over to see who had touched me. It was Nicholle. "Angela, you need to get up! We have to head to the cabbin. We are going to accelerate, so we can get to the other planets faster. The cabin is the only place where the force of our speed wont affect us. Come on!" I stood up, and Nicholle lead me into the elevator, and up to the dining room. From there, we took a few more elevators, until we had reached a brown room, similar to an airplane cabin. But, the seats were all large, leather, and thickly padded. There were groups of them all over, groups of two, of three, etc., all surrounding tables. Nathan was seated, and I took the seat across from him. We were over in the furthest corner of the room, away from the adults who were clustered in another group of chairs. I strapped my self into my seat, just as one of the workers walked over to us. "Would you two like anything?" She asked. She had a round face, with dark brown almond shaped eyes, and a small nose, with thin lips resting just beneath it. "Uh.." I started, but Nathan cut me off. "We'll both have some aran, and gik." The girl nodded, and walked off. "What did you just order?" I asked. "Well, you already know what aran is, and gik is similar to milk." "Oh." "Did you want to order something?" "Well, I was kindof wanting a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake," I said. Nathan nodded. "Amelk!" He shouted, and the woman came back. "As it turns out, I will be the only one having aran and gik. Miss Angela would like a hamburger, fries, and a chocolate shake." Amelk nodded and rushed back into the kitchen.

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"So, do you know anything about where we're going?" I asked. Nathan sighed and looked over his shoulder, then began to speak quietly. "We're going to the planet X. Supposedly, there's a couple people who the king and queen think may be the prince." A question quickly popped into my head. "If they're having such a difficult time figuring out who the prince is, did they have a difficult time finding who the real princess was?" I asked. Nathan nodded. "Thier highness' werent very smart in that they didnt keep contact with the people who they left you, and the prince." "Wait, are you like, my brother or something?" I asked. "No, the prince isnt your brother, more like very distant cousin." "Oh. Tell me about what it was like for you before they beamed me up," I said. Nathan sighed. "Oh, I suppose we do have a long flight ahead of us, all right."

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chapter two

I opened my eyes to the light of two suns shining into my room. I blinked, and shielded my eyes with my hand. I sat up, and the blanket fell off me. There was a quiet nock on my door, and it opened slowly. Rosa, my maidservant entered timmidly, which made me smile. "You needn't be afraid, Rosa. I'm not going to hurt you, no matter how many bananas you put in my oatmeal." This made her smile too, and she stepped forward more confidently. She handed me a tray, with oatmeal and a glass of gik on it. I thanked her, and nodded to me before exiting my room. After eating breakfast, I got ready for the day. (You know, shower, get dressed, etc.) As I was brushing my teeth, I heard my mother calling me from downstairs. "Nathan! I need you down here this instant!" She sounded angry, so I hurried down. "Yeah?" "Nathan, you are late for your studies! You had better get out of this house this instant!" She handed me my bag, and practically shoved me out the door. Jazz was waiting in my yard as usual. "Wassup, man?" He asked me. "You are really too white to be talking like that," I replied. "Fine. Why are you so late this morning, Nate?" He asked. "I dont know. Rosa generally doesnt wake me up this late, but oh well." We began the walk to studies, cracking jokes and laughing the whole way through the winding streets. Soon, we reached the double iron doors of Annisten Middle. A girl with silvery blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes came running towards me. "Hello, Nathan, James," She said. "Hey, Lucia," I said. Lucia always approached me this way in the mornings, and I was beginning to get a bit miffed about it. She was wearing a pink blazer, and jeans. She was hugging a large stack of books to her chest, and staring intently at me. I looked over across the field. "Well, I'd better get going..." I began, and walked quickly around her and up the stairs. I sighed once I got to the doors, and entered the school without Lucia at my heels, for once. I knew that Jazz would be angry for leaving them alone together. (He didnt particularly like her, either.) But I didnt care. Just as long as she wasn't following me.

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School usually wizzed by quickly, as it did on that fateful day. After leaving the building and saying goodbye to my friends, I headed home. The two suns were being shadowed by clouds, and a cool breeze was blowing through the air, towsling the grass and my hair. Once I got home, I dumped my backpack and took Glok out to play. We had a large back yard, with gardens surrounding a lush lawn. As we played, I felt a strange feeling of light-headedness. I just shook it off, thinking it was nothing. But, soon after, I felt dizzy, and I began to shiver violently. Tremours shook my body so hard that I fell to the ground, and soon my eyes were rolling back in my head. The next thing I knew, I was laying on a leather couch, in clean clothes, and my hair cropped extra short. I couldnt see a way out of the room. A voice came booming from somewhere in the room that I couldn't see. "Welcome, Nathan!" It startled me to see a large face on a monater on the wall. I was stunned, and couldnt find the words to speak. The man began to laugh. "Ah, Nathan. Dont be so afraid. You're going to be able to take up your rightful place soon!" I felt so confused. What had happened?

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Meg | 5 comments Nicole! Holy Crap! this is awesome! i'm hooked! keep on going!

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Sadie (sade159) | 8 comments i know right!? Nicole needs to continue...i want to know what happens next!!! (please) :)

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Sadie (sade159) | 8 comments how come they think she's nathean? what is his "rightful place" write more! this is great stuff!

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Meg | 5 comments nicole! you need to write more!!! (please) :)

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Meg | 5 comments sadie...when they say "welcome nathan." they're welcoming him to the ship right after he was beemed up. he was telling angela about his life before. his "rightful place" is the throne! because they think he's the prince remember? :)

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Sadie (sade159) | 8 comments yes but i was confused because i thought this was being said to the main girl character...i get it now....kinda

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