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Lizzy was walking the halls under her usual black cloak.

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Emily The little looking gold-eyed girl stared up blankly at her parents. Their words echoed uselessly through her head. "You have to leave"..."We don't want you to end up like us"...

She wanted to scream at them what idiots they were being. What hypocrites. What idiots they have had to been in the first place to ever have her. She was a mistake. A crime against nature. She'd heard it all enough and the words didn't even sting her insides like wasps anymore. Now it was just a hollow echo, numbing her body.

They wouldn't even give her the decency to leave her alone and allow her to mourn her loss i piece. No, they had to insult her even more and stay

She was practically ready to spit. "You really had to send him off to the army?" She asked softly, her hands messing with one another, nails biting into the soft flesh of her palm.

"yes, it was necessary." Her father echoed quietly. Same questions being given the same answers over and over. When will this repetition ever stop? She asked herself, slowly filling with self loathing. "This isn't right." She murmured quietly.

Well isn't this out of the norm for meek little Crevan? Her Head-Voice cackled.

"Am I the only one with such annoying voices in my head?" She asked to herself aloud, which, was not as strange as it would sound, given that she was always talking to herself.

Her mother leaned down and ruffled her hair. "Don't worry. Once you get there, it will be as if this never happened."

That's what I'm afraid of...

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments ((ill do a big paragraph on my first one if that helps))
Elektra tried to walk away from Ebony, but of course it didn't work.
"Elektra! Come back!"
"NO!" She called over her shoulder. Then Ebony appeared in front of her and she jumped. "Would you quit doing that!"
"I would if you stop walking away from me! It would seriously be best if you when there!"
"I don't want to!"
"Read my lips. I. Don't. Want. To. And. I. Will. Not. GO!!"
Ebony sighed, "You made me..."
"Oh no... You aren't going to do that again are you?"
"I am."
Eletkra's eyes grew wide and ran. But Ebony was faster and went into her body. Elektra shivered for a second and then Ebony was controling her. "This is for your own good." Elektra tried to fight against Ebony but she was stronger and they were in the school. Then Ebony went out of her body. "See! It's not um... that bad."
Elektra glared. "As well as I'm here..."
"I knew you'd listen to reason."
"By reason you mean forcefully dragging me here?"
"Which I have to say is not fair because you used your ghost powers."
Elektra sighed, "Let's get this over with..."

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Emily ((Good for you.))

"Come on, I'll help you pack." Her mother whispered as her father pulled a suitcase from the hallway.

"You know... I hate you both." She said, a laugh pulling at her lips. "You both suck. You're idiots!" She laughed, tears trying to escape, but, that was the only thing she wouldn't let happened. After everything, she wouldn't lose control of that.

They just stared at her, frown pulling at their lips. "We're just trying to protect you." Her mother mumbled, and they drifted out the door.

She slumped down on her bed, breathing heavily. "I lost my cool there, didn't I?" She asked particularly no one. A mad smile pulled at her lips, as a laugh exploded from her. "This sucks! I didn't do anything wrong, you--you--hypocrites! I hate you!" She screamed at the wall, throwing herself down on her bed and pounding her fists into the pillow. "You suck!"

She couldn't imagine what she had done was wrong. How could something that was wrong feel so natural? Like that was the way it was meant to be? She couldn't answer, all she knew was that the horrible feeling pulling at her stomach was suffocating her, and consuming her soul, it felt like.

"Why why why why why?" She sobbed into her stuffed panda. "I miss him, Kawaii." She sobbed into the animal.

"Happy birthday!" She could remember pulling the panda out of the bag, she frowned at it. "Why the hell did you get me a stuffed animal?" She asked him, debating ripping its head off just to prove a point that she didn't need one. "It's the thought that counts. He said flatly, gabbing his coat and slamming the door behind him.

"I'm sorry She mumbled softly, burying her face in the pandas fur.

"I'm sorry." She mumbled, doing the same as the pathetic little twelve year old had done.

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments "Here. I even got your stuff for you." Ebony said. She was gone and came back with a small bag.
"Yea, packing everything I own must have taken you at least 4 minutes."
Ebony frowned, "Common Elektra! I'm going through this with you! Anyone tries to TOUCH you they're barbeque."

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Emily She pulled herself from the bed. "You're acting pathetic. Like a baby. You suck." She echoed her thoughts to herself aloud.

"You really do suck." Came a voice, different from way of her window. She spun around, almost not believing it. "Kione?" She asked, seeing his face and the smile spreading wide across her face.

He jumped down from the sill and came over to her, smiling just as bright at her. "You really shouldn't beat yourself up that much, I almost wanted to stop you." He said softly, the boyish smile spreading across his face.

"Kione." She mumbled softly, one hand still desperately clutching to the panda's paw while she wrapped her arms around him. "They said you were already gone." She mumbled into the leather of his coat. "I thought you were gone." She mumbled quietly, as if trying to not ruin the perfectness of this moment.

He ruffled her hair playfully. "How could I leave without saying goodbye?" He asked her softly, leaning down and brushing his lips against hers. "You and I, we'll be just fine." He muttered, kissing her nose.

"But, our lovely parents will notice if they don't hear your hysterical screams, so I sugges, you start doing that again, and I will help you pack." He said, smirking at the opportunity to trick them, as they had done thousands of times.

"If only we had acted as miserable as always, this all could've been avoided." She mumbled quietly, her fingers brushing over her charm bracelet she ad gotten for her thirteenth birthday, along with a horrible secret.

The words still haunted her to this day. And they will, every day after this day...

You will never be able to love anyone you're not blood related to...

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments ((ouch... that sucks))
Elektra couldn't help but smile, "Thanks Ebony. When you say that it always makes me feel better." She said the last part sarcasticly.

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Emily ((Yeah, it really does for them. I stole that idea from this manga ))

"Why why why?" She screamed as a small smirk came to her lips. Kione ruffled her hair and nipped lightly at her earlobe. "I love you..." He whispered softly in her ears, sending shivers down her spine.

"I love you too." She mumbled back quietly, a small smile spreading across her lips. "I hate you!" She screamed loudly, pitching her panda out the wall, making a picture fall down with a large bang and thta soft sound of shattering glass.

When she turned back to her brother, a mad smile playing across her lips at the destruction she had caused, he was pulling his chain off from around his neck. "Here." He mumbled softly, pressing it into his palm. "Just remember me... If I die."

Her face fell and tears started to pour down her face. "I am pathetic." She said as he pulled her forward and hugged her to his body.

"Come on, I'm strong, I'll live." He mumbled softly, his hand playing with her hair. "You and I will be just fine." He whispered in her ear. "Just fine..."

We are pathetic

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments Ebony smiled, "Now... am I going to have to go inside of you again to get you to talk to people and make friends or can you do it by yourself."
"Gosh! You're only older than me by three minutes!"

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Emily She stared up at him, eyes still watering. "I suck." She mumbled quietly, stepping back from him and grabbing one of her dirty t-shirts off the ground and throwing it in the suitcase.

"We suck." He corrected sarcastically, a smile still pulling across his lips. "You weirdo, how can you be so happy?!" She asked, wanting to throw something at him. She grabbed her panda off the floor and snuggled him close, her hand still clinging to the chain.

"We're cursed. We may as well make the best of it." He said, a frown spreading across his face. "Sorry I was happy to see you." He said flatly.

"Don't be." She said, shoving the stuffed animal at him. "Keep that. I don't need it." She said flatly, immediately condemning herself for doing such a stupid thing. He just stared at her, his eyes betraying what he was actually feeling. Their twin gold eyes...

She was snapped out of her anger at the sound of knocking on the door. She gasped and spun around, she unlocked the door and opened it up.

"Hi." Her mother said flatly, standing in front of the door.
"Hi." She returned her same flat greeting.

No screaming, Kione must have slipped out. She thought flatly, her eyes stating up at her blankly. At least the anger has passed.

"I'm sorry, but we had to do this. We didn't want you to end up like us, and then you'd have kids, and they'd end up like us--"
"What if I don't want kids!?" Looks like the uncontrollable rage is back...
"Look, you think I like the fact that your father is also my brother? No. But we've been doomed for centuries. End the cycle. Marry a nice boy, you don't have to love him, and your brother can do the same, and it will all be over!"

No no no no no fricking way.

"You can be happy! Why can't I be happy?!" She asked, tears popping into her eyes again. I suck...

Her hands still clung to the chain.She needed it. It was hers now.

"Even after everything, I'm still guilty, there's no way I can be truly happy." She mumbled softly.

"Whatever." Crevan mumbled, bending down on the ground and picking up a Converse sneaker. "Where the hell is the other one?" She mumbled quietly.

"Whatever to you too." She said harshly, slamming the door.

She bent down to throw the sneaker in her suit case, and her cute little panda laid propped up against it....

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Nemonica sat against a tree, wondering once more why she was gifted (or cursed) with this power...Perhaps it was a plan set by God? Maybe...
Nemonica sighed before morphing into a bird and flying off.

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Lizzy walked passed Ebony. She accidentaly bumped into her. "Sorry....sorry" she muttered and went on her way.

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Emily She picked it up and cuddled it in her arms. "Damn him." She muttered softly, wiping at her eyes. "He always has to go and do something nice and make me feel guilty.

"I really do suck."

"It's not healthy to be filled with so much self loathing. May as well enjoy being damned while you can." he said, propping his head up on his hand and opening up one of those old-fashioned Pepsi bottle. "Where the hell did you get that?" She asked, slightly amused at the fact that he had one of those things that were from like, the fifties. "Ah, little sister, I have my ways." he said, his contagious grin spreading across his face. He pulled another one from behind him and threw it to her, which she easily caught. "Thanks big bro." She mumbled, snuggling up next to him.

You never failed to cheer me up... But now that's all over, isn't it. She asked herself, the self loathing once again, bubbling up; inside of her, stinging and clawing at her insides.

Disgusting, human filth, waste of space...

She rolled up her sleeves and looked at the memories of the past cuts, ways to get rid of the insignificance of her being there. No one except him had even noticed that she had been doing so. Only everyone flipped out when she had an inkling of happiness in her...

Waste of space...

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((who is thinking waste of space?))

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Emily ((My character, duh.))

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((?? confused...))

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((lol, yeah))

Nemonica landed and de-morphed by her school, she walked in.

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She jumped when Nemonica came up infront of her not having noticed her before.

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Emily Shai*Why is life so complicated?* wrote: "((?? confused...))"

((Why are you confused?))

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((cuz is it the little girl talking to herself her bro rthinking it about her or what?))

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Emily Shai*Why is life so complicated?* wrote: "((cuz is it the little girl talking to herself her bro rthinking it about her or what?))"

((She's not little, cuz is not a word, and her brother is not in the room. All italics are what YOUR character is thinking))

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments Ebony sighed when a girl bumped into her.
"How did that girl bump into you?"
"I figured, at this school, it would be best if most people think I'm just a really pale girl with black hair." Then she stopped floating and put her feet on the ground.
"Wow... You do look like a person."
"I've been practicing before I convinced you to come here."
"You meet forcefully drag me here?"

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Emily Shai*Why is life so complicated?* wrote: "((.........))"

((What? You're spamming the thread now.))

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Emily "Why don't I just do everyone a favor and kill myself." She said to the panda flatly.

Oh yeah, and talking to inanimate objects isn't crazy either...

It just stared up at her with its stupid black shiny eyes. "You're not very helpful, are you?" She asked it, and it took her a minute just to figure out it wans't going to answer her, no matter how long she talked to it.

"You suck almost as much as me." She told it, propping it back up against the suitcase.

"Big sister, don't you think you're being a little over dramatic?" Her little sister asked, poking her head in the door.

"Mind your own business Airlia." She said flatly.
"At least don't kill yourself here. I want your room nice and clean for when I get it so I don't have to keep sharing with Brend."

Of course a ten year old doesn't want to share a room with her two year old brother.

"Yeah whatever. You can have my clothes too." She said staring blankly at her.
"thank you so much, I love you!" She screeched, hugging her. I hate you...
"Can I have Mr. Panda too?"
"No!" She practically screeched at her.
"Fine, you don't have to flip on me, sheesh." She mumbled, jumping onto her bed and snuggling into the unmade covers. "I'm really gonna like sleeping here! I think I'll paint the room pink..."

Crevan groaned and resisted the urge to slap her. "I hate you." She mumbled under her breath. "Did you forget I have the ears of an eagle?" She asked her, frown spilling over her face.

"Nope." She said bitterly, grabbing the pillow out from under her head. "Mine."

"Whatever." She said, grabbing a stuffed bunny off the bed and skipping out of the room while mumbling something about buying plush carrots.

"Out of all the siblings they had to send off, they had to get rid of the one I actually liked?"

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Emily ((Told you I hated it when people post in sentences. XD))

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Emily ((XD So, I post about 300 words!))

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Emily ((I posted 1,500 once for a rp. XD))

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Emily She slumped down against her bed, heart pounding. They really had to send him off? They really have to send me off? They can't at least keep one of us here?

Nope, the jerks can't.

She stood up and piled any leftover clothes from her floors into her bag, and from way of the window, she was pretty sure she heard a quiet. "Bye."

She sighed loudly and put the panda on top of all the things disorderly thrown in the suitcase. She had to sit on it just to get it to zip, which, was quite a feat.

-She stood up, and her hand still clutched desperately to the gold chain, while her other hand gripped the suitcase handle, turning her knuckle white. "Bye bye room."

It doesn't even look like my room now...

The floors were completely clean, and you could actually see the ugly beige carpet. The bed had the clothes mixed in with the sheets taken also, and it didn't even look like her bed.

"I miss my messy room." She said softly, her hands tracing across the off-white walls. It wasn't even really her room in the first place. It looked more like a spare bedroom for unwanted guests.

"This place sucks almost as much as I suck."

She picked up her suitcase with a heavy sigh, noting the fact that the handle was sticky with jelly. "Damn." She mumbled softly, moving from the room out into the hallway.

She stomped down the stairs in an unhappy way, just to make sure her displeasure was known. "I'll drive you." Her father mumbled, and she stomped out to the car and got into the front seat of the horrid van. "Why must everything be beige?" She asked her reflection, which looked beyond pissed.

She examined the broken little girl in the mirror. She looked sad. Depressed. Worst of all... Lonely....

She pried her eyes away from herself with a slight cry.

What have a become?

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments "Well go on! Talk to some people!" Ebony said. Elektra sighed.

message 31: by Emily (new)

Emily She practically curled up into a ball in her seat. She wanted to sob, cry, do something to let off the emotions that were waring inside her, but...

She could do nothing.

Only her eyes let hint of the true sadness inside of her.


The drive there was quiet and awkward. Hell. She had never been so uncomfortable.

She tried to avoid the gaze of the girl who stared blankly at her from the mirror, but, she still stared. No one was going to win this fight.

Once they were there, the old brick building looked like a prison from her point of view. She uncurled herself and sat up straight, which seemed like a horrid task to her.

"Have fun." Her father said softly, as if afraid to wake a child from slumber. He pulled her bag from the trunk and dropped it on the sidewalk.

"Burn in hell." She muttered, pushing passed him and grabbing the bag.

She couldn't even make herself have any moral quips about saying that. he deserves that to burn him She thought bitterly, a little smile popping up on her face for horrible reasons.

"School, I hope you're ready for me."

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Ky (poeticshark) ((Hey Air, could Callin and Crevan be roommates?))

message 33: by Emily (new)

Emily ((Sure. ^^))

message 34: by Ky (new)

Ky (poeticshark) ((Cool. When I'm done with this stupid project, I'll work on a post.))

message 35: by Emily (new)

Emily ((Okidoki!))

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments ((wait... is it two or three pple to a room?))
"Now since it's your idea... Tell me who the hell to talk too." Elektra said plainly.
"Gosh... Fine, how about that girl." Ebony pointed to a girl that looked like she wanted to kill someone.
"Really? Her? It's not that she's weird... well everyone here is weird but, it looks like if I talk to her she's going to bite my head off."
"Maybe she will, You never know until you try."
((the girl she pointed to was Crevan))

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Emily ((Two. -_-))

message 38: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments ((okay do u think i should put them in the same room or different rooms?))

message 39: by Emily (new)

Emily ((Who? Your characters? I could care less...))

message 40: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments ((well... thanks 4 ur concern))

message 41: by Emily (new)

Emily ((You're welcome. :3))

message 42: by Emily (new)

Emily Crevan couldn't even make herself mind that someone pointed at her, she just stared blankly at the gate.

It took her a few minutes to get herself to push the little intercom button. "What?" A dull, half asleep voice asked her. "It's Crevan Malloy. The new student." She said flatly, drumming a beat on her suitcase.

"Stop with that racket! You've arrived two hours late!" The voice said, sounding a little more irritated than before. "Whatever." She mumbled softly as the gate opened wide.

Walking in she got a few strange stares.

Who are they to stare? The boy with horns is looking at me like I'm the freak She sighed heavily.

Once she was inside she began getting a sort of odd feeling, like a sensation that she had to go somewhere.

Her feet dragged her forward until she came to a door. It said Principals Office

"Oh great." She mumbled, her hand reaching out to the door knob. She turned and stepped inside. "You can come in." A sarcastic voice said. the same intercom voice.

"Hello." She said flatly.
"Hi." The voice said back.
He's not The Voice, he's a person Crevan, jeez.

"Uh... Sir... Why did you make me come here."
"For this." He said, handing her a key, and a piece of paper.
"Your room's 227. Enjoy." He said flatly. She blinked, and he disappeared.

What the hell?

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments "Well she's gone. Any other suggestions." Elektra said.
"Find out where your room is?" Ebony suggested flatly.
"Okay..." She walked into the Office and got her room. "Room 230, fun." Elektra sighed and went to try and find her room. "What about you Ebony?"
"Huh? Oh.. I'm not going here...I'm just sorta gonna be your stalker." Elektra stared at her, "Okay... maybe I should just be you dead sister haunting you."
"Yea.. It'll be slightly less weird."
"Tell that to the people staring at the ghost girl." Ebony gestured to the other people staring at her after she turned back to her ghost self. They quickly turned away like she would kill them. "Ug, people are way to paranoid about ghosts."
"Who isnt?" Elektra said and stopped in front of her room.

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She brushed passed Nomenica looking for her room. She hoped no one was in it. HSe liked being alone fore some strange reason.

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Esther (essie7198) | 665 comments She opened the door and looked around the plain small room. "Yey..." She walked in and dumped her small bag on one of the beds. "Ebony... I think you're going to have to sleep in outside."
"What! I'm not some dog you know!"
"Sorry, but there's not enough room for three people in this cramped box."
"How do you know you're going to have a room-mate?"
"Do you NOT notice the other bed? What, do you think they set it up just for you." Elektra almost yelled.
"Um..." Ebony said shifting her waight.
"Don't flatter yourself Eb."

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Emily She grabbed her bag up off the floor and sighed. "This sucks sucks sucks suck."

Almost as much as I suck...

She grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open, her shoulders slumped as She went back into the hallway, the peering faces of her peers judging her, as far as she was concerned.

I love you. What she wouldn't do to hear those words right now. She sighed heavily. "I miss him." She told her gold painted toes.

"Talking to yourself shows that you've been lonely too long." She said sadly to herself, picking at her cuticles, peeling away the skin.

She kept her head down and walked quietly through the hallway. The piece of paper had a map to the school on it and it had all her classes marked and where her dorm room was marked.

She easily navigated, drifting through the hallway like a mere shadow, she came to the dorm room without much struggle.

She unlocked it and pushed it open. She found herself in a room not much different than her own. Beige and off-white. The unwanted guests room. The only thing that was really different was that there was a bunk bed. "Oh how fun..." She murmured, unzipping the bag and grabbing the panda.

She climbed up the ladder and sat on top of the bed, surveying the land.

"This is where I'm stuck."

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Ky (poeticshark) ((oh joy. Caylyn will not be amused by the bunkbed.))

message 48: by Emily (new)

Emily ((XD Why not?))

message 49: by Ky (new)

Ky (poeticshark) Caylyn Grey Justic trudged up the stone steps, dragging her leather suitcase behind her jaggedly, on her way to the main office.

She made a face when she saw the drab paint job and then she moved swiftly to the man in the doorway. Without a single word Caylyn held out her hand. She knew -- she just knew -- that he had her keys.

As expected, he dropped a key into her hand and smiled. If you could call it that. It looked more like a sad twist of the lips. The grossly overexaggerated burgundy lips.

Caylyn tried not to gag too loudly.

Like many other things in her awkward and ultimately unhappy life, Caylyn just knew where she was supposed to go. What dorm building and which set of stairs would get her to the correct room faster.

It was all too easy.

Sighing under her breath she stuck the key in the lock and turned. Click. Leaning against it with her shoulder was all the door needed to fall open and hit the wall opposing it with a loud bang.

Moving mechanically, with her suitcase thumping behind her, she moved to the bed.

That was when she notived that she wasn't alone.

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Ky (poeticshark) Air wrote: "((XD Why not?))"

((she thinks they're dumb..and being closed in is not comfortable for her. You know..being able to fly and all.))

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