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Whatever happened to Tony?

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I started reading this series when my mother introduced it to me at the age of 10. I have loved it ever since and it is a constant on my re-read list. Is anybody out there curious what happened to Tony? He was such an important part of Betsy's life . . . and then he just went away.

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Deb | 6 comments All the BT characters were pretty much based on real people. Tony was based on a boy named Mike Parker. Mike's life was a bit difficult. He died of Bright's disease in his 30s. Maud did not write about his later life, probably, to protect his memory. See the Betsy-Tacy Companion by Sharla Scannell Whalen to find out all about the books and the characters....

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CmPete Tucker | 5 comments Fictonally the last we heard of Tony was in BATGW and he was on Broadway. And the Companion is DEFINETLY wonderful!! And welcome to our cosy corner of cyberspace, Sarah - sounds like you fit right in!
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