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Emily stubbed out her cigarette and walked onto the green.

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((wanna rp with me???))

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((I do girls only though))

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((That's fine, check out the Picnic Charries))

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Dammnit, Emily thought. Where's Zo?

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Zoey sighed. she didn't want to go the picnic. it was so hot out.

((make me a guy plz!))

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Megan and Jared walked into the park.Laughing and pushing each other around."

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((what do you mean))

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(Can my guy Jared like ur Girl))

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((Sure, but I have a boy friend character))

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Emily saw Megan. Shit. Hide me.

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Megan was popular and pretty bitchy.everyone in this Town knew who she was. and her brother....
"COme on Jay!"She yelled Smiling. "Okay okay."he laughed running and walking backwards he ran into Emily."Oh Sorry."He smiled.

megs face automatically frowned.

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((You don't mind if I swear right? It's just to make Emily seem worse))
"Watch where your going, dumbass" Emily yelled. When she saw Megan standing there, she turned around and started walking away. Why did I even come to this picnic? she thought. I'll just go to Luke's apartment and have a beer.

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"U watch it Bitch!"He yelled bback.
Meg laughed. "ewww shes ugly as hell/"

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Emily turned around. "Fuck off! Just because you're a bitchy slut doesn't mean I'm ugly!" she screamed
Everyone at the picnic stopped and stared at them.

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Meg just laughed. "Your the slut! Why dont you just..."
Jared touched her shoulder. "Shhhhh."he said.

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"I'm the slut? How am I the slut? I'm the one that's had a relationship with Luke for 3 years straight" Emily's face was blood red. She felt the eyes of the strangers staring at her.

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Meg smiled at her knowing it would piss her off.

Jared rolled his eyes at his sister. nd pulled her away

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Why did I ever come here? Emily thought again. She started back on her way to Luke's. She pulled out a cigarette and inhaled. So good.

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Meg laughed. ((Someone make my charries bfs'/Gfs))

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Suddenly, a car whizzed by and almost hit Emily and then almost Meg.

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((someone make me a bf plz!!!!))

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Meg freaked andjmped into Jared

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((Jared should be your bf))
"Fucker" Emily called out to the car. Then she started back on her way.

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Jared watched damn she was gorgous. Meg rolled her eyes

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Emily saw Jared staring at her. " You know I alredy have a boyfriend, right?"She taunted

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((um how should I start?))

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((Just start where you left off))

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((Maybe you could catch up with me and go to Luke's, Zoey))

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Zoey decided to go to lukes?

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Emily turned away from Jared and Emily. She saw Zoey walking down the street. Finally, a true friend

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Zoey looked up. "hey Em."

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"Hey Zo" Emily replied "Watcha doin?"

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"nothin much." ZOey shrugged

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"I'm going to Lukes apartment. Wanna come?"Emily asked. "oh and btw, I just saw the bitch that is Megan at the picnic." What had happened between Megan and Emily was known to everyone on the town because they'd all heard the screaming and just had to know more.

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Before she left he yelled. "Baby i could be better then him."

Meg laughed

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"um....ok...." Zoey said

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Emily faintly heard Jared. " You couldn't be better if you looked like Johnny Depp!" She screamed back at him.
"Jerk" She muttered to Zoey. Zoey had always been friends with Emily, even though Emily kind of took control.

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Zoey cracked up.

(( i thought jared was mine........ oh well.))

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"Hell yes i could hoe i bet your BOYfriend cant deliver anything like me!"he said this was amusing him.

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Zoey snickered and smiled at him "Em your gettin pwned."

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((He is hes messin with her))

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He walked towards them noticing zoey.

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Zoey smiled at him, her dark gray eyes sparkling. (not literally,. just a happy sparkle!)

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"You wanna bet?" Emily offerred "I'd rather date a forty year old man than date the brother of that bitch." She sneered, looking now at Megan.

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ZOey snickered. "em..... your gettin a bit fiesty."

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"Oh i know my sister is a bitch doesnt mean im not a good guy."he said Looking at zoey. he smiled it was dazzling.

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