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Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) Hey y'all...just thought I'd shamelessly promote my new book blog:


Not much going on yet, but I'll probably be posting like crazy before long :)

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) I'm updating the thread to advertise my giveaway for the Sea ARC!


Sea by Heidi R. Kling

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) and I also have to say, I'm very proud I was able to convince Fiona and Becky to start blogs as well :P

message 4: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckyofthe19and9) Evil. >_>
Now I am addicted.
I hope you're proud of yourself.

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) I am, says so right up there ^^

message 6: by Becky (last edited May 31, 2010 09:13PM) (new)

Becky (beckyofthe19and9) Allison wrote: "I am, says so right up there ^^"

Well! Fine! :P

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy Cool! How did you get started with the blog?

message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) You guys are so talented! It's almost like looking at an electronic collage! :)

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) Amy wrote: "Cool! How did you get started with the blog?"

it is really very time consuming!

message 10: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) Fiona wrote: "Joiiiiiinnnnn ussssss Laura. *hypnotises*"

Nope, I'll admire your beauty from afar....I need to spend less time online, not more. :P

message 11: by Brandi (new)

Brandi Kosiner  (brandileigh2003) I love book blogs-- I am following you :)

message 12: by Amy (new)

Amy Me too!

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) yay, thanks y'all :) followers make me happy

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) now that the Sea giveaway is over, I have another one....it includes a Nora Roberts computer game and this book:Fairest of Them All.

Check it out!


Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) and the contest involving the Nora Roberts game, etc. is still going on too!

message 17: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thenightowl) You. Are. Awesome. Too!!! ♥

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