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Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) Thank you so much for joining The Mighty Pen! Remember to add some friends, and participate in conversations. If you go stagnate, you may be removed.

If you have any improvements, tell us in the ideas section.

You may add a new topic conversation if you wish.
HAVE LOTS OF FUN, and thanks for joining!!!

message 2: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess This is gonna be an awesome group.

message 3: by S.A. (new)

S.A. Larsen (salarsen) | 6 comments Will do!

message 4: by Megan (new)

Megan (megandarle) | 26 comments i really like it.

message 5: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess Im not gonna lie. Im loving this already.

message 6: by Diana (new)

Diana this group is cool already :)

message 7: by Fhal (new)

Fhal (donellys) | 33 comments I like this group xD

message 8: by Aegine (new)

Aegine | 18 comments This seems like a really cool group! :P

message 9: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess 'tis

message 10: by Aegine (new)

Aegine | 18 comments I'm still checking everything out but I have to get ready for work :(

message 11: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) I'll do the best I can with keeping up with it. :D

message 12: by Miss (new)

Miss Mae | 4 comments It's not that I want to be considered stagnate, but some days I'm too busy w/writing and promoting to post!

message 13: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) yeah....I won't be on as often during the summer but still...I'll do my best as I said before. :D

message 14: by Aegine (new)

Aegine | 18 comments I won't be on much during the school year because teachers are hired to torture me with nonsense!

message 15: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) I'm sorry you feel that way!!!

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) Aww I'm a future teacher :S
It's not nonsense, I promise! Some of it is actually important!

message 17: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) Umm....depends...what do you teach?

message 18: by ★ Jess (new)

★ Jess I hope to be a future teacher also.

Teacher or lawyer or journalist.

I would teacher 8th grade, Humanities, English, RE, Drama, Technology

message 19: by Hayles:) (new)

Hayles:) | 12 comments Thanks a bunch :) I feel very welcomed haha. I agree with the previous posts, this groups is cool XD

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

talking of future careers, i'm thinking of becoming an animator. Or a comic artist. Or a writer. Comics and manga involve my biggest loves though: writting and drawing...

message 21: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) I love writing!!! But I want to be a movie director. :D

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Actually I get it. You may have the script written but it's the director who manipulates the atmosphere.
Hope everything goes well.

message 23: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) I want to be a writer, or a teacher. Or both, if that's possible :D

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, me too. I want to transmit feelings!

message 25: by AnQi (new)

AnQi (anqiyu) | 16 comments :)

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Me too. I will try to stay active.

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