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Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Suggestions? I know we mentioned Silent Hill. I just finished The Lost Crown which admittedly made me jump in a few spots. I've got three more sitting here: GHOST Hunters, Dracula parts 1 and 2....Any other recommendations?

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Cairnraiser | 5 comments I highly recommend Condemned: Criminal Origins for the XBOX 360 (or PC). It's got elements of serial killer thrillers, mental instability, gore and CSI style crimeprocessing.

There's a sequel out also for the X360, I haven't played that one yet, but it's gotten good reviews almost everywhere.

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George | 157 comments Condemned is outstanding, although some of the action does get a tad competitive after a while. You don't get to use heavy guns or flamethrowers, or hand grenades. a pistol with limited ammo and whatever you can pick up on the way. lighting is always a problem as you're working your way through the dark a lot. Haven't picked up Condemned 2 yet, but it's different in some respects with more emphasis on fighting moves and skills.

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'Bioshock' was an incredibly immersive experience and a game that took over my life for a couple of weeks when it came out.

Funnily enough, I watched 'The City of Lost Children' a couple of months ago and couldn't believe it whenI saw the scene where a 'Big Daddy' carried a little girl in his arms; I guess the makers of 'Bioshock' liked it too!

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Ah, I forgot about that! I haven't seen City of Lost Children in years...I might have to give it another look.

Yeah, Bioshock is pretty great--I've been playing that at my friend's house every thursday for the past few weeks. Good ol' nerdy thursdays. There are some real creepy moments and the overall gameplay and visuals are fantastic.

I just really can't stress enough how incredible the first 3 Silent Hills are, though. I seriously believe that there is no art more frightening than those three. They really just make most other things sort of pale in comparison.

Fatal Frame 2 is pretty good, as well. And I've heard that Suda 51--the maker of Killer 7 (probably the most original and bizarre video game ever)--is directing the new FF game. Nice!

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George | 157 comments Well, 2 thumbs up for Bioshock from me. It's a bit like falling asleep and waking up in an Ann Rand nightmare. Beautiful game, and a fine story line. I very much like the moral choices one is forced to make and the fact that it affects game play to the point of different endings, not to mention not everything is what is seems. Very emersive.

I remember the original Silent Hill with fondness and the latest version is coming out soon, I believe. The game experience was infinitely more effective than the film. So far though, I'd have to say the scariest moment for me in Gamedom so far was the moment in Resident Evil 1 when the rabid mutant dobermans broke loose and come looking to take a major hunk out of your rear.

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God yeah! I remember that moment clearly; I cursed Capcom for putting me through such addictive, self inflicted terror for years. Although the Resident Evil games have gotten bigger and more elaborate over the decade, I think the claustrophobic atmosphere of tight corridors and awful dread of the first game still works better than any later incarnations.

(And, yes, I saved the little girls in Bioshock and got the 'growing old' montage at the end, just to let you all know that I'm not COMPLETELY evil!!!)

I think theres only 1 Silent Hill available for the 360, it is worth picking up? I played the very first SH on PS1 and it was good but I felt it had a lot of repetition and made me work hard for the scares!

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I'm not sure which one is out for 360. If it's "The Room" (SH4) that's kind of the bastard child of the series and definitely the weakest.

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George | 157 comments That it is indeed it. I see I was thinking about Wait in the Dark for the 360 which is coming out this summer.

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) I just finished up Dark Fall The Journal. It was okay, it could have used some more frightening scenes. Dark Fall: Lights Out was definitely better.

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I played through Silent Hill Origins recently which I was somewhat hot or cold on. The new environments (mental hospital, abandoned theatre and motel) were pretty fantastic across the board and a few of the new enemies were great, but the voice acting was truly terrible (unlike the first two which were terrible if you expected realism, but fantastic in their dream-like quality). Whereas in previous Silent Hill games you moved between the real world and the nightmare world at the whim of something outside of yourself, you had to consciously choose to pass over via mirror in this one. At first I thought this was kind of gimmicky and lame, but the active role you take in doing something you don't want to do became pretty palpable later on. It reminded me of how terrified I used to be of Bloody Mary as a youngster, due to the personal agency involved. All in all, I'd give it a B- for the series, but significantly better than most other horror games I've played.

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I've had to put 'Alone In The Dark' away for a while because its driving me nuts. There's a great game in there but the controls are far too frustrating leading to completely unforgiving dynamics which result in death over and over again.

Graphically its a beautiful looking game and the efforts behind the complicated and very interesting story are definitely the way to go for survival horror games BUT...time and time again the ludicrous button alignment leads to confusing and very basic errors. One example is pressing the 'A' button to pick up objects. The'A' button, though, also switches your torch on and off so that every time you try to maneuver your character over ammo or another object you end up in complete darkness as you keep switching the torch off as you try to pick it up...how was this not noticed?

Anyway, there are some great set pieces in this game and the choice to skip forward is a nice idea but, for me, the controls are a major issue that ruin the game. Anyone else play this yet?

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I haven't yet, but I've been curious. I like the Lovecraftian thing, and I was a huge fan of the oooold Alone in the Dark for PC.

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Rob, there a couple of good 'Resident Evil' games for the Wii and there may be others I don't know about as well.

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Yeah, I'll do some digging. I know that there is a not good game involving big "creepy" bugs. But I'm not sure about the good ones, yet.

Suda51--this very strange, experimental video game producer--is doing the newest Fatal Frame game for the Wii sometime soon, I think. Fatal Frame has been pretty consistent in stifling atmosphere and with that dude behind the wheel the new Wii one could be incredible.

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The first Manhunt is pretty incredible, to be honest. It forces you into a situation in which you are revolted with yourself and your own actions. Reminds me of what Celine said about how he wanted to blacken everything: including himself.

It is certainly extreme, and it is certainly gruesome, but (almost unfortunately) it is a very good game. Brian Cox plays "the director" in it, who is a hideous character and is suffocatingly close to you at all times.

That's definitely a game where I can understand people hating it, but I think its highly artistic in a truly disturbing way. It really makes you question video game violence (other video games) by almost forcing you into seriously soul compromising moments of it. The second one, however, lacks nearly all of these redeeming features and is, pretty much, just pointless violence.

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Yeah, definitely skip Manhunt 2. It's not very good and, unfortunately, it pretty much lives up to all the misconceptions of the first one.

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Thought of you, Rob, when I was looking for PC games the other day. We have a Wii, but I never have the opportunity to play it because it interferes with my husband's tv watching. I did pop over to the Wii section to check it out just for you. I really only saw Alone in the Dark, however.

I started The Black Mirror which has been an interesting game so far, not all that frightening...yet. I also picked up Dracula Origin and Darkness Within (a Lovecraftian-based game). I'll keep you all posted.

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House of the Dead really is just a port of an arcade zombie shoot-em-up. Fun for an arcade, but nothing worth spending two or three bucks in arcade on, unfortunately.

Also, I know I mentioned them to you before, but you should check out The Fall. Wierd punk group and the singer counts Lovecraft as one of his main influemces. You'd dig the first album or two.

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Midnight Nowhere- Someone is slaughtering citizens of the city. The body count keeps rising and noone knows what to do. You wake up in a body bag in the morgue and from there your adventure begins. You are in a hospital with dead bodies strewn every which way and signs of incredible struggle. What happened? Guess you'll have to find out.

This was a good game. I really enjoyed it. However, the main character is very crude and makes remarks that really have nothing to do with the gameplay, such as the dead nurse that you need to get a key from and every time you click, your character refers to having sex with her, necrophilia anyone? Of course almost every room you enter has posters, pictures or calendars of naked woman. This may be appealing to some, but I would rather just play the game then have to deal with some gamemakers quirks.

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I actually checked that out based on what I heard about the horrible translation from the Russian. The dialog is ABYSMAL...and in that sense, very enjoyable. I could only play about an hour into it though because you can't tell what the hell you're supposed to be doing since NOTHING that is said makes ANY sense. Good examples of that are: when looking at a cabinet, the main character ponders, "Am I going to have to remember the pythagorean theorem to open it?" Or, when looking at a big fan, he states, "The fact that the fan is stubborn, I can see that." Oh, yes, of course. One of those stubborn fans you hear so much about.

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Really, Rob, it was so shocking at first that I was laughing out loud. I didn't know anything about the game when I bought it for $4.99 used. I usually get all my games used, so if I find something on the shelf that looks slightly scary I grab it. Just imagine my raised eyebrows and shocked, "What?" when I heard the guy, after unzipping a body bag, say something like, "Nice tits, could have used a little silicon." Crazy....

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Right now I am playing Darkness Within and honestly, it has scared the crap out of me in a few places.

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Tera, is Darkness Within for PC or console?

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) I'm playing it on PC, not sure about other platforms.

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Just finished Darkness Within. It ended up being a rather average game. You get pulled in at the beginning with a few spooky scenes and then those dissipate. The game play was good although little tidbits were thrown in here and there that were never resolved in the storyline, so you wonder why they were ever placed in the game to begin with.

Next, Dracula Origin...
Then I need to take a break from gaming as work will be starting up again!

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Wow, I didn't actually start Dracula Origin until early October and I enjoyed it. Not to creepy, but fun.

I just picked up several games:

Overclocked (I picked this one up before, but it wouldn't work on my computer. Got a new computer, so trying it again), Penumbra Overture (same deal as Overclocked), Penumbra Black Plague and The Moment of Silence. I'll let you know how they play out.

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