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Which do you prefer Romance or Erotica?

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message 1: by SassyMama (new)

SassyMama (sweet-sassycomcastnet) | 17 comments I guess I tend to mix it up...what I read depends a lot on my mood...I DEFINITELY enjoy a sweet, tender inspirational romance, that can take you on a emotional rollercoaster ride...and some that even have tastefully sensual love play...and concludes with that "happily-ever-after" ending...but sometimes I want something hot and spicy...but if I read EROTICA it DEFINITELY has to have some, if I'm going to read erotica and ENJOY can't just be full of sex...the characters have to have some emotional depth and the storyline has to actually contain a decent plot...what say you?!!!

message 2: by Gail (last edited Jun 09, 2008 07:47AM) (new)

Gail | 63 comments Mod
Like you, I tend to read both romance and erotica. My primary expectation of either genre is plot and full character development. I dislike writers who take shortcuts or employ cute/cheap tricks and sacrifice story for sex -- I'm grown, and I know the difference!

message 3: by Soully (new)

Soully (soullygifted) | 4 comments I wholeheartedly agree...

Give me a great story...and if sex plays into great. If not, then don't force it.There are times though that I think writers soemtimes draw out the sexual tension tooo it already! (okay maybe that just says something about me hmmmm... LOL) Anywhoo...I love a heated scene if the characters have engaged in enough dialogue and situations to have one...otherwise they just seem like some CHEAP after dark Cinemax type deal. And I can so live without them.

message 4: by SassyMama (last edited Jun 09, 2008 01:48PM) (new)

SassyMama (sweet-sassycomcastnet) | 17 comments Hi, Tasha...nice to meet you...and I understand exactly what you mean...and I agree with you, that some writers at times tend to work TOO hard at trying to build up the sexual tension that it goes into overkill and I'm like Okaaaay, just GET IT on already...LOL...Happy Reading :-)

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