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Ridan | 19 comments Mod
Share your thoguhts and comments about Captain's Share here.

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Betsy | 32 comments Amazon lists a publication date of September 1, 2012 for the paperback of Captain's Share and it's available for preorder. Unfortunately, I'm waiting for the kindle version. Hopefully won't be too much longer.

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Betsy | 32 comments More, from Amazon:

"PLEASE NOTE: This book is being added for pre-order purposes and the actual date has yet to be determined. We (the publisher) are still waiting on a final manuscript from the author, and will update the release date as we know more. Please keep in mind that this is an arbitrary date at this point."

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Any news yet?

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Betsy | 32 comments Not that I've found.

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Patrick (phillips0724) | 6 comments listen to his morning podcast or the news section of

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments I have a hearing issue, which is why I don't do pod cast. Waiting for the book...

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Patrick (phillips0724) | 6 comments Nick wrote: "I have a hearing issue, which is why I don't do pod cast. Waiting for the book..." As mentioned before All Ridan contracts have a 30 day termination clause

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Patrick, is there a secret message in your reply? I know about Ridan's termination clause, but what has that got to do with waiting for the book vs pod cast. You know something I don't? Did I miss a message from NL?

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Wrongway | 1 comments Well Nick maybe you can help nathan with his replacement covers he put an ad out on guru? And A.C.Crispan has left Ridan as well not sure about the others but web site is dead

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Nathan has been very patient and a gentleman during his relationship with Ridan. If he goes elsewhere, I will follow. Ridan's loss...

As to Ann, I don't like how Ridan handled her situation. I have great respect for Ann and will continue to follow her work elsewhere. Again, Ridan's loss.

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Patrick (phillips0724) | 6 comments I will follow as well now I need to decide keep the current titles or ebay them and re-order a matching set for the book shelf ? its all sad but I saw it coming Nathan was a much better story teller than m. sullivan and all the other authors robin added were just fluff to attract orbit to her husband

message 13: by Nick (last edited Sep 30, 2012 07:53PM) (new)

Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Ridan always was about Michael Sullivan first. That was obvious fairly quickly. That was OK with me so long as Ridan played honest with the other writers they took on.

AC Crispin will be making an announcement around Oct 8th on how her fans can get her works. I hope Nathan will be making one as well, when he is legally capable of doing so...

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Betsy | 32 comments Nathan has terminated his relationship with Ridan and will be republishing all of the Traders' Tales himself, so Captain's Share and Owner's Share will be somewhat delayed. See his blog:

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Glad for Nathan and now that I know something, I can wait a little longer...

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Betsy | 32 comments Great! Thanks Patrick, I've been waiting for that.

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Steven (zakath) | 7 comments Thanks also Patrick buying now !!!

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Nathan Lowell (nlowell) | 8 comments I should be following Goodreads closer, I guess. :)

Yes, the news is this.

I've asked for - and received - my rights back from Ridan. I've terminated the relationship and their license expires on Nov 5, 2012. They are taking the books down early to make way for my own publications.

At the moment I have editors working on the originals as well as a new editor working on Captain's Share.

I also have cover artists (plural) in the queue for the new cover art. As much as I like Michael's covers, I don't have a complete set and I need to remedy that immediately.

My plan is to roll out my own versions of the first four books as quickly as possible. Then publish Captain's Share as soon as it's got a clean pass from editors.

I'll publish Owner's Share as soon as possible after that. I'm hoping for "before Christamas" to get all these books up and running. Having said that, I'm reminded of just how much work that will be and - to be honest - I'm really not sure I can do it.

But that's my goal. After months of waiting, the books are going to get out there as soon as I can while maintaining quality control.

One thing I *can* say: From here on, if there's a problem, it's *my* problem. And I'll deal with it.

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments The thing is Nathan, yes, any problems from here on out will be your problems, but your readers will have renewed confidence that you WILL handle them...

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Steven (zakath) | 7 comments Nathan,

We love your stories so much we will wait a little bit so you can get you house in order. I guess I will just have to re buy the first three books again. :)

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Any updaates?

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Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Thank you Patrick, that now brings me up to date...

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Patrick (phillips0724) | 6 comments Abigail Hilton
Folks, Gerard's voice actor, Nathan Lowell, is losing his sister, Lauri, to cancer. He talks about it on his morning walk here - She owned a farm and did not have insurance. Some of his sister's friends have organized a donation site to help pay for hospice and other medical expenses. Lauri was one of the first people Nate knew. In many ways, our siblings help raise us. If you're thankful for how he turned out and you can spare a few dollars, chip in.

Day 547: Monday Morning

Posted on November 19, 2012 by Nathan

Yes! Morning walking and talking.

And I mentioned a link to my sister’s fund raiser.

message 26: by Nick (new)

Nick (nickanthony51) | 11 comments Sorry to hear this Nathan. My prayers go out to your sister and a donation will soon follow.

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Betsy | 32 comments Captain's share is now out on Kindle. Kobo and Nook if not already available will be soon.

message 28: by Steven (new)

Steven (zakath) | 7 comments Betsy wrote: "Captain's share is now out on Kindle. Kobo and Nook if not already available will be soon."

yea it's here !!

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Betsy | 32 comments Has anyone read this? I'm surprised it took me so long to read it after it was published. Here is my review.

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