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Our Threat To Trainers and Rangers

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Hi! Team Rocket has a threat, so I thought we needed one! Memorize it. And thank *NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY!, too. Note: This could change if we get more Commanders

Team Galactic's Threat:
We will stand above everyone!
We will crush and destroy anyone!
We will become the strongest!
And stay that way the longest!
We won’t take meddling!
So you’d better start running!
Because we’ll cause the most dangers!
To Trainers and Rangers!
All the Legendary Pokémon will be ours!
Make way for Cyrus, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars!
You will fear!
Before you hear!
That Team Galactic is in town!
And you are going DOWN!

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Briaq  (briaq) | 370 comments Mod
I got bored:
Lugia's Prophecy:
Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, or Lightening
Less these Titans reek destruction upon the world in which they clash
Though the water's Grear Gaurdian shall arise to quell the fighting
Alone its song will fail
And thus the earth shall turn to Ash
Oh, Chosen One
Into thine hands bring together all three
Their treasures combined
Tame the beast of the sea

Team Rocket's Good Guys Threat:
Jesse: "If that kid thinks we're here for trouble..."
James: "We're certainly going to burst his bubble..."
Jesse: "Instead of causing tribulation..."
James: "We've undergone a transformation..."
Jesse: "Though it's way outside of our usual range..."
James: "We're going to do something nice for a change..."
Jesse: "Ha, Jesse!"
James: "James!"
Jesse: "Up 'til now Team Rocket's been quite unscrupilous..."
James: "Being good guys for once would be superdupilous!"
Meowth: "That's right!"

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