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Summer time book?

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message 1: by Pat (new)

Pat (pholman) | 25 comments Mod
Lets pick a good book to read this summer.

Any ideas?

message 2: by Pat (new)

Pat (pholman) | 25 comments Mod
Gethsemane (Skinner)

Let's read this one, if there are no objections by early next week, this will be it!

message 3: by Myranda (new)

Myranda (myrandalh) | 12 comments Mod
So, it's Sept 1st -- did anyone read this?? If so I'd personally love to hear a review!
I was surprised in read in the GoodReads comments on the book that so many found it "readable" and "enjoyable". I guess I just let the title intimidate me -- I expected Talmadge's style;-)

message 4: by Nesman89 (new)

Nesman89 | 1 comments It was a great book. easily understandable and explained the Atonement very well. I would certainly read this book again.

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