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Violet sat at the window, displaced in the world as she watched the grey clouds gather and lift her soft white hair.
The teacher was late for homeroom- again. But it was to be expected from the stressed, alcoholic. The poor man with his mortgages to pay and spoiled brats of children to look after as his wife spends his money. It was no prize to guess that next year he was going to commit suicide when he discovers his wife's affair with his brother when he walks in on their kinky situations.
Oh, then there's his daughters...
The girl sighed, and stroked her hair as she gazed over the loud class. No quiet in this world. No quiet or peace in this life.
It all was shit.
'Freak...' a voice droned from behind her in her ear and her sigh became a groan, 'freak... freak...'
the girl turned around in her seat- leaning against the back of the chair and gazed up at the young man behind her.
No guess to who it was.
He was the joker of the grade with shaggy brown hair and a light shade of freckles. They call him cute but he was more of an idiot.
'Can I help you?' The girl asked quietly, letting her sweet voice fill the now silent air- her dark eyes gazing at him without break and she could see a sweat break out on his forehead.
She seemed to have that effect on lots of people.
Wonder why...
'No,' the boy said with a smile, 'nothing at all.' But he then covered his mouth and coughed, 'freak.'
The girl's eyes narrowed and a wind picked up and the lights started to flicker as the afternoon sky grew darker.
'You sure...' the girl asked again and the boy's smile grew.
The boy next to him now joined in, they both coughed, 'freak.'
The girl started to tremble. For three years she put up with this bullshit. Three years of torture.
Well now they were all going to pay...
everyone was now jeering at her- freak, freak- continuing to chant that one stupid word over and over again.
Violet smiled.
'As you wish...'

the lights turned off and for a moment the black clouds covered the sun and the world was dark. There were a few screams and a constant babble of confusion.
But Violet knew exactly what she was doing.
Without thinking she leaned further against her chair and reached out her hand.
'Hey mate,' Mathew said to the boy next to him, 'what gives? Your fingers are ice- stop touching me!' Violet ran her fingers against the boy’s cheek and smiled.
'Man... I’m not touching you,' the shaky reply came and Matthew froze. He turned to look at the window next to him just as a stroke of lightening crashed in the sky.
The boy screamed.
His face wasn't human- it was a skeleton, decaying and all.
The class freaked and...

... The lights turned on as Mr. Johnson walked through the door, rubbing face.
'Ok, ok,' he said, 'quiet down,' he continued to mumble as he placed his coat on the back of his chair.
'Now who has the role,' he asked and the class captain stepped forward to give him the booklet.
'Good...' he stopped and looked up, 'Matthew- can you please wake Violet... there's only fifteen more minutes of school...'

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sky came in after mr. Johnson and cut one of his fingers off but none saw it expect violet he dropped it on the ground and another grew back.

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"what the hell?" he said cutting another finger off

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"OK" he said

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"go i am not" he said throwing a thumb at her

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Violet looked up disgusted at the children running out of the classrom as the bell rung- only a few other kids staying behind.
The other freaks.
Violet collected her books and headed towards the door.
God life sucks.

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"well i have better aim than you" he said starting to get up

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"nah, i am going" he said leaving the room

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"i win!" he said hitting her with the thumb and then walking out of the room

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Violet walked out through the empty school, smiling to herself. There was no one around besides herself in the silent, erry afternoon and she loved the way grey clouds covered the sky. And as much as she hated this world- this world of life, she had to give that the acutal land was beautiful.
Too bad that the stupid dum apes were destroying it.
'You must be Violet,' a voice spoke behind her, near the school's stairs and the girl spun around shocked. SHe had sworn she was alone. She felt no life... unless.
'What are you doing here,' the girl murmured up at a young man leaning against the school entrance above her. His dark blue eyes smiling down at her behind black curls. A demon.
'Is that away a way to address a prince?' He asked and the young girl raised her eyebrows.
Prince? You have to be kidding me,' she thought to herself... wait... what was father speaking about before...
'The demon Prince Rapheal i presume,' the girl said slowly and the boy smiled and the young girl noted quickly that this young man would be breaking alot of young girls hearts.
'Yes, Velia, daughter of Hadis,' he responded and the girl narrowed her eyes at her formal name.
'Why aren't you in the underworld- you can't be here?'
'Why? Because I'm... dead?' He asked, raising his own eyebrows and the girl hated the way he made her heart race. But she loathed the way she couldn't read demons of royale blood most of all.
'Fine,' she said, 'then why are you here?'
'Your father sent me as "company" for you,' he said and the girl swore.
One word about the bulling at school and the next thing she knows, the big goof has sent her the Demon Prince for protection.
The girl turned around and started to walk away. No use getting to know this bastard. He was just trouble.
'HEY!' The boy called after her but she ignored him.
No way.

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sky was walking around and bumped into violet
"sorry" he said

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(((is sky a dude? i use it as a girls name... O~O))))

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Violet glared out into the distance as she watched a soft figure of a person run away. Man she hated humans- even the freaks.
She continued walking, mumbling to herself about how much she hated life but it wasn't long before she was home. If you could call it that.
The large grey house was beautiful- in a abandoned, erry old style.
But it was home.
The girl walked up into the cold, silent house and went to her room.
There was no point in going to the kicthen- there was no food in the fridge or cupboards besides bit and pieces of junk.
There was no point turning on the tv- because there was none to turn on.
There was no point looking for her parents- they weren't home...
They were in a different world.

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sky was on the way home

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"ok" he said

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"i did not need that to end my day" he said

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"i will make dinner" he said

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sky makes the best because he does not have to be carful

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((yikes sorry guys0 i went away for the long weekend... and oh, sorry, i'm kinda turning this freak roleplay into a angel/demon/greek good thing lol.
i guess it works in a way...
but we need to create a problem or enemy...))

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Violet sat down at her desk annoyed.
Rapheal had only been at school for two periods and a break and already he was the new shiny object... if you call the boy that looked dangerous and half emo "shiny".
usually it would bother her- heck, it SHOULDN'T bother her, but for god's sack, he's a demon.
All those poor girls are just going to get there heart broken.
It's not fair that out of the six of them, two of them are going to die early before the average age. One of them is going to turn to drugs, and the other two are going to get married and live happily- with on of the two cheating on her partner.

Again, it was just no fair.

But the real surprise was that Rapheal wasn't the only new person at school.
There was a new teacher.
A male that looked like he was going to kill them all.
A man that made Violet's skin crawl.
Something wasn't right with him.
She couldn't "see" him...

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"lets get back to school" sky said

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he got back to school not knowing why he left

he got back into class and sat next to violet
he felt something about the teacher

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"anything?" he asked

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"does he have any weapons?" sky asked

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"not to me" he said pulling out his pocket knife and cuts a finger off

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Violet looked over at the two kids besides her. They were both obvious idiots.
How could she hear his thoughts when she couldn't read him? Unless he wanted her to...
unless he wanted her to know of the knife...

unless he wanted to trap her...

unless he was a hunter...

(YAY! now we have an enemy!!! XD)

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( :) )
sky was waiting for anything

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Violet looked up at the girl silently- her eyes hard and dark.
The girl was wrong.
She couldn't hear her thoughts- not the ones she didn't want her to hear.
She wanted her to hear them because she was in much danger as her.
So in the end- she was still an idiot.

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sky was still waiting

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(what are you waiting for?)

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((argh. be the end of the period allready- i want action!))

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'Is there something you want to share Kayla?' A deep voice asked from the front of the room and I saw out of the corner of my eye Rapheal stiffen.
He felt it to...
I wonder who else did...

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The man glared her down as the whole class shifted uneasily.
'Detention,' he said simply before returning to his text, 'for talking back...'
he looked up and glanced at Vi and Sky.
'You two as well...'

Oh great...

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that sucks he thought

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The bell tolled and while the rest of the class filed out- the trio stayed behind miserbly.

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Violet gazed over at Kayla, daring her.
The teacher looked over at them.
'God teleport little one,' he growled, 'just try...'
the girl hesitated, shocked.
Violet just rolled her eyes.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Erika clutched a small jar in her hand.

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sky was watching the teacher closly

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Don't move." She said to teh girl.

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sky was a few guns and a few knifes,big ones

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"try on me" sky said taking his knife and cutting his finger off in front of the teacher

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"don't" sky said

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Erika jumped infront of the teacher. "Freeze." She whispered, and the teacher stopped in mid air.

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"what the..." sky said

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sky was just sitting there

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Violet looked around suddenly dazed. Argh. What was going on?

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sky was still confused

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