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name:anastasia(anna or ana or something like that if ya want)
looks:black hair with red highlights purple too pale gray eyes (like annabeth in the books!) skinny
perosnality:snobby knows what she want and gets it
other:likes to make people mad! (lololololol)

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Name: Zelda
Age: 16
Looks: , VERY skinnny
Personality: Nice, scared, unsure about everything.
Other: Both her parents, her two sisters and her three brother, got bit by Zombies, and turned into Them. She lives with her Aunt Rachel.

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((is she human?? and hey i could be one of your sista!!))

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((Yeah, she's human. Okay!))

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Andrew am i a zombie??

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Only if you want to be! In my opinion, you shouldn't though. Cause you might get killed. Then again, if you're a human, you could get Turned!

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Andrew i am human friends... what do we do now

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Well, make your charrie and then start roleplaying.

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