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(Start Here)

Disney and Brother's Grimm have never been so wrong about they're characters. They have different personalities.

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Marlene (marleyjo) | 43 comments Definitely different. One says left the other says right.

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Aredia was in her Olive grove, picking olives. Her sisters claimed they're feet hurt, so once again, Aredia had to go do it.

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$teez  (king_of_dxpe) migel ((the prince)) was itting in bed

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(Hey, little ares, could you make his charrie, so we all know who he is/ what he looks like? Thanks!)

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$teez  (king_of_dxpe) (( i was sleepy))

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$teez  (king_of_dxpe) (( yea i can ))

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Aredia brought the olives to the breakfast table. She nodded to her dad, and went back out side, in hope for some adventure.

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CJ Jewel strode onto her balcolney. In one swift movement, she flipped off the balcolney and did and flying kick before landing as prim and proper as if she had never done that kung fu move.

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ella got up and looked around jewel was already up and about she yawned and got dressed

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Aredia walked over to Jewel and Ella's house. She saw Jewel doing a series of kicks and such. "Hey!" she called out.

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ella heard aredia and called "hiya" from the bedroom

message 13: by CJ (new)

CJ Jewel turned her head and flipped over to Aredia and landed two feet infront of her. "Hey, how are you?"

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"Great, how are you all? Want to go down to the creek? or no?" Aredia answered.

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CJ Jewel thought a moment. "Well, my kung fu training isn't for another hour. I think I have time."

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
Jade wandered into the clearing, spotting two other girls. "Hey, I'm Jade!"

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CJ Jewel looked over Aredia's head and saw a strange girl. She triple flipped over to her and said, "What are you doing on my daddy's property? If he finds you, he will either throw you to the crocs or put you in a sparing ring with me." Jewel lowered her voice. "And if he gives you a choice, choose the crocs, it's less painfull."

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Aredia laughed, "Chill Jewel. Its obv a new girl, kay? Brothers Grimm must've JUST made her up."

message 19: by CJ (new)

CJ Jewel rolled her eyes. "Well, fine. Let her onto daddy's property, but don't blame me when everyone is gathering around the moat cause he has sentenced her to death for tresspassing." Jewel looked over to the new girl. "Daddy's VERY protective of everything he owns, especially me."

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
Jade stepped back, bemused. "O.K." Jade laughed hesitantly. Why was she suddenly "afraid" of this girl? She was obviously making it up. "Funny, huh? And who is..."daddy?""

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Aredia smiled at Jade, "She should be the one to tell you that. Anyway, nice meeting you." she then walked off toward the creek.

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ella walked down to the creek with (emma can you have a nickname??) aredia

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(Aredia nickname? It can be Red)

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(okey dokey) "hey Red"she called

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CJ Jewel sighed. "He is King Stephen. You probably have heard about him from the Daily Herold." Jewel rolled her eyes and saw Ella walk up. "Hey, Ella. What's new?" called Jewel over Jade's shoulder.

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"nothing new!"

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CJ "That's cool." Jewel turned back to the new kid. "So, I'm Jewel. Bro's Grimm made me sleep for like EVER! Ugh. So. What did the Grimm Creapers make YOU do?"

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
Jade stepped back. "Ok...I'm Ariel's sister." She rolled her eyes and waited for Jewel's response. She had a feeling that Jewel was one of those annoying people who thought they were superior because their dad had a good job. Pur-lease.

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CJ ((puRlease??????lol))

Jewel raised her eyebrows. "But I thought, never mind."

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
Jade glared. She hated it when someone didn't finish. "What?" she asked in a demanding voice.

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CJ "Uh, err, well, I thought that mermaids couldn't go anywhere without haveing at least some part, submerged in water," mumbled Jewel a little embarrassed.

message 32: by Chiara ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪, I'm a REAL mod! YEY! :D (new)

Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
Jade shifted from foot to foot, uneasy about what to say. She hated putting herself down.
"Well, lets just say that I was jealous of Ariel, and wanted to become a human myself. I was the sister one year older than her and I was SO jealous. So I asked Dad and boom! I was a human too. I have been for a year or so, and am enjoying it.Yep, my dad is a king too!"

message 33: by CJ (new)

CJ "Hey, it's cool. Most people are jealous of my flexibilty, speed, agitility, and," Jewel flipped her hair playfully, "beauty." She giggled to let Jade know that she was mostly kidding around.

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
Jade joined in. "People are jealous of me because of my amazing swimming ability, magical powers, and- oh yeah my dad is a sea king!" She laughed out loud- she hadn't had this much fun in ages.

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CJ "Wow. I can't swim. My dad never let me in water. Sigh. Sometimes, wait, let me rephrase that, ALL the time my dad is the most over-protective person who has ever ruled." Jewel rolled her eyes and scowled at a tower on the castle.

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
"Hey, you know he loves you..." Jade reassured. "Being overprotective isn't necessarily a bad thing!"

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CJ "ARE YOU KIDDING?! My dad, ok, I know he loves me, but STILL! I can't do anything without either him or my mom supervising. I havent even told him about my secret karate lessons. If he knew, he would either disown me or literally murder my teacher, the people who made the kung fu movies that I have been secretly studying when I should be in bed. But of course even though I slept for one hundred years straight, he still thinks I need my 'beauty sleep'. Ugh. Sometimes, he disgusts me."

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
"Oh come on, it can't be that bad......ok scrap that. Come with me someplace, somewhere. I'm a loner and I haven't found Prince Charming. Come with me!"

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CJ "Where? If I'm not inside in two minutes, my dad will call the soldiers out to seach the kingdom! And only because I might get a 'sunburn'." Jewel sat down on a stone bench. "But what does it matter. I wouldn't have a guy if it weren't for me sleeping forever. Man, my dad scared away every single suiter who came to visit. But still, no guy is better than four hundred rules and restrictions."

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
"Do you have four hundred rules and restrictions?"

message 41: by CJ (new)

CJ Jewel scoffed. "No," she mumbled. "I have two hundred."

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
"Oh." Jade looked Jewel in the eye and realised she was telling the truth. "Um, I'm sorry. Is there anything you can do?"

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CJ "No, other than follow them and count every second as one second closer to moving out...if I'm even ALLOWED to move out." Jewel looked at Jade. "Ok. I'm going to go inside and make sure that my dad sees me inside and doing something that won't 'hurt me' like embrodery or practicing my knighting someone. Then, I will go to my room and come back outside. Sound like a plan?"

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
Jade shrugged her shoulders. She didn't know what to make of this girl. It all sounded rather...far-fetched, but unless Jewel was an experienced liar, Jade was sure that she was telling the truth. "OK! I'll wait here!"

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CJ Jewel ran inside to her father. "Hi, Dad. So...what's up?"

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
((who's your dad?))

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CJ ((King Stephan))

After awhile, Jewel left her father to go "do her embrobery" and headed up to her room. She peeked out her door and out the window to make sure that no one was looking and backfliped off her balconey.

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
((sorry I was wondering if anyone was roleplaying him because you just said hi!))

Jade stared at Jewel, astonished. "Wow. How do you do that?"

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CJ ((it ok. I know what you mean. I just didn't feel like doing the whole speech at the time...or 41 min ago either.))

Jewel blushed. "Uh, well. I got flexible after awhile and after months of training, I can do anything. Like you can pretty much do anything in water, right?"

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Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 387 comments Mod
"Well..yeah." Jade admitted. "I can swim underwater practically for ever, do seven flips in a dive, swim a hundred lengths in half an name it, I'll do it! But it would be SO COOL to be able to do a flip out of water- I only learnt to walk six months ago!"

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