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What is/are your favorite romance book(s)

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message 1: by SassyMama (new)

SassyMama (sweet-sassycomcastnet) | 9 comments I have so many favorites, I couldn't see making anyone pick just one. Now of course we are talking about Black romance, so please keep your answers in that area.

I'm hoping to find some more books to read--like I need more to read. LOL.

message 2: by K. (last edited May 08, 2009 08:19PM) (new)

K. (krysilove) | 2 comments There are so many books I love. Take Me There by Leslie Esdaile is one of my favorites. I just read this book and it definitely goes in the favorites pile. By L.A. Banks The Thirteenth This is a huge favorite too. I can't pick just one ;)

message 3: by AngelRR (new)

AngelRR | 3 comments To name a few: (these are my fav african american authors only)
LA Banks (Leslie Esdaile)
Kayla Perrin
Kimberly Kaye Terry

message 4: by MissyT (new)

MissyT A few of my favorite AA Romance authors are:
Brenda Jackson
Rochelle Alers
Adrianne Byrd
Gwyneth Bolton
Donna Hill

message 5: by Rhea Alexis (new)

Rhea Alexis M Banks (rheaalexis) Everything by Beverly Jenkins, Better Than by Leslie Esdaile, The Heart Series by Iris Bolling, Everything by Victoria Wells, Jsut about everything by Brenda Jackson, Guarding His Body by A. C. Authur, Love Scheme by AlTonya Washington, many of Francis Ray's, Rochelle Alers, to start!!

message 6: by Kendric (new)

Kendric Boykin (new_writer24) | 8 comments Teach Me Tonight Jacquelin Thomas. White Lighting Candice Proach, and Heat Seekers Zane.

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